How to Play Craps Guide for Beginners

Do you want to learn more about how to play craps online? You have arrived at the right place. Mr-Gamble is giving you a complete overview of the main rules and bet types of the craps game. After reading our essential guide, you’ll be fully equipped to tackle whatever the rolling dice bring.

Keep in mind that craps table rules vary depending on the particular variation you happen to be playing. The following advice covers the basic version of the game and how to win at craps. However, you may find many unique takes on the original and live craps version.

Craps Dice Game Rules

The craps rules aren’t as complicated as they may seem at first glance. Once you understand the main betting types, things get much easier. Essentially, rolling some dice is the foundation of craps. The entire point of this game is to predict what happens with a pair of dice. Regardless if you want to know how to play craps at home or how to play craps and win in an online casino, the underlying logic is exactly the same.

Your first hope as a player rolling the dice is getting either 7 or 11. If you won't manage to get either number, you need to establish a Point number. You need to roll that Point number again before getting a seven. Most of the time, people bet on the table. That means they hope the player rolls the necessary number. Betting against the table means that you bet the player fails to roll a winning number. These were the main craps dice game rules.

Your Essential Guide on How to Bet Craps

The craps game comes with numerous betting types. In the following paragraphs, we’ll cover the most important ones for players. These are the essentials of how to play craps dice.

  • Pass Line: This is arguably the most important type of bet in craps. The Pass Line bets are conducted prior to the come-out roll. The Pass Line bets universally win in case the shooter rolls a natural 7 or 11. Throwing a craps number of 2, 3, or 12 means that the entire Pass Line bet repertoire loses. It's also possible for the shooter to throw one of the remaining numbers 4-6 or 8-10.
  • Don't Pass Line: This is the mirror bet of Pass Line. You'll get the prize if craps 2 or 3 get thrown. The house edge of the Don't Pass Line is 1.36%, which makes it a solid option for players. It's called a Push if the dice roll brings 12. In turn, players won't get a payout and the original wagers will be returned to them.
  • Come: Come bets are essentially the extension of Pass Line wagers and their respective outcomes. The players get an instant Come bet win if the person shooting gets a natural 7 or 11. Once again, the craps numbers of 2, 3, or 12 lead to a loss. The house edge of Come bets is 1.41%. The winning bets get paid out at a rate of 1:1.
  • Don’t Come: This bet means effectively betting against the dice. Sometimes people call this "betting wrong" as opposed to the Pass Line representing the "right bet". Don't look too much into it. It's ultimately just craps jargon. 2, 3, or 12 are the results that you should be hoping for after pulling this bet. Also, you'll bet that the point won't be rolled before result 7 appears.

The Basics of Winning a Craps Game

So, how do you play craps and win? The main way of winning in craps is the same as in every other game of chance. Get lucky! However, certain steps can boost the chance of success. Start off by focusing on pass bets. While there are numerous betting options in this game, some of the bets are safer than others. Opting for Pass lands you a house edge of 1.41%, which is great when compared to bets in other popular casino games.

If you'd like to completely minimize the house edge, proceed with Don't Pass bets. Ignore the superstitions around this bet. The rational side of the Don't Pass bet is a no-brainer. You'll face a house edge of only 1.36%. This is the safest bet in craps. Keep in mind that similarly to Pass bets, the Don't Pass bet pays you even money.

People with a huge bankroll may be more liberal when it comes to high-risk + high reward bets in craps. But if you have a budget on the smaller or average size, you'll be better off taking the relatively low-risk bets. In this way, you can play sustainably for a longer time. This is an especially smart how to shoot craps approach if you love the game itself a lot.

Now that you know the low-risk bets, you may wonder what are the bets that have a stinging house edge. Remember that Put bets can reach the house edge heights up to 33.3%. That's a staggering house edge that makes most players wary of going through with these. The same holds true for Prop (or Proposition) bets. The potential high payouts have formidable house edges lurking behind them: around 5% and up to 15%.

Budgeting is your best friend. This is how to play craps at casino: always set strict limits to how much you can lose during every single gaming session. Smart players set win limits as well. That means you'll stop once you hit 50% winnings of your bankroll. Then you can take the payouts home without the risk of losing them before finishing your session. Adhering to this principle means knowing how to win at craps and keep your winnings with you.

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