How to Make Successful Casino Games: An Exclusive Interview With Gamzix

Today we are joined by Margo Redko, Head of Account Management at Gamzix, who will help us understand how modern casinos operate and what players can look forward to in the immediate future.

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Gamzix casino game interview

Hi Margo and thanks for this interview! Let’s start off by discussing your role and responsibilities at Gamzix.

Thank you for inviting me over! My name is Margo, and I'm the Head of Account Management at Gamzix. My journey in this industry started a couple of years ago with an Account Manager position, then I was promoted to a Lead Account Manager, and now I hold the position of Head of Account Management. My growth looks rapid, but it’s all thanks to my unstoppable curiosity and everyday work on my goals.

My main task consists of creating and improving the company's partner networks, which involves developing strategies, establishing new partnerships, and nurturing existing ones. I also represent Gamzix at various iGaming exhibitions like ICE, iGB, SIGMA, and SBC.

One of the specialties of Gamzix is online slot games. How do you find new ideas in such a popular genre?

First and foremost, it's way easier to do when you know who your player is. There is no sense in creating random games and just waiting until they burn up the market. For me, it’s a waste of resources.

But when you know exactly who you are doing it for, everything changes. I am glad to be working with a team of professionals who value research, personal knowledge and experience, trends, abilities, and goals.

Most importantly, we are keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry as you need to move fast when the right moment strikes. Then again, we never want to do something just because others do it. We want to add something uniquely Gamzix-like to all of our products.

Gamzix operates in a global market. How do you navigate cultural differences and adapt your sales approach to different regions?

Conquering different markets was always one of Gamzix's top priorities. It’s true that players around the globe are different. For example, it’s way easier to understand a local audience like Ukraine because most of our team members are Ukrainians. They know everything about the specifics of gambling behaviour, they know the values and interests of people here. 

When it comes to an absolutely unknown market, there are only 3 things that help: global research, observing in real-time (attending events), and listening to industry leaders that have already conquered this market. And then, of course, start acting and learn from personal experience.

On the Gamzix website, you say you’re using the latest technologies to produce your games. Could you tell us more about these technologies?

The game engine was launched only after five months of work. Gamzix software was successfully tested in an independent laboratory and certified by iTech Labs. This engine allows the creation of the most complex and coolest games according to the latest trends.

Gamzix's game portfolio consists of over 60 games with a diverse array of in-game features. Most of them include our unique Hold the Spin mechanic, which demonstrates Gamzix’s exceptional performance. Gamzix slots are known for high payouts and the presence of large jackpots, which are available for all betting options.

On the one hand, the casino industry can be fairly conservative in trying to keep the game formulas the same. On the other hand, there are countless new trends appearing each year: VR games, metaverse casinos, crypto payments, etc. How do you decide which trend is worth exploring?

True, trends appear and disappear. It is very important to realise in time which one is worth it and which one is just a fad. Firstly, we are looking at how prepared we are to hop on this wave and create something worthwhile. For example, if there is no technical power, we’ll better focus on something else.

If there is something we can do to create a better gambling experience for players, we are definitely in. The example of that would be adding cryptocurrency and other fast payment methods. We saw how fast this idea was spreading around other companies and how excited players were to finally be able to use it. It only started as a trend but has become a necessary part of the whole industry.

Analytics plays a huge role in improving the player experience. What kind of trends in player behaviour or preferences have you noted? Do they differ based on the players’ region?

Gambling behaviour is definitely a cultural thing. Every region has specific needs, desires, and experiences regarding this topic. If you want to know your audience, you have to dig deeply — from psychological factors and individual patterns to the goals people pursue.

For example, for some players, this is just a form of entertainment. For others, it is an opportunity to spend time with friends, and some players simply want to win real money.

Gamzix places a strong emphasis on responsible gaming. Which tactics do you employ to promote it?

For Gamzix, responsible gaming means helping players keep enjoying games and not getting addicted to gambling. All of our games are certified by well-known and respected laboratories, and they are reliable and fair.

Promoting a brand and product shouldn't be synonymous with annoying advertising. Before entering any new market, we evaluate the regulatory frameworks and laws that govern the gambling industry. Rules are rules, and by following them, we are letting people feel in control of their own gaming experience.

Can you share your perspective on the future of the online gaming industry and how Gamzix plans to stay ahead of the curve in terms of sales and innovation?

The industry is developing by leaps and bounds, and we at Gamzix are constantly researching these developments. We’ve only been growing this fast thanks to our ability to react quickly to changes.

But, as I said before, we will never follow every new trend blindly. Innovations and deep understanding of the industry are two important factors that we take into account when creating our strategies.

From your own experience, what qualities and skills do you believe are essential for working in the online gambling industry?

I would say flexibility, as the industry is moving at a rapid pace. Specialists need to follow this rhythm. Also, it is very important to work on yourself and grow as a professional.

But I think you can use this skill in any industry. I have one specific suggestion that might be helpful for beginners: strike a balance between strategic and creative thinking so that your ideas are not only pretty but will lead you to your goal.

Are there any exciting upcoming developments, games, or partnerships at Gamzix that you can share with us, and how do you plan to leverage them for sales growth?

On November 3, we released a new game that is dedicated to the history of Ancient Greece. It’s a detailed and rich feature story with a bonus game based on our unique Hold the Spin mechanic.

One other feature that we present for the very first time is Collectors, which collects winnings from all specific coins that are already on the reels. Of course, here you’ll find 4 types of jackpot, free spins and Buy Free Spins feature.

As usual, we’ll attend important iGaming events, create exciting games, and do everything to continue our professional growth. Stay tuned for more Gamzix updates!

About Gamzix

Gamzix is a popular casino game producer which authored a plethora of fan favourites. Established in 2020 in Estonia, Gamzix quickly expanded to Cyprus and Ukraine and launched its game engine after only five months of work. The company now has over 25 games in its portfolio, with more to come.

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