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Virtual Reality Casinos

Online gambling gameplay comes in many forms. Whether you prefer Las Vegas style fun or want to place your bets in classic old-world style, there is an online casino out there to serve your needs. If you love playing online in the comfort of your own home or from your mobile device, but would like a more immersive experience, then the latest online gambling trend is just for you. Virtual online casinos are among the top online casinos according to us. VR casinos allow you to have a fully immersive experience. This experience comes scarily close to visiting and wandering through a brick-and-mortar casino. Find out what virtual online casinos are all about and make real money winnings in a virtual world.

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VR Casinos - Virtual Reality Casinos

If you’re not sure what virtual reality is, then let us bring you quickly up to date. Virtual reality, VR for short, is a computer-generated simulation that gives you an immersive experience engaging several of your senses. To enter this simulation, you need to wear special goggles, or a VR set. We will discuss the necessary equipment for virtual reality gambling in more detail a bit later on.

Virtual reality technology has many applications and is used in a variety of sectors, including online entertainment. Virtual reality in online gambling is a relatively new trend and is certainly one that’s here to stay. Online casinos have given us the opportunity to enjoy a casino environment in the comfort of our own home. We can play slots, table games and live casino games from our desktop. We can also play on the go wherever we are from our mobile device.

Up until recently, playing online live casino games might have been the experience that came closest to a visit to a land-based casino. The emergence of virtual online casinos has made it possible to give you a different online casino experience. An experience that is even more immersive and engaging.

Online casinos VR allow you to enter a virtual casino world. In this virtual world you can move about, walk past the games available, sit down at a game you like. At VR casinos you can even see and interact with other players. Find out how to bring additional excitement to your game with virtual casinos and how Mr. Gamble can help you find the best VR casinos.

Best VR Casinos

Virtual online casinos is an exciting form of entertainment that merges the worlds of video gaming, e-sports and online gambling. Virtual online casinos are, despite being some of the best online casinos, not as omnipresent yet as regular online casinos. However,this is expected to change in the coming years. To be able to play at VR casinos and make real money winnings, you need special equipment. This special equipment includes a VR headset or goggles. Virtual casinos can give you as a player an immersive and engaging casino experience that fully stimulates several of your senses, mainly your visual and auditory senses. The most advanced virtual online casinos also engage your sense of touch.

Virtual reality technology is developing fast. For that reason, your virtual online casino experience is expected to become even more immersive in the near future. Just like in video games and role playing games, at virtual online casinos you can choose your avatar. With your avatar you engage in the virtual world and interact with other players. This way your virtual reality casino game has a much stronger social aspect. As virtual casinos offer a far more enveloping experience, playing virtual games really allow you to step away from daily life as you literally step into another world.

VR Casino Games

There isn't such a great variety of VR casino games yet in comparison to regular 2D and 3D slot games. However, as we mentioned, technology is developing fast. At the moment of writing you can expect to play VR slots and popular table games, such as blackjack, roulette and poker at the best VR casinos. Several popular slot games have a VR version that can be played for real winnings at the best VR casinos. In the virtual reality version of these slot games, it feels like the reels are spinning right in front of you giving you the feeling you are actually part of the game.

Whenever you hit a big win and certain characters of the game get animated - coins, gems, and characters will move around you and right in front of you. When you decide to place your bet at a virtual online casino table game, you can actually take a seat at a virtual table and see other players betting on the same table. The table game is guided by a virtual dealer. You can place your bet with the stack of chips you have in front of you. Take a sip of your virtual drink and make real money winnings in a virtual gambling world.

Win Real Money at VR Casinos

Just like at regular online casinos, you can win real money at VR casinos. The principle is exactly the same. If the virtual casino game is available in fun mode, you can try out this game to get the hang of its workings without any risk. Once you are ready to make VR casino real money winnings, make a deposit to your VR online casino account. With money in your account you can start placing real money bets. Although you find yourself in a virtual world, any winnings you make wagering real money are real winnings. These real money winnings will be credited to your account. With your winnings you can play more VR casino games or you can choose to make a withdrawal request to cash out your winnings.

VR Online Casino Equipment

As briefly mentioned, you need to wear special VR head gear or goggles to be able to enjoy a virtual reality gaming experience. Often VR goggles will do. However, if you really want to go to town, you could consider investing in some serious equipment. This equipment would include head gear, headphones, sensors and controllers. A lot of advanced virtual reality equipment comes in bundles and will include most of what you need for a top-notch VR gambling experience. You can play VR casino games from a regular desktop or smartphone.

For a top-notch VR online casino experience it could pay to get your hands on a special desktop computer. VR online casino games need about seven times more processing power than conventional games. A computer device that fully supports virtual reality gaming has a frame rate of 90 fps to give you the smoothest gameplay, while a standard desktop frame rate is 60 fps. Virtual reality games produce high-resolution animation and imagery at a high frame rate to ensure that the response time is kept at a minimum. This means that when you move your head to change your view there is no delay.This gives you the smoothest VR casino experience. If you are interested in the exact specifications needed for the very best online casino VR gameplay, check with any of the best VR casinos on Mr. Gamble's list above.

How To Play at the best VR Casinos

To play virtual reality casino games, first you need to sign up for an account at any of the best VR casinos. If applicable, you download the application and once the download is complete, you can sign in with your credentials, choose an avatar and start playing. At some virtual online casinos it is not necessary to download anything and you can play in your browser. At those virtual online casinos you can skip the download step. The steps of signing up and choosing your avatar remain the same.

If you are wondering whether you can play VR casino games without VR goggles or a headset then here is your answer: VR casino games will run even if you don't wear a VR headset or goggles. However, you won't get the fully immersive 3D experience, so wearing goggles or a headset is highly recommended. For more answers to frequently asked questions, you can find these below.

Yes; just like regular online casinos, virtual online casinos are keen to attract new players and keep existing players happy. They do this by offering attractive virtual online casino bonuses. Sign up at any of Mr. Gamble's best VR casinos and claim your welcome bonus as a new player.

No; just like with regular gambling sites, online casinos might have country restrictions in place. This depending on virtual online casinos licences and the gambling laws of specific countries, it is possible that players living in certain countries are not allowed to register an account at a virtual online casino and play VR casino games.

No; you have a perfect view of your own screen. Other players however, can't see your screen, just like you can't see their screens. This means your casino game remains private.

This depends on the virtual online casino. Some do allow you to access your lobby and others won't have this feature available yet. As VR online casino technology is developing fast, we expect that in due time you will be able to access your casino lobby at all virtual online casinos.

Yes; as if you were walking around in a brick-and-mortar casino, in a virtual casino you can see the avatars of other players who are present and they can see you as well.

You can very easily exit your virtual reality gameplay by pressing the "Esc" button.