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How to choose a secure online casino?

Especially as a beginner, it is important to think about how to make sure you are playing at a safe and reliable online casino

Because you are playing for real money at a casino, it’s really important to make the correct choice. Simply making your decision based on bonus campaigns and game variety is not sufficient when choosing a casino - it’s important to get used to checking out a few other important facts that are specific to the safety of playing on the casino. 

Whenever looking at a casino, we believe you should pay attention to: 

  • the gaming license (link to gaming licence landing),

  •  what the casino tells you about its activities,

  •  what encryption and protections it uses,( for example, in money transactions, and what privacy is said)

In addition, you can always do a little googling and read the reviews of other players and casino site review.  However, it is worth noting that there may also be outdated information on the internet and the casino's terms and conditions should always be checked at the online casino website itself.

Are Online Casinos Fixed? 

The more well known casinos and brands are honest, but when you join a new casino you should always be careful, as it is possible that there are dishonest players on the market. 

However, you can usually avoid this by selecting one of the larger online casinos, which have reviews online and openly describe their activities and conditions. 

Online casinos with a European gaming license are very closely monitored. 

When joining a casino and receiving bonuses, it’s always a good idea to carefully read through all of the terms and conditions - as this is the main cause of misunderstanding and feeling of being dissatisfied. 

A common example of this is when bonus conditions or wagering requirements are not met within the time limit - and you could end up not understanding why the bonus money has not been received. 

If you do not understand the terms of the bonus or are unsure about any of the policies, please contact the casino customer service.

Sometimes gamers also accuse casinos of manipulating games, but it is simply not possible with legitimate casinos due to the use of certified random number generators. 

Casino games manufacturers must also have its own license, and games, random number generators and payouts are checked frequently by a third party. This allows the player to be assured that the payouts in the games are entirely random and the casino or game maker has no way of fixing the result.

Player Liability and Misconduct

When joining a casino, it is the player's sole responsibility to become familiar with and comply with the terms and conditions of the casino. Misconduct may be punished by invalidating the player's bonuses and winnings, or denying the player full access to the casino. 

Abuse can be viewed as a situation in which a player cheats on an unauthorized bonus (such as creating many users to reclaim welcome bonuses). 

Each casino has its own set of conditions and policies, and therefore, each casino must always be consulted individually.

Please check your bonus terms before redeeming

While bonuses add some fun, and usually a good bonus to your bankroll - you should always read its bonus terms. Different bonuses can often have different conditions, even within the same casino - so it’s worth being careful. In the worst case, breaking the rules can lead to the cancellation of player bonuses and all winnings - so it's always a good idea to take your bonus terms seriously.

Common reasons for invalidating profits include:

  • Playing at too high a stake when the bonus is wagered.

  • Bonus expiration

  • Invalid ID information.

  • Multiple player accounts at the same casino.

  • Having had an account closed at a related casino

When playing at a trusted casino, losing bonuses is extremely rarely due to casino trying to scam players - but usually just that the player is not sufficiently acquainted with the nuance of terms and conditions of the bonus -  and thus the cancellation comes as a surprise.

Reliable Online Casinos

In order to operate legally, an online casino must have a Gaming License. However, the mere existence of a gaming license does not tell you enough, and it is essential to check the country where the gaming license is located at the casino. Generally, online casinos popular with Finns have a Malta, Gibraltar or sometimes Curacao Game License. 

When a casino has a gaming license in Malta or another EEA country, it is more likely to be a trusted online casino because the licenses in these countries have precise criteria and are strictly enforced. Licenses in Central America and the Caribbean are less reliable because of the lack of rigorous monitoring of their licensing and operation.

So the best choice is a European license - it’s not a risk worth taking without.