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The types of online casino licenses - Choose reliable license

Many online casino players might be wondering about what casino licenses are all about. In this section we are going to dig deep into the world of casino licenses to understand what they mean and do. We are also going to investigate how players can benefit from them. In the gambling industry, licenses are usually mentioned often but they aren’t described well. In this article, we are going to tell you all the basics of licenses and how they work.

Gambling license names are usually combined with a nation because they are always presented by a country. In Europe, the most well-known countries giving out licenses are Malta, the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar. Estonia is one country with a commission as well.

For players from Europe, pretty much all licenses inside the European Union are good options. Depending on the country people are playing from, there are tax-free factors to consider when playing in countries that belong to EEA.

Europe has very strict gambling laws and that puts European players into a good position. Casinos working under European gambling authorities are being regulated and controlled very well, which makes them the safest option for all European players.

The more well-known the license is the better. If a license sounds a bit too exotic, it is recommended to switch to a casino with a bit more familiar license. If you have any doubts about the license, don't hesitate to investigate how that license works. Next, we take a little closer look at each license.

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Less known gambling licenses

Every country has its own authorities that regulate gambling licenses. This authority defines the requirements for getting a license. For example, Malta Gaming Authority works from Malta, UK Gambling Commission from the United Kingdom and Estonia’s authority is the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

It’s easy to see that licenses from Malta and the United Kingdom are the most popular ones. Most of the casinos working in Europe are being regulated by these two. There are other reliable licenses mentioned in this article too, however. For example, there is Curacao, which obviously works outside the EU and has a bit less strict requirements for a license. Though all the licenses mentioned in this article are reliable, we still consider European licenses to be the best option for European players.

Some commissions pass out licenses more readily with less strict rules and laws than the European ones. But European licenses are the strictest ones in the world. But casinos operating with non-European licenses can still be safe and reliable. But if you bump into a commission you have never even heard of, you probably should change your direction to a better-known casino with a good reputation.

There are a few more exotic gambling authorities too such as Costa Rica, Aruba, and Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Many of us might have encountered these licenses, but they are not that regular on the European market compared to the ones that we have previously mentioned in this article.

How can casinos apply for a license?

For an applicant to get a license, they must first go through many security and background checks. This is essential so that gambling commissions can ensure the legitimacy and fairness of a casino. Some of these searches include background information, game fairness, RNG guarantee (random number generation), tax information, financial status, business practices, criminal background and more.

The casinos applying for licenses must also undergo frequent financial and tax auditing, as well as technical tests to ensure that they meet the requirements of a license. The procedures that casinos must undergo to get a license are set in place, so that gambling commissions can guarantee the safety of a casino that they grant their license to. The most popular gambling commissions include:

  • Alderney Gambling Commission
  • Curaçao Gaming Control
  • Gibraltar Gambling Ordinance
  • IoM Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Antigua & Barbuda FSRC Gaming Division


The reliability of casino licenses has been talked about a lot during the past few years. This is totally understandable because real money is being played in online casinos. And many players tend to check out casino licenses before making any deposits to an online casino for that reason.

Licenses help to better the reliability and safety of online casinos. They ensure that all the important things are taken care of by the casinos. If these factors are not on point, no license will be granted for a casino. So, one could say that a commission looks after the player, as they ensure casinos’ trustworthiness for the player so that they can safely deposit their money there. Gambling authorities are very careful about who they grant their license to, as they don't want to get their own hands dirty.

Nowadays, online casino players are largely aware of which licenses are reliable. And all players know that they shouldn’t play their money on a casino with no license at all. Players are also unwilling to play under licenses that do not provide tax-free winnings.

All in all, there are a lot of reliable casino licenses and gambling authorities out there. But we hold that a casino with a European license is the best place for a European player to head to.