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    All Ripple Casino Sites Listed (Updated in May 2024)

If you’re looking for the best Ripple casino sites, we’ve done the hard work and our comprehensive guide covers the best Ripple (XRP) casino sites for you to jump right in and get spinning.

On this page, you can see all online casinos with cryptocurrencies for banking and will accept Ripple XRP for deposits and withdrawals. You can take out your winnings easily and simply via this secure and reliable method from almost all online casinos.

Why Trust Mr. Gamble?

For the safety of players and to keep operators accountable, the team at Mr. Gamble implements a world-class evaluation process for all online casinos. The team incorporates a strict due diligence process for listing casinos on Mr. Gamble by verifying the operating regions of casinos and the validity of local licenses, among other aspects such as customer service, game selection, banking methods, and bonuses.

Our editorial policy includes fact-checking all casino information while including real-world data to provide the most relevant and helpful guide for readers around the world. At Mr. Gamble, the players’ safety and satisfaction are our top priority — you can rely on us to get the best possible offers from licensed online casinos.

🤔 What Is Ripple XRP?

Ripple is a fairly popular cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Today many online casinos support Ripple as a banking method for deposits and withdrawals. With Ripple, people can also receive payments from other people conveniently.

📛 Cryptocurrency:Ripple (XRP)
📅 Year founded:2012
👨‍💼 Founders:Arthur Britto, David Schwartz, Ryan Fugger
⚒️ Uses:

Payment solution for banks, governments and institutions.

Cross-border payments to enable the global transfer of monetary funds.

Central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

🔎 Governance:Owned by the private company

How Ripple Is Used in Online Gambling

Today Ripple is accepted by almost all online casino sites in the world, so players can easily find online casinos that support this payment option.

Ripple has become popular among people because making deposits and purchases online with the banking method is extremely convenient.

To deposit money with Ripple, players don’t need to enter any long and complicated PIN codes or private banking details. Instead, players can deposit money with Ripple by simply entering their wallet address.

Pros and Cons of Ripple XRP

Ripple is one of the most widely supported casino payment methods among cryptocurrencies. That said, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of using Ripple XRP for casino payments.

✔️ Pros❌ Cons
Speed. Ripple transactions are extremely fast, with the average transaction taking 5 seconds no matter where it’s being moved between.Centralized. Due to the nature of Ripple, and XRP not being mineable (like other cryptocurrencies), the power that Ripple has over the currency removes the ‘pure decentralised’ nature that crypto-purists argue for.
Cost. The Ripple transaction fee is 0.00001 XRP which, even at the digital currency’s peak is a fraction of a penny thus making it one of the cheapest, most efficient methods of monetary transfer.Controlled supply. Ripple can not be mined and as such large amounts of Ripple XRP can be dropped into circulation at any one moment thus affecting the value unexpectedly to investors.
Security. Ripple provides anonymity through how you purchase the currency and the nature of the transactions.Legal haze. Ripple has been the subject of legal action from the SEC due to how the company can release XRP. As such, the SEC argued that XRP should be considered a security.
Versatility. Ripple’s network differs from Bitcoin and other payment systems in that it processes transactions not only for its native currency, XRP but also for other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. 
Usage. Ripple is already used by large financial institutions as a bridging currency due to the low cost of transactions and intricate speed. 

How to Get Started With Ripple Casino

You’re just minutes away from taking advantage of the best Ripple casino sites. It’s understandable that the world of Ripple XRP cryptocurrency can be confusing for some, but we’ve curated a handy guide so you’ll be playing top ripple casinos in a jiffy. 

Here’s your step-by-step guide to how to get going with XRP Ripple:

Grab a Crypto Wallet

Having a cryptocurrency wallet to hold your currency is the very first step. There are plenty of options available, but make sure that you’re able to hold Ripple XRP given it’s not on the same blockchain as Bitcoin, for example.

Best Ripple casinos NJ

Buy XRP Ripple

Once you’ve got your wallet set up and ready to go, head onto an exchange and purchase some XRP. Make sure the exchange you’re using can sell you, XRP Ripple. Given it’s not on the same blockchain as cryptocurrency, it may not be as readily available as some other coins you’ve purchased, but it’s far from rare. 

Generally, you’ll be required to convert Fiat money from a normal Debit/Credit card into cryptocurrency, and once you’ve done that you’re all set. Alternatively, if you have a secret repository choc-a-bloc full of crypto altcoins, you can shift a few into XRP Ripple too.

Move Your Ripple Into Your Wallet

Once you’ve acquired your Ripple on your exchange, paste the address of your wallet into the relevant field and send it back over. Currency held on an exchange is not usable until it’s back in a functional wallet. Don’t make a simple mistake and leave your currency vulnerable to external factors, secure it immediately.

Pick the Best Ripple Casino

We’ve already given you plenty of options of where to head to amass your fortune and start the Ripple-based fun. Choose the best-looking online Ripple casino with the games you want to play and follow the simple sign-up process to get started.

Make sure to pay attention to any bonus codes you need to ensure you don’t miss out on that matched deposit bonus or free spins.

Deposit Your XRP Ripple

Once you’re all signed up to the best online Ripple casino you’re nearly basically there. Using the wallet you previously sent your Ripple to, simply click the appropriate deposit method and put as much Ripple as you want to play with in the account.

Once it’s there, choose your favorite slot, table game or whatever takes your fancy and play away.

How to Deposit With Ripple 

Here’s our simple 5-step guide for how to deposit with Ripple. 

How to Withdraw With Ripple

People have been using Ripple to pay safely online for several years. And it’s easy to see why – making purchases online with the banking method is extremely safe and secure.

However, when it comes to withdrawals, Ripple may not be the best available option for you. This is because, with Ripple, casinos can take 3 days to process your withdrawal requests.

  1. Finish playing your favorite games. Once you’re done taking the casinos to the cleaners, make sure you shut your favorite game after that last spin or blackjack hand.
  2. Check your bonus requirements. If you’ve just signed up to a top Ripple casino, it’s likely that you took advantage of one of the top bonus offers we’ve talked about. Make sure you’ve met the rollover requirements, or minimum stake requirements so there’s no upset when you’re looking to withdraw. 
  3. Head to the withdraw tab. Head either to the banking section or click the withdraw tab. From there, you’ll likely have your wallet stored from the deposit so simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw in XRP Ripple. 
  4. Withdraw to your wallet. Once you’re there and have decided how much to withdraw just click the submit button. Given the speed of Ripple XRP transactions we’ve mentioned previously, your Ripple should be with you in no time. 
  5. Head back to an exchange if you want the money back in fiat currency. Once it’s back in your crypto wallet all that’s left to do is trade it back, via an exchange, into the fiat currency or crypto coin you want.

🔥 Best Ripple Casino Bonus Offers

There are a number of the best Ripple casino bonus offers you’ll see out there looking to entice you in. Here are a few of them dissected for you: 

Matched Deposit Welcome Bonus

A matched deposit welcome bonus normally sees the casino you’ve signed up to, matching your initial deposit up to a certain amount with a fixed, pre-ascertained percentage. This may be something like a 100% matched deposit up to 500XRP, meaning the casino will give you 500XRP free if you deposit 500XRP on your first deposit.

It’s important to make sure you’ve read and understood the terms and conditions of a matched deposit welcome bonus before you claim it. 

Free Spins Bonus

A free spin simply does what it says on the tin. Normally it’ll be a certain amount of free reel spins on a predetermined slot that you qualify for upon a deposit.

These spins give spins. Free spin bonuses are often given to players throughout their time at a casino to keep them playing too. 

No Deposit Bonus

One of the most popular bonuses is a no deposit bonus. All you have to do is register an account to receive a certain amount of spins or credit, with no deposit obligation.

Obviously, there’s no such thing in this world as completely free money, so it’s worth reading the terms and conditions to understand what’s needed before you’re able to withdraw any winnings.

Find New Ripple Casinos 2024

The best new online casino Ripple sites have landed here at Mr. Gamble. Bookmark this page and visit again to see the latest online casino XRP sites.

    🎲 Casino Games You Can Play Using Ripple

    Just because you’re using Ripple doesn’t mean your casino experience will be any different, in fact, it may actually give greater choice than a traditional high-street operator. 


    Depending on the software providers used by each casino, you’ll be able to play all of your favorite slots. Make sure you check the license on the slot you’re playing to make sure there’s nothing nefarious about it.

    If you’re a fishing slots fan, there’ll be plenty of variety to choose from, and the same if you’re more of an Egyptian or Aztec slot theme fan. If you’re more old-school and fancy a simple levered classic analogue slot game most sites will even have that for you. 


    No casino would be complete without the staple, the classic Roulette wheel. There’ll be more variations than you can shake a stick at, with jackpots, mini-games, multi-ball, extra tiles and all depending on how adventurous you want to get.

    If you’re more of a purist with nuanced strategies, then there’ll be plenty of classic roulette options there for you too.

    Table games

    Baccarat, blackjack, three card brag, Texas hold ‘em and more. There are always plenty of table games at Ripple online casinos to play. The crypto casino world is growing at an alarming rate, so there’ll be no shortage of your favorite games.

    Make sure you read all of our reviews so you can pick the best Ripple XRP casino for you that best suits your taste.

    The best Ripple casinos are licensed and regulated by reputable gambling authorities, such as the Curacao Gaming Control Board. Licensed Ripple gambling sites are considered trustworthy since they abide by the various rules and regulations as highlighted in their licensing agreement.

    As a result, XRP betting sites are legal as long as they are licensed and regulated. You may come across other online Ripple gambling sites that may offer their services but may not be licensed. It is best to avoid these betting websites since you are not guaranteed that the games are fair or that you will have a safe session.

    Are XRP Gambling Sites Secure?

    Tying into our previous section, the best Ripple gambling site is one that is licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling authority. Ripple casino online sites are only as safe and secure as the measures implemented.

    While payments made with XRP are safe, you only want to make sure that the platform is also protected with SSL encryption technology and that the XRP casino games you are playing are powered by random number generators that produce random results.

    If you are looking for casinos that accept Ripple payments, we highly recommend browsing the list of recommended casinos on this page and taking your time to read Ripple casino reviews to find the right site tailor-made to your specifications.

    What to Consider When Choosing the Best Ripple Gambling Site

    There are a few factors to take into consideration when shopping for the best Ripple online casinos. Some relate to your personal tastes and specifications, while others pertain to safety issues. Here are some of the most important factors:

    Security and Licensing

    The best XRP casinos have a valid gambling license issued from the Curacao Gaming Control Board. Licensed operators have all the right protocols in place, including encryption, responsible gambling tools and fairness of games.

    Availability of Games

    The best XRP gambling site hosts a superb range of gaming options, including slots, table games and live casino games by prominent software game developers. When gambling with XRP, it is important that you check that your favourite games or game developers are available before making a deposit.

    Bonuses and Promotions

    Bitcoin cryptos Rupple casino pro sites host a myriad of casino bonuses. Shop around for the best deal based on their terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements.

    Mobile Compatability

    When it comes to online XRP gambling, you won’t have any issues finding casino sites that are fully mobile-compatible. Whether you have to download a mobile casino app or play directly on your web browser, there is no doubt that you will be able to play on the go.

    💳 Ripple Alternatives

    As good as Ripple may be, it’s not the be-all-end-all payment method for casino players. In fact, we’ve got a few alternatives for you.

    • Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum is a leading decentralised platform that paves the way for the creation of smart contracts.
    • Bitcoin (BTC): XRP Ripple is but one of many coins that are available for crypto enthusiasts out there, and Bitcoin is probably the biggest of them all.
    • Litecoin (LTC): Litecoin provides faster transaction confirmation times and can be used for everyday transactions.
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Emerging from a form of Bitcoin, it aims to provide quick and cheaper transactions for users.
    • Stellar (XLM): Stellar is designed to process cross-border payments by reducing the cost and time of transactions.
    • PayPal: PayPal casino sites are known for their speed, convenience, customer support, and widespread availability. There are very few major online casinos that do not support this payment method.
    • Skrill: Skrill is another e-wallet that offers the convenience of fast payments. Like PayPal, Skrill boasts high security and quick casino withdrawals.


    What is the best XRP online casino?

    There are many XRP casino online sites. We recommend you take the time to browse the various options to pick the right platform that suits your specifications.

    What are the main differences between Ripple and Bitcoin?

    Crypto purists could write thousands of words on the differences between Ripple and Bitcoin. Fundamentally, the involvement of the private company Ripple with XRP is what sets the two apart. Bitcoin transactions are considered slower and more costly, with XRP being adopted by large financial institutions already but it’s seen as ‘less decentralised’ by cryptocurrency purists. 

    How is XRP used in casinos?

    XRP is used by casinos as an alternative payment method for deposits and withdrawals. It is fast, secure, and cost-effective for the casino and its customers. XRP can be used to purchase casino chips, pay for services, and withdraw winnings in a quick, efficient manner. Many online casinos now accept XRP as a payment method, giving players more options to choose from when playing.

    How fast is ripple casinos deposit and withdrawals?

    Ripple casinos and deposits are quite fast, with transactions often taking just a few seconds to process.

    Do I need to own Ripple cryptocurrency to be able to play at a Ripple casino?

    There aren’t any casinos that only take Ripple as an exclusive currency. Most will take other cryptocurrencies too, so you will probably be able to play with your crypto of choice.

    Are there any fees using ripple?

    Yes, there are fees associated with using Ripple. These fees are used to pay for the cost of running the network. The fees depend on the type of transaction you are making, and for most transactions, the fee is 0.00001 XRP.

    What are the best ripple casino games?

    There are many Ripple casino games available on the market, including Ripple slots, Ripple blackjack, roulette, poker and live casino games. Most Ripple casinos allow you to test out these games in free demo mode to give you ample time to get acquainted with the games. 

    What online casino sites accept Ripple?

    The growth of crypto casino sites of late means that there’s plenty out there for you to choose from. Check our comprehensive list for our picks, and choose the top Ripple casino for your taste.

    Are there any Ripple sports betting sites?

    Yes. Some casinos offer a sportsbook where you can bet on your favourite sports. The best Ripple sports betting sites are available and included in our list above.

    Is Ripple safe?

    Yes, Ripple is safe. It is a payment network and protocol that is secured by cryptography and is used by banks and financial institutions. Ripple is a decentralized system, meaning that there is no single point of failure, and it is highly secure. Transactions on the Ripple network are cryptographically secured and validated by a distributed consensus mechanism.

    How popular is Ripple?

    Ripple is a popular cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over $11 billion as of May 2020. It is the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ripple is also the second-largest cryptocurrency by trading volume, with over $2 billion traded in the last 24 hours. Ripple has gained in popularity due to its fast transaction times and low fees, making it a popular choice for financial institutions and banks.

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