WeSpin - What is it and how to bet together?

WeSpin is a platform for casino enthusiasts to deposit in a communal pot of money, trust it in the hands of a professional streamer, watch the action in real time as they play games, and collect a share of profits if they win.

But there’s a lot more to it than that.

You’re about to find out exactly what, how to go about being a part of it all, and all the finer points of this new casino phenomenon.

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What is WeSpin?

WeSpin is a casino live stream service that was designed by top casino ComeOn to unite professional casino streamers and fans of casino games being played and streamed, in real time. 

With WeSpin you, as the viewer, can buy into the streamer’s pot, or bank if you prefer, which guarantees you a part of the winnings should they win.

Who can bet on WeSpin?

Players with accounts at any of these casinos- ComeOn, Galsakino, Nopeampi or SuomiKasino can watch and make bets. Streamers who get accepted to the WeSpin programme can host events and play their chosen casino game(s).

In addition to having an active account there, you’ll also need to have some funds!

There are other benefits to being part of the ComeOn WeSpin experience and we’ll come to those in due course.

How to bet on WeSpin?

  1. Sign up to ComeOn Casino
  2. Find your favourite streamer
  3. Check for upcoming events you can participate in
  4. Make a deposit in the streamer’s pool
  5. Watch and have fun

It really is up to you how much you want to contribute to the pot. However, it’s up to the streamer to decide on their wagering strategy in terms of how much of the pot they’re going to bet on each spin.

Any wins you’re due will be paid directly to the casino account you took your funds from shortly after the session comes to an end.

Last minute change of mind about wanting to contribute to the pot? No problem.

You can withdraw your funds from it as long as the playing session isn’t already underway. 

WeSpin How to Buy In

How to sign up and use WeSpin as a streamer

In order for a streamer to use WeSpin they will have to sign up for the programme and get approved. By going through the sign up process, WeSpin can vet the streamers and ensure that only the best streamers can make use of it. To sign up, visit WeSpin, then fill in the form, providing truthful answers to the questionnaire.

Before you sign up, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you the sort of person who’s often praised for being a great storyteller, someone who delivers jokes effortlessly and with great timing?
  2. Are you perhaps a born entertainer: a natural actor, presenter or performer?
  3. Do you enjoy being in the limelight, the centre of attention?
  4. Maybe you already have a big YouTube or Instagram following who might err…follow you…once you make the transition to being a WeSpin streamer?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, then you could be an excellent candidate to be the next WeSpin star streamer.

 You could soon be streaming on WeSpin before you can say, “let’ spin and win together”.

Why WeSpin?

Until now, you’ve mostly heard about the financial element of being part of the WeSpin experience.

To recap: you buy into a pot for whatever amount of money you like, and the amount of the pot and any potential winnings derived from it, are proportional to how much you put in.

There’s another element in play here.

If playing 1000 Euros a spin is too rich for your blood, WeSpin offers you the chance to be “part of” a 1000 Euro spin.

Just imagine if a Progressive Jackpot was hit during one of those spins.

Additional benefits to playing at WeSpin

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what WeSpin Casino is all about and why it was created. Here are other benefits to look forward to.

  • Be entertained - The most popular streamers are popular for a reason. They could be funny, quirky, or just great hosts and presenters. Hopefully, all four. The more popular they are, the more entertaining they’re likely to be.
  • Be part of something - If football, basketball, or any other team sport or club isn’t your cup of tea, then this just might be. You’ll be part of a community of people who love watching others play slots, and as we know, you’ll have good reasons to hope they win.
  • Interaction - Exchange comments, praise, and encouragement to the streamer and other passive viewers and fans just to add to the experience.

Definition and history of livestreaming of casino games

The concept of watching other people playing games is nothing new.

Back in the early noughties, during the poker boom, a thirst for watching the world’s top players like Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu was quenched by being able to watch them in action.

You could learn from the best to improve your own game or just enjoy the antics and drama of the whole thing, first on television, and then eventually via live internet streams.

The next step was being able to watch slots players in action via livestreaming with their high-energy, extroverted personalities making for an entertaining spectacle.

The best entertainers among these early streamers started attracting tens of thousands of followers who lived and breathed their fates on the slots. 

But somehow, that wasn’t quite enough. So ComeOn decided to take things to the next level.  

Playing with a streamer

What if instead of just watching- like some sort of casino game voyeur- you were actually part of the action with a vested interest in what was going on in front of your eyes?

That was the basis of the groundbreaking ComeOn WeSpin product and what’s set it apart from the rest.

It’s a similar concept to you being part of a lottery syndicate, something that has been around for decades. There you put your money into a big pot that buys a load of lottery tickets; any wins are proportionately shared among members of the syndicate.

It’s the same thing here.

You get to choose how much money you want to contribute to the pot and at the end of the session, any winnings will be distributed to ‘investors’ proportionately.

The more you put in, the more cash is coming your way, should the streamer end up in profit.

You can also choose which streamers you want to stake. They’ll tell you in advance which slots they’ll play and when.

Future of Casino Streams

In the ever-evolving world of online gambling, the livestreaming of people playing casino games is the latest craze, the flavour of the month.

It’s also one of the fastest-growing verticals of the industry.

The likes of Twitch.tv and YouTube also have their own channels doing this, and its popularity will only increase over the next few years.

Mr. Gamble Interview: Tips to Other Streamers

How has playing WeSpin differed from regular playing in a stream?

Playing WeSpin is different in the sense that it is more fun and social to play together with our viewers. Plenty of chat activity, celebrating big wins together and keeping up a good mood. I would say that playing in a group is at least five times more fun than playing alone!

What kind of added value has the "social gaming experience" advertised by WeSpin brought to streaming and gaming?

Casino streaming can sometimes get boring if there are long periods without big wins or other special moments, or if the chat is on the quiet side. With WeSpin, you literally spin together, and it electrifies the atmosphere and chat to a whole new level. I would argue that they have created a perfect social gaming experience. As the icing on the cake, they often sponsor prize pools with extra money and even organize free gaming sessions where you can win real money. These are called Free WeSpin games.

What kind of feedback have you received from the viewers who participated in the games? Have the players participated more actively during the streams? Has it affected viewership (number of viewers)?

The viewers are really excited about the whole WeSpin concept. We have a lot of regular chatters who haven't been able to play together, so naturally the fun will multiply when we all get to play together. We have an average of about a hundred players participating in each session, and there are usually 150-200 more spectators than usual when playing WeSpin games!

How well has the cooperation worked with the casinos/WeSpin?

Cooperation works seamlessly. We have our own manager who serves us if there are any questions or problem situations, they give us extra money to share with players and other nice things. The best thing about WeSpin is that you can play it on several different online casinos like ComeOn, Mobilebet, Faster, Galaksino.


Can I bet with real money on WeSpin?

Yes, absolutely. Streamers decide if they’re playing for hard cash, or just for fun. If it’s hard cash and they’ve enabled “yes”, then you can buy into the streamer’s pot. And if the streamer wins, you’ll be paid out proportionately to your investment.

What is the buy-in for WeSpin?

It very much depends. Similar to minimum and maximum bets on slots, table games or Sportsbook wagers, the buy-in varies depending on the streamer, the game or even the length of the playing session.

What is the point of WeSpin?

To unite players who wish to invest in a pot, which is then used by streamers to play slots or other casino games, with any profits shared out proportionately. It also allows players to interact with the streamer and the other players. A third reason is that it can provide a decent living to the streamers themselves.

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