Best Casino Bonus 2023 — Find Top India Bonuses of up to 500% in Value

Casino bonuses are popular among players. It is no wonder, as playing with bonus money is a great way to stretch your budget a little bit further and get a chance to try the online casino for free, and yet you might win real money if you are lucky. However, not all casino bonus offers are created the same.

The best casino bonus for Indian players is generous and has fair wagering requirements and other terms. Here, we will look at how you can find the best casino bonuses and take advantage of them.

Best Casino Bonus List in India (Last Updated: January 2023)

  • Rajabets Casino - logo

    Rajabets Casino

    3.95 / 5.00

    150% / INR 100000

    Welcome Bonus

    30 x (b)

    • Bonus code: MRGAMBLE
      BlueChip Casino - logo

      BlueChip Casino

      3.9 / 5.00

      170% / INR 20000

      Welcome Bonus

      50 x (b)

      • Bonus code: Casino_first
        Bollybet - logo


        2.45 / 5.00

        100% / INR 60000

        Welcome Bonus

        30 x (D+B)

        • 61 Freespins
      • Bonus code: SVAAGAT500
        BetIndi Casino - logo

        BetIndi Casino

        3.6 / 5.00

        100% / INR 50000

        Welcome Bonus

        35 x (D+B)

        • Bonus code: CWBWEL200
          Casino WINBIG - logo

          Casino WINBIG

          4.25 / 5.00

          100% / € 200

          Welcome Bonus

          40 x (D+B)

          • Casumo - logo


            4.7 / 5.00

            150% / INR 15000

            Welcome Bonus

            30 x (b)

            • 3 Freespins
          • Bonus code: IC1
            JeetCity Casino - logo

            JeetCity Casino

            4.9 / 5.00

            100% / INR 20000

            Welcome Bonus

            40 x (D+B)

            • Hello Casino - logo

              Hello Casino

              4.8 / 5.00

              100% / INR 30000

              Welcome Bonus

              35 x (D+B)

              • 100 Freespins
              18+ Play Responsibly. Terms Apply.
            • Posido Casino - logo

              Posido Casino

              4.68 / 5.00

              100% / INR 30000

              Welcome Bonus

              35 x (D+B)

              • 200 Freespins
            • Bonus code: 18WELCOME500
              18bet - logo


              3.65 / 5.00

              100% / € 500

              Welcome Bonus

              30 x (D+B)

              • new
                BTC365  - logo


                1.55 / 5.00

                100% / € 200

                Welcome Bonus

                20 x (D+B)

                • new
                  Snatch Casino - logo

                  Snatch Casino

                  3.3 / 5.00

                  No Bonus Available


                  • SuperCat Casino - logo

                    SuperCat Casino

                    3.45 / 5.00

                    30 Free Spins


                    40 x (b)

                    • Big Winner Casino - logo

                      Big Winner Casino

                      3.5 / 5.00

                      100% / INR 100000

                      Welcome Bonus

                      40 x (D+B)

                      • 25 Freespins
                    • new
                      SlotHub - logo


                      4.7 / 5.00

                      150% / € 777

                      Welcome Bonus

                      40 x (b)

                      • The Grand Ivy Casino - logo

                        The Grand Ivy Casino

                        4.75 / 5.00

                        No Bonus Available


                        • Bonus code: MRGAMBLE
                          Lotto Agent Casino - logo

                          Lotto Agent Casino

                          4.55 / 5.00

                          100% / € 300

                          Welcome Bonus

                          40 x (D+B)

                          • 70 Freespins
                        • Crypto Leo Casino - logo

                          Crypto Leo Casino

                          3.2 / 5.00

                          20% / no limit

                          Casino Cashback

                          0 x

                          • 500 Casino - logo

                            500 Casino

                            3.6 / 5.00

                            100% / € 1000

                            Welcome Bonus

                            40 x (b)

                            • 50 Freespins
                          • Exclusive
                            Bonus code: SKC02
                            Slotking Casino - logo

                            Slotking Casino

                            3.6 / 5.00

                            100% / € 200

                            Welcome Bonus

                            50 x

                            • 20 Freespins
                          • new
                            Mostbet Casino - logo

                            Mostbet Casino

                            3 / 5.00

                            100% / INR 25000

                            Welcome Bonus

                            60 x (b)

                            • new
                              PlanetaXbet Casino - logo

                              PlanetaXbet Casino

                              2.4 / 5.00

                              100% / € 500

                              Welcome Bonus

                              35 x (b)

                              • new
                                Midnight Casino - logo

                                Midnight Casino

                                4.7 / 5.00

                                200% / € 500

                                Welcome Bonus

                                35 x (D+B)

                                • Genting Casino - logo

                                  Genting Casino

                                  3.3 / 5.00

                                  100% / INR 50000

                                  Welcome Bonus

                                  30 x (D+B)


                                  We update our lists of the best casino bonuses in India on a regular basis. Check-in here from time to time to find all new offers for Indian online casinos.

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                                  How We Rank the Best Casino Bonuses for Indian Players

                                  As there are hundreds of online casinos on the market, each with their individual casino bonus offers, it can be difficult to find the best ones that suit your needs. Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you by ranking the best casino bonuses for Indian players. By following our suggestions, you will save a lot of time that you would otherwise use for research.

                                  You can also rest assured that we only review, rank, and recommend online casinos for Indian players that are reliable and trustworthy that offer the best casino bonuses for new and old players. The best part, though, is that you can even claim bonuses from all of your favourite online casinos.

                                  As we rank and evaluate the best casino bonus offers, we consider a few important things. However, it is not enough to stare at the bonus amount, as there are many different elements that make the best casino bonus. For instance, a generous bonus with wagering requirements might not be as good as some free spins without wagering requirements. We will tell you about this more below, where you will find aspects that make up the best casino bonus.

                                  • The amount of bonus money and free spins offered
                                  • Wagering requirements
                                  • Validity of the bonus
                                  • Recurrability
                                  • Other terms (sticky vs. non-sticky bonus, withdrawal limits, and so on)

                                  What are great bonuses made of?

                                  Obviously, the amount of available bonus money and free spins is what lures players to the casino and encourages them to snatch the bonus offer for themselves. The bigger the sum, the better it is for the player. In addition, the best casino bonus often includes both bonus money and free spins - sometimes even without a deposit.

                                  Sometimes, online casinos only offer free spins for players, which can be equally good as receiving bonus money. This matter, however, really only comes down to your preferences. Some players really love bonus money while others would rather claim free spins.

                                  However, you should never stare at the bonus amount alone: if the wagering requirements and other terms are not fair, it will be nearly impossible to withdraw any of the winnings you might get with your bonus money or free spins. The wagering requirement should be as low as possible. Nowadays, a fair wagering is 20-40 times the amount of bonus money. Also, we note whether the wagering requirement applies for only the bonus or bonus and deposit together.

                                  Fortunately, nowadays, online casinos have started to lower their wagering requirements. In fact, you can easily find casino bonuses that do not require wagering at all. These types of bonuses are usually cashback bonuses or free spins, though.

                                  Longer Bonus Timeframes

                                  The longer the bonus is valid and available for you, the better. This will allow you to have ample time to wager your winnings. For instance, a good validity time-frame is 14-30 days.

                                  You should be aware, though, that free spins might expire much sooner, and often, free spins are only valid for a day or two. Especially, if the online casino distributes your free spins in batches (for instance, 100 free spins might be distributed in 20 spin batches over five days), in which case each batch is usually valid for 24 hours. This is perfectly normal.

                                  The maximum bet per spin tells you how much you can bet without violating the terms of the bonus. The bigger the amount is, the better for you (as it will be easier to wager the bonus). Though this point will not necessarily make or break the bonus, it is still important to take into account. Some online casinos will not even let you bet more than the maximum amount.

                                  This way you cannot exceed the maximum allowed bet without knowing it. However, there are some online casinos that expect you to know this and take care of it yourself. That’s why reading the terms and conditions of each casino bonus is extremely important.

                                  Other Considerations When Choosing a Casino Bonus

                                  We also take a look at allowed and forbidden games. In some instances, the casino bonus or free spins are meant to only be played at certain games. This is not necessarily appealing to players who want to test out different games. Also, if the list of forbidden games is as long as a novel, it will greatly limit your possibilities.

                                  So, before you find your favourite game and start playing with your bonus money and free spins, ensure that you are allowed to play the specific game with your casino bonus. Otherwise, your bonus and possible winnings might be voided, and you will not be able to withdraw any winnings.

                                  Other terms and conditions are also taken into account when evaluating bonuses. For instance, we will mention if the bonus is sticky or non-sticky (non-sticky is always better for the player). We will also mention possible withdrawal limits, as well as any other possible conditions that might limit the bonus’ use. Though we mention these important factors, you should always remember to read through all bonus terms and conditions (especially since each online casino has its own terms, and they might change at times, too).

                                  All types of Indian online casino bonuses

                                  Indian Online Casinos Offering Bonuses

                                  Nowadays, most Indian online casinos offer casino bonuses for their new and old players. Casino bonuses are an excellent way for online casinos to appeal to players and reward them for their loyalty. As there are hundreds of online casinos on the market these days, offering generous casino bonuses is one of the aces in the casino's sleeves that allows them to separate themselves from other casinos.

                                  This is only a good thing for players: you can claim all available online casino bonuses from any casino you wish. There is no limit to how many online casino sites you can join, so it is good to use all alluring casino bonuses that will also help you choose your favourite online casino.

                                  Especially so-called traditional online casinos offer bonus money and free spins for their players. Sometimes, you may even come across no deposit bonuses. However, pay & play casinos might skip bonuses or offer cashback offers instead, as their sole focus is to provide a fast and convenient gaming experience.

                                  Casino bonuses can be claimed either without a deposit or with one. Usually, getting a bonus requires a minimum deposit. You may get a bonus along with your first deposit, or sometimes, even with second and third deposits, too. These casino bonuses can include bonus money or free spins, and often, both.

                                  This gives the player a chance to stretch their budget a little bit further while enjoying new games and getting to know the casino. When it comes to choosing between claiming bonus money or free spins, it really comes down to your preference. Most players do prefer free spins, however, but bonus money is fun, too.

                                  How to Claim a Casino Bonus

                                  If you are lucky, you might come across Indian online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. These are rarer bonuses these days but yet worth claiming should you come across them. Typically, no deposit bonuses include free money or free spins that you can use in slot machines.

                                  Remember, though, that no matter the bonus, they usually come with bonus terms and conditions as well as wagering requirements attached to them. Depending on what kind of online casino you are playing, you might also see free bets, risk-free bets, or equivalent.

                                  It is very simple and easy to claim your casino bonuses at an online casino. Simply do the following:

                                  1. Sign up at your favourite online casino.
                                  2. Make the required minimum deposit.
                                  3. (Use a bonus code if needed).
                                  4. The bonus is added to your account.

                                  Always remember to read all bonus terms and conditions before claiming your bonus. Should you not want to claim the bonus for any reason, you can be in touch with customer service in advance. Also, if you wish to forfeit your bonus, you can do it as well: note, though, that if you forfeit your bonus, you will lose all winnings you might have acquired with it.

                                  One very important thing to remember is that the minimum deposit required to claim the bonus may be different from the minimum deposit required at the online casino. So, make sure to check the minimum deposit amount specifically for claiming the bonus.

                                  Also, while most casino bonuses are automatically awarded to your account, you will sometimes need to use a bonus code. The code is always available in the bonus terms. Input the code in the field reserved for it while making your deposit, and the casino bonus will be added to your account.

                                  Indian Mobile Casinos With Bonuses

                                  Today, over 50 % of gaming happens on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. In fact, many online casinos rely solely on mobile gaming. This is why most online casinos are available on mobile.

                                  The good news is, that you will not even have to download a separate app to play at your favourite online casino: instead, you will only need to type the casino's address in your search bar on your browser, and you are good to go.

                                  Mobile casinos use HTML5-technology, which makes them seamless and easy to use on the go. Usually, online casinos function well, at least on Apple and Android devices, and some other common software. You can play games either on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

                                  In most cases, you can claim your casino bonus on mobile as well. In fact, sometimes online casinos offer casino bonuses that are only available on mobile. Whichever the case may be, you will get to enjoy generous bonuses whether you play on your computer or on your mobile device.

                                  So, it does not matter which device you use, as you will still be able to claim any casino bonuses that the site may have available for you. However, you should always check the online casino on your mobile device if they offer mobile bonuses that can only be claimed on a mobile device.

                                  Play Casino Games on the Go

                                  Playing on your phone or tablet allows you to play wherever you are. The ease of taking your games on the go is appealing to many players, and online casinos encourage playing on mobile devices by offering mobile casino bonuses. Nowadays, you will not be tied to your computer or even your couch if you want to play at an online casino and claim bonuses. Instead, you can simply take your game on the go.

                                  Claiming a mobile casino bonus is very simple. This is how you do it:

                                  1. Sign in to your online casino account on your mobile device.
                                  2. Go to your bonuses section to check available bonuses and offers.
                                  3. Make the required minimum deposit (and remember to use a bonus code if necessary).
                                  4. The bonus is available in your account.

                                  In short, claiming your casino bonus on a mobile device works precisely the same way as claiming it on your computer or a laptop. The bonus money or free spins will immediately be available in your casino account, and it can be used on any device.

                                  Should you wish to pause playing, you can do so and even continue on your computer or laptop later on.

                                  In addition, you can always continue playing on your mobile device even if you started out on your computer. All the money in your casino account will be available on mobile as well: it does not matter which device you use for playing.

                                  Discover the Best Casino Bonuses in India

                                  New Casino Sites in India With Bonuses

                                  More and more new casino sites open each day. The market is full of fantastic online casinos, and you will get to enjoy new ones at a steady pace. Though this is an excellent thing for players, new online casinos tend to struggle a bit on the saturated market. They have to compete against some established and well-known casinos with a steady client base. They have to offer players something that these older and more established casinos do not.

                                  The first thing these new online casinos offer to players is a new welcome bonus. It is a great way to catch a player's attention and to lure them in. After all, who does not like free money or free spins? New online casino sites tend to also be very generous with their bonuses, which is why players will gladly take advantage of all possible offers.

                                  A welcome bonus or a first deposit bonus can include bonus money of free spins on one or more of your first deposits. For instance, you might get bonus money or free spins on the first three deposits you make at a certain online casino.

                                  However, as most online casinos on the market offer new casino sign up bonuses, these welcome bonuses need to stand out. Usually, they stand out by being exceptionally generous or having a very low wagering requirement.

                                  Regardless, claiming these bonuses is a great way for players to extend their budget and get to know a new online casino. In fact, by claiming new online casino bonuses, you might even find your new favourite online casino. Before claiming any bonuses, it is recommended to do some digging and comparisons to ensure that you will receive the best casino bonus available to you.

                                  Types of Casino Bonuses for Indian players

                                  Indian players get to enjoy many types of casino bonuses at online casinos. Typically, online casinos offer three types of main bonuses: bonus money, free spins, or cashback. These bonuses can be claimed either with or without a deposit. In fact, some online casinos might even offer a no deposit bonus as well as a welcome bonus or a first deposit bonus.

                                  In addition to these bonuses, you might be able to claim reload bonuses and other campaigns that are typically geared towards older players who have already claimed their welcome bonuses. These bonuses can be available daily, weekly, monthly, or every now and then. It depends entirely on the casino, and while some online casinos might only have welcome bonuses available, others might even offer daily bonuses and offers.

                                  To find out what kind of bonuses your favourite online casino offers, you should check their bonus page and available campaigns. Also, it is recommended to join their email list so you will be able to claim the best new online casino bonuses as fast as possible. In addition, some casino bonuses have a time limit, so you want to make sure you will be able to snatch these bonuses within the time limit before they expire. By being as proactive as possible yourself, you will make sure not to miss out on any fantastic casino bonuses.

                                  Welcome Offers

                                  The most common casino bonus is a welcome bonus, which is available at almost every online casino out there. These welcome bonuses can consist of only one deposit bonus, or two, three, or even four bonuses. A welcome bonus includes (usually) bonus money and/or free spins, and it is redeemable along with your first deposit at least. These are the most popular bonuses at online casinos, and they often catch a player's attention and lure them in. This is why most online casinos pay special attention to what kind of welcome bonuses they offer to their players.

                                  In order to claim your welcome bonus, you have to make the required minimum deposit and, in some cases, add the required bonus code in the field as you are making the deposit. All of this is mentioned in the bonus terms along the bonus offer, so do not forget to read the fine print.

                                  The good thing about welcome offers is that you will often find very generous welcome bonuses. As these bonuses are the primary way online casinos use to lure new players in, gambling sites tend to make these bonuses very appealing.

                                  Remember, though, that nothing in this world (especially the world of online casinos) is really free. So, you will have to wager your casino bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings.

                                  Bonus money is the most common welcome offer

                                  The most common welcome offer is bonus money. The online casino might match your deposit with a 100% or even 200% bonus. This is automatically added to your online casino account, and you can start playing with it immediately. The bonus money you receive is generally available to be played at any casino games you wish. However, sometimes, there are some restrictions. For instance, the bonus money might be available for slots only.

                                  In addition to bonus money, many online casinos for Indian players also offer dozens or even hundreds of free spins for players.

                                  No Deposit Bonuses

                                  Another very popular casino bonus at online casinos among players is a no deposit bonus. These types of bonuses are not as common these days as they used to be about a decade ago, as they are not as lucrative or profitable for online casinos as other casino bonuses. However, if you do come across a no deposit bonus, it is often worth claiming. You will get to test the online casino with real money without putting your own money at risk at all.

                                  No deposit bonuses are meant to get the players to join the online casino and to give them a chance to test the site without putting their own money on the line. Actually, no deposit bonuses are very popular among players for this exact reason. After all, you will get free money and a chance to win some real money without making a deposit.

                                  While no deposit bonuses tend to have very strict bonus terms and conditions (as well as high wagering requirements), there have been some instances where players have won tens or hundreds of thousands with no deposit bonuses. Though it is hard, it is not completely impossible.

                                  No Deposit Free Spins

                                  Typically, no deposit bonuses are free spins, though you might encounter some free money offers, too. Free spins are the more popular option, and online casinos might offer dozens or sometimes even hundreds of free spins without a deposit. These free spins are worth real money and are often appointed to be played at certain games. For instance, many online casinos give no deposit free spins to for Starburst and other popular NetEnt games.

                                  Free money works the same way. The only difference to free spins is that free bonus money is often used more freely, and you can use it in (almost) any game you want.

                                  Regardless, these no deposit bonuses do include wagering requirements, unless you happen to be lucky enough to find wager-free spins. That kind of a no deposit is sort of like finding a unicorn, though.

                                  Free Spins

                                  Indian players can claim free spins in many instances. For example, they are available as a welcome or first deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, campaign, or as rewards from tournaments and competitions. Free spins are literally free real money spins that you can use to play slot machines.

                                  In fact, free spins are possibly the most popular online casino bonuses. As you join an online casino, you might be able to claim no deposit free spins. The casino site might offer dozens or hundreds of free spins to be played at most popular slot games, such as Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Book of Dead, or other popular games.

                                  When you claim free spins without a deposit, the site will simply add these spins to your casino account as you join the casino and confirm your account. Then, you can play these spins at any appointed games and get a chance to get to know the online casino as well as win real money.

                                  Also, free spins are often part of a welcome bonus or a first deposit bonus. You might receive hundreds of free spins for the most popular games. Typically, these free spins are released throughout a few days. For instance, if an online casino offers 100 free spins along with your first deposit, they might release these 100 spins in 10 spin increments over 10 days.

                                  This keeps the players coming back. Also, this ensures that you will not get too excited on the first day and blow all your free spins away.

                                  Free Spins Come in Many Forms

                                  Many times, you can also claim free spins as a reload bonus. Most online casinos offer reload bonuses at least every now and then: you might be able to claim these reload bonuses (for instance) every day, every week, or every month. These bonuses are available for players who have already claimed their first deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses and are geared towards loyal older players.

                                  Also, many casino sites arrange tournaments or other campaigns every now and then, and they might include free spins as a reward. If free spins are awarded as a reward, they usually do not have wagering requirements, which is a good thing for players. Also, some online casinos award birthday bonuses and other special bonuses that often include free spins. In short, free spins are the most popular online casino bonuses, and many players love them. So, it is no wonder that you will have no trouble finding free spins at online casinos.

                                  Remember, though, that free spins do include wagering requirements, and they often include a 20-60x wager. The best free spins bonuses for Indian players are the kind that offer a lot of free spins with a possibility to play them at many different games while having a wagering requirement that is as low as possible.

                                  Cashback Bonuses

                                  In recent years, cashback bonuses have become more popular than ever. Especially pay & play casinos, and new online casinos tend to wave goodbye to regular casino bonuses, and instead, they offer a 10-20 % cashback on weekly losses, which can be a good alternative to regular online casino bonuses. This eliminates the wagering requirements and all complicated bonus terms and conditions. This is only a positive thing for players, as many have grown tired of reading through paragraphs of bonus terms.

                                  How Do Cashback Bonuses Work?

                                  Cashback bonuses simply return a portion of your losses from the previous week. You will get a certain percentage of your losses back, and you can either withdraw that money back into your bank account or play it through the games again and hope to win this time.

                                  These types of bonuses can be available as an on-going bonus or as a campaign. Also, some VIP programs use cashback as a way of rewarding the players. The good thing about cashback bonuses is that they do not include wagering requirements, which makes them very appealing. Also, you will not need to use bonus codes or claim them in any way: the online casino will simply add your cashback bonus to your account on a certain day of the week or month.

                                  Cashback bonuses have become more popular in recent years because as online casinos started competing for players, their bonuses started becoming more generous and bonus terms more complicated. Players got frustrated dealing with long bonus terms and complicated conditions that made it practically impossible to withdraw any winnings after filling the wagering requirements.

                                  While some online casinos responded to this by removing all casino bonuses focusing on fast withdrawals instead, some went for cashback bonuses that offer at least some sort of reward for playing at a casino. Also, knowing that you can get a portion of your losses back is always a good thing. This also encourages players to return to the online casino again and again.

                                  Keep an eye out for the offers page at your favourite online casino. They might start offering cashback bonuses soon as well if they are not offering them already.

                                  Reload Bonuses

                                  You can claim reload bonuses after you have claimed your welcome bonus. These are available for older players and can include bonus money or free spins. They are claimed the same way as regular welcome bonuses.

                                  Live Casino Bonuses

                                  Live casino bonuses are also available at some casinos, and these often include either bonus money or a risk-free bet. Note that sometimes you can use your regular casino bonus to play live casino games too. The best live casino bonus, though, is usually only meant only for live casinos.

                                  Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

                                  Many players wonder what casino wagering requirements are. Wagering means to play your bonus and/or deposit amount through the games a certain number of times. For instance, if the wagering requirement is 30 times the bonus, the wagering is calculated 30 times the bonus money. This then tells you how much money you have to play through the games until your winnings become withdrawable.


                                  ❓Why play with a casino bonus?

                                  Claiming a casino bonus allows you to stretch your budget a bit further. Also, it gives you a chance to try out more games without putting your own money at risk.

                                  🤔What is a casino bonus?

                                  A casino bonus is an offer from an online casino. Players can claim it either without a deposit or along with one. It usually includes bonus money and/or free spins.

                                  🤑How to make money from online casino bonuses?

                                  The only way to make money from online casino bonuses is by playing the casino bonus and wagering it. However, this all comes down to luck, and you should not think of this as a possibility to make money.

                                  ⚙️How do casino bonuses work?

                                  You can claim your casino bonus by signing up at an online casino and making a deposit. The bonus is awarded to your account, and you can start playing with it. Always remember that casino bonuses come with strict terms and conditions that you should read before claiming your bonus.

                                  ♻️How to wager a casino bonus?

                                  The wagering amount is mentioned in the bonus terms. You have to play your bonus money a certain amount of times in the games (wager it). For instance, if the wagering requirement is 35x you have to play your bonus 35 times before cashing it out.