Higher Value Free Spins - Mega, Monster, and Super Free Spins

Some players feel that the traditional free spins bonuses are a bit weak. We agree that the spin value for a normal free spins bonus is low. Normally it’s around 20 to 40 cents per spin. We’re sure that you’re aware of the fact that a higher bet yields a higher reward. Even though the max win is set, a bigger bet naturally pays out a bigger win. Players like to bet higher if they can afford it, and it’s, for this reason, casinos introduced the value spins - Mega Spins, Monster Spins, and Super Free Spins.

These types of value spins work just the same way as normal free spins, but since each spin is worth more they’re also more scarce. Only a few casinos offer these kinds of spins, and we know which ones! Have a look through the list below and compare the offers. Don’t just grab the first best offer, but take a second to consider the wagering requirements and the other important T’s & C’s. If you’re still not sure what value spins are, keep on reading.

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Mega Free Spins - What is it and what’s the difference between free spins and Mega Spins?

Mega free spins are mega-good free spins. For the reader who isn’t familiar with the term, mega spins are just like free spins but with extra high bet value. Some might think that the “mega” stands for a slot or a casino. Alas, mega free spins aren’t for the Mega Moolah slot nor for Mega Casino. Some casinos offer mega spins on selected slots, some in the shape of a no deposit bonus, others as part of the welcome bonus, and yet others as recurring offers.

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Make sure to get the best mega free spins offers available. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, apply your own filters to the above list. This way you’ll find the best deals, the deals most suitable deals to you.

Super Free Spins - What is it and what’s the difference between free spins and Super Spins?

Since normal free spins might offer too little value for some players, super good free spins were introduced. There are quite a few online casinos offering these types of spins. Some casinos even offer super free spins no deposit, but most commonly they’re available as regular deposit bonuses such as welcome bonuses and recurring offers.

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To get your no deposit super spins, just browse through our list right here on this page. Apply your own filters to find the very best deals for you.

Monster Free Spins - What is it and what’s the difference between free spins and Monster Spins?

There’s nothing scary about monster spins. On the contrary, they’re sweet as! Monster spins are monstrously big and offer a spin value far greater than normal free spins. Except for the much higher bet value, they work exactly the same. It’s not easy to come by these monstrously valuable free spins, but we’ve done the reconnaissance and collected the details. Even though there are monster free spins no deposit bonuses out there, most of these deals are tied to welcome bonuses and recurring offers. So how to claim ‘em? You don’t have to luck any further than this very page.

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Make sure to get the best deal for your needs. Apply your own set of filters to our list above and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.