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    • Established: 2020
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What Is the New Jersey Casino Control Commission?

The New Jersey Gambling Commission is an independent licensing authority that regulates the gaming industry within the state of New Jersey. It was established in 1977 under the Casino Control Act and is responsible for issuing licences to casinos and their employees, as well as overseeing the regulations and compliance laws.

New Jersey Casino Control Commission Contact Details

If you have a question and the New Jersey gambling laws or the New Jersey gambling tax rate, we recommend getting in touch with the Gambling Commission as follows:

Official nameNew Jersey Casino Control Commission
Headquarters1325 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
JurisdictionNew Jersey
Parent departmentGovernor of New Jersey

New Jersey Gambling Laws

New Jersey has a long history of gambling, with the state being more permissive of gambling than other states in the US. Until 1894, lotteries were common in New Jersey and were ultimately used to find the military during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. It was also used to finance the construction of Queen’s College and the College of New Jersey.

The New Jersey online gambling law allows licensed casinos as well as horse racing wagering.  According to the State of New Jersey Casino Control Commission, you must be at least 21 years of age to participate in New Jersey gambling activities. Underage gambling is a criminal offence and anyone getting caught partaking in gambling activities will be fined up to $1,000. In addition to the fine, they will also receive a driving licence suspension and the event will be recorded in their criminal record.

Why Play at Licensed New Jersey Casinos?

Whether you are after New Jersey online sports gambling or looking to play casino games, there are a number of reasons why you should consider licensed New Jersey casinos. First off, all licensed online casinos are required by the Casino Control Commission New Jersey to follow strict regulations and guidelines when it comes to player protection.  This means that your personal and financial information is kept under wraps and the games are safe.

New Jersey is also one of the very few states in the US where online gambling is legal. As a result, many online casino sites have set up shop with the aid of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

New Jersey legalized gambling sites also offer a wide range of gaming options, including the best online slot games, casino games, sports betting and poker games.  They also offer a diverse number of casino bonuses and promotions designed to attract new players and keep existing players happy.

These online casinos can be accessed from anywhere within the state, allowing you to enjoy gaming from the comforts of your own home, without having to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino.

How to Choose a Casino Licensed in New Jersey

There are quite a few casinos out there, so it can be sometimes hard to find the best fit for you. Follow our step-by-step guide to choose the best casino licensed by the New Jersey Control Commission.

Player Protection in New Jersey Casino Control Licensed Casinos

To acquire an online gambling license New Jersey, operators must follow the strict regulations that protect players from scams, fraud and any other potential illegal activities. The Division of Gaming Enforcement is responsible for ensuring that all licensed casino sites comply with these regulations.

In addition to following the regulations as highlighted in the New Jersey Casino Control Act, licensed operators must implement various measures to protect players. These include firewalls, secure servers and SSL encryption. All games must use random number generators that are audited by independent parties.

Casino Dispute Resolution Under the New Jersey Casino Control Act

There are various procedures for the resolution of disputes that may arise between casinos and players. First, the player should try to resolve the dispute with a member of the casino’s customer support team.

If that fails, they can then file a complaint with the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). The DGE will investigate closely the complaint and work with the operator to resolve the issue.

If the complaint cannot be resolved via this process, the DGE may hold a hearing to determine whether any violations of the Casino Control Act or Regulations have occurred.

Players can also get in touch with the Casino Control Commission. The Commission investigates complaints and takes the necessary action.

How to Check a Casino for a New Jersey Gambling Licence

You should always check that an online casino site has a valid New Jersey gambling licence. Even if the Commission’s logo is present in the footer, we always recommend that you verify facts. We have compiled the below guide to help you do so:

  • Scroll down to the footer: Scroll all the way down to the footer and look for signs of a New Jersey Gambling Licence logo
  • Click on it: You should be able to click on the logo, which in turn will take you to the Gambling Commission’s website
  • If it’s not clickable: If it is not clickable take note of the licence number listed in the footer and head to the Gambling Commission
  • Compare: You can now cross-check this information and find other details about your chosen operator

New Casinos Licensed in New Jersey 2024

Looking to sign up for an account at a new casino site with a New Jersey license? Check out the below new casinos which are the freshest gambling sites available on the market today.

Casino Rules and Regulations by New Jersey Casino Control Commission

The criteria for getting a casino license in New Jersey are established by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission (CCC). Background checks, financial disclosures, and other criteria are part of these standards, which are meant to guarantee that only qualified people and businesses are granted licences to run casinos in the state.

Additionally, the CCC sets the guidelines for all casino games accessible in New Jersey. These regulations are made to guarantee that the games are impartial and fair. This also means that players stand a chance of winning, with a pinch of luck and the right games.

Casinos with a New Jersey licence must take a number of security measures to safeguard players' financial and personal data. These safeguards include firewalls, secure servers, SSL encryption, and random number generators (RNGs).

These rules are standard for both casinos and also outlined in New Jersey sports gambling law.

Why You Should Get a New Jersey Licence in 2024

If you are considering getting a New Jersey licence, there are many reasons why doing so can be beneficial to you as a casino owner or operator. Players will only consider online casinos that are licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling body. Players based within the state of New Jersey will only consider online gambling sites based in their state.

The New Jersey Gambling Commission also ensures that all operators meet the necessary statutory requirements of honesty and good character to keep the gambling industry in the state free from organised crime.

Gambling Licence Types Offered by New Jersey Casino Control Commission

There are different types of licences issued by the Commission including employee licences and registrations. Here are all the available licences:

  • Casino key employee licence: Required for employees who hold a position of authority over the operation of a casino.
  • Casino employee registration: Required for employees who do not require a casino key employee licence.
  • Casino service Industry licence: Required for businesses that provide services to casinos.
  • Casino vendor registration: Required for businesses that supply gaming-related services to casinos.
  • Temporary casino licence: Issue to non-profit organisations for running a limited number of games of chance.

New Jersey Gambling Licence Requirements

To obtain a gambling licence in New Jersey, businesses and casino employees must meet the statutory requirements of being of good character.

The Casino Licensing Bureau also monitors the business transactions of an applicant and conducts investigations of each key stakeholder as well as examines the background of the company.

How to Get a New Jersey Gambling Licence

To get a New Jersey Gambling Licence, you must submit a pre-application form to the Division of Gaming Enforcement. This form will be used to determine when the applicable is eligible for the licence.

If the applicant is deemed eligible, then they can submit an application for a licence. The application requests detailed information about the applicant’s personal and professional history as well as that of their business.

A thorough investigation of the applicant and the business is carried out along with background checks of all key employees. If the applicant passes with flying colours, they will acquire a gambling licence and be able to operate in New Jersey.

New Jersey Gambling Licence Cost

The cost of obtaining a gambling licence in New Jersey varies depending on the type of licence. The application fee can vary between $200 and $500, while the initial licence fee can vary between $1,000 and $2,000.

There is also an annual renewal fee of between $500 and $1,000.


Is gambling legal in New Jersey?

Yes. Gambling in the state of New Jersey has been legal since 1976.

What is the legal gambling age in New Jersey?

You would need to be at least 21 years of age to gamble in the state of New Jersey.

When was gambling legalized in New Jersey?

Gambling in New Jersey was legalised in 1976.

How long does it take to obtain a New Jersey gambling licence?

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact timeframe since licensing investigations and applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Is crypto allowed under New Jersey gambling laws?

Cryptocurrencies are allowed under New Jersey laws. In fact, some online casino sites accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Do I have to register with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission?

If you are an employee or a vendor working with an online casino, you would need to register with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

What are the New Jersey gambling licence requirements on security?

The gambling licence requirements vary depending on the type of licence. However, all applicants must be of good character and integrity. Casino sites must also operate in a fair and transparent manner.

How do I contact the New Jersey Casino Control Commission?

You can contact the New Jersey Casino Control Commission by phone at (609) 441 3799 or by sending an email to info@njdge.org.

How do I complain to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission?

You can complain about a casino or gambling activity in the state of New Jersey by filing a complaint form with the Casino Control Commission.

How to get a New Jersey gambling licence?

To get a New Jersey gambling licence, you must submit an application form, and provide various background checks of key stakeholders and your business as well as other requested information by the commission.

How much does the New Jersey gambling licence cost?

The cost of obtaining a New Jersey gambling licence varies depending on the type of licence you are interested in obtaining. The initial application fee varies between $200 and $500.

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