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Win Left-to-right and Right-to-left

You’ll run into all kinds of slots nowadays. Developers make sure to keep them interesting enough to get your attention. Of course, the visuals are amazing. Moreover, there are a plethora of themes to choose from. And what about the features?

Naturally, different slots have different features. One of the most obvious ones is the number of reels. Some have 3, some have 5, and others have more. The paylines are different too. Some titles have 10 paylines while others have 50 or more.

There are slots that offer 1,024 ways to win. Oh, and they have special symbols on the reels. Even the best online slots have Wild and Scatter symbols. However, most slots have paylines that pays out in only one direction. That’s the reason the “win both ways” mechanic was invented.

What Are Win Both Ways Slots?

The majority of online slots have a set number of paylines. Additionally, these lines pay in one direction only. The direction in question is left to right. To make things more interesting these titles have some bonus features. Not to mention the Wild symbols and Scatter symbols.

These features can take the shape of free spins or bonus games. The Scatter symbols are usually the ones that trigger the bonus. Despite the features, these slots only pay left to right winning combinations.

That’s why the best slots with win both ways feature are so popular. They offer combinations in the other direction. This means that if you make any combinations in that direction, they’ll pay off as well. In other words, you have another way of getting a winning combination. But how do they work? Do you need to trigger this special mechanic?

How Win Both Ways Slots Work

The thing about the best win both ways slots is that the feature’s available in the base game. In other words, it’s right there. You don’t need to do anything for it to trigger. So, you’re able to make combinations in two ways. However, there’s one thing you need to remember about this feature.

It doesn’t increase the number of ways to win, it simply means that the number of paylines stays the same. For example, if a game has 20 paylines and it features this mechanic, you still have 20 paylines. The difference is that you can go left to right and right to left when making combinations.

Pros and Cons of Win Both Ways Slots

Even the best win both ways slots come with some advantages and disadvantages. By now you know the key advantage. That is the fact that wins can go both ways. However, the immediate downside is that the game doesn’t get extra paylines.

Depending on the type of game, the matches might be harder to get. Also, the winning combinations might not pay as much. However, there are some good titles out there that offer some great bonuses. Players can use that to their advantage. Despite the drawbacks, these slot games are some of the best online slots.