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Lightning Roulette

Even if you’re a beginner at roulette you know that there are different versions of the game. Online casinos will let you play American roulette online or play French roulette online. Also, you can play the European version. These are the most popular versions of roulette you’ll find anywhere.

Since it’s a popular game then you’ll find lots of live versions of roulette as well. One of the most common ones is the Evolution Gaming Lighting Roulette variant. This is a unique approach to the game. The game features both familiar and brand-new elements to make the experience amazing.

Sounds fun? That’s because it is! These elements are likely to increase your bets and test your skills. The best part is that the lightning roulette live casino game is suitable for all types of roulette players. In other words, you can learn the roulette basics by playing this game variant. But what makes lightning roulette different?

The Lighting Roulette Wheel

Truthfully, the lighting roulette wheel is pretty similar to European roulette. The standard version of the game has 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36. However, different roulette variants have different roulette wheels. You’ll see number 0 to 36 on the wheel. The zero will be green and the others will be either black or red. But there’s a twist.

The lighting is the exception - everything changes when lighting strikes. You’ll see that once this happens; you’ll get a multiplier on your stake. The lighting strikes specific numbers and they give out a specific multiplier. You have to bet on the correct number to make this happen though. The RNG keeps the lucky numbers and the striking random. Moreover, this keeps the game fair.

The Lighting Roulette Table

With the introduction of the lightning, live casino lightning roulette variant ups the ante. If you play European roulette online and lightning roulette, you’ll see that they have the same bets. They will be present on the virtual roulette table.

If you’re a beginner then you should stick to picking colors and betting on odd or even. These types of bets cover a bigger part of the numbers and give you a better chance of winning (namely, a 50/50 chance). In doing so, you have a better chance of getting a lightning strike. A multiplier can increase your win up to a maximum of 500 times. Even if it doesn’t reach that 500x value, you’ll still win big. As a result, this type of lighting roulette payout is in your favor.

Once you’re more confident in your skill you can try different bets. You can experiment with single, split, column, and dozen bets. When you improve your skill, you can try out combinations of different bets and see how they turn out.

Play Lighting Roulette Online for Free

Some players might wonder - is lightning roulette rigged? When learning a new game, it’s always essential to learn the ropes. Knowing lightning roulette how to play is as easy as any other roulette game, the desired outcome as well as method are all the same.

Learning the lighting roulette rules is essential for beginners. The more you practice the better roulette player you’ll be. The best way to practice is by playing lighting roulette online for free. When learning how to play roulette online you’ll make mistakes- and that’s fine since you won’t lose any money. Once you get that hang of it you can give the real-money roulette version a try.

Strategies to Lighting Roulette

While you’re learning how to play lighting roulette, you’ll notice the existence of various strategies. Players will claim that one is better than another or that one is the best lighting roulette strategy. People say a lot of things, so what you need to do is test these strategies out. If the outcome is favorable, then you can use them. On the other hand, you’ll have found a useless strategy.

The thing is that there are plenty of lighting roulette tips and tricks. All you need to do is find the ones that suit you best. Lighting roulette is all about making bets. The essence of every lighting roulette strategy is different ways of placing your bets. There’s a variety of strategies you can use to maximize your chances of winning.

Low-risk strategies are good for both beginners and pros. The Five Quad and Double Street Quad are such strategies. The former strategy lets you cover 21 numbers on the wheel. You do this by placing 5 quad bets and an additional straight bet. On the other hand, the latter strategy lets you cover 17 numbers. By placing 2 double street bets, a single straight bet and a corner bet you increase your winning chances.

The thing about these 2 strategies is that they don’t give big wins. Instead, they let you slowly spend the time at a table. Additionally, you can hit big with a straight bet. To improve your chances further you can keep track of lighting strike statistics. They will show you which number was hit the most. Besides these two, there are lots of other strategies you can use to your advantage.