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Slots with Nudges Feature

No modern slots today is complete without special symbols and interesting features. You’ll run across hundreds of titles with Wild symbols and Scatter symbols. Naturally, the type of Wild symbol will differ from game to game. In other words, you’ll see Expanding, Walking, Sticky Wilds and more.

The Scatter symbol will trigger the bonus feature or mini-game. So, when you get the right combination, you’ll get a free spins feature or some multipliers. Some of the best online slots have these features. However, they aren’t the only ones you’ll come across.

Some of them will have lots of ways to win and will also have an autoplay feature. Others will come with a win both ways mechanic. In the plethora of features, you’ll also find the slot nudge feature. Some slots feature this mechanic. So, what’s it all about?

What Is a Nudge?

Yes, slots nowadays feature multiple paylines. In other words, you can make winning combinations in a couple of ways. This is true if the slot has a win both ways features or has as much as 1,024 paylines. However, things won’t always go your way.

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in the need of a single symbol for a jackpot or a winning combination. However, the particular symbol is in the wrong place. This means a lost spin in most slots. However, that’s not the case with the best nudge slots out there.

The nudge is a practical mechanic. This is true because it can help you get that near win. In other words, the nudge lets you move the reel down. By doing so you’ll be able to get that win. This feature is common with fruit slots but others also have it available. So, what’s the best way to use it?

How Do Nudges Work?

You have to earn your nudges. Usually, you get them after a few spins. However, you have a set time in which to use them. This means you shouldn’t hold on to them because you’ll use them. Moreover, you can use them to make regular winning combinations.

Otherwise, you can use nudges to link Wilds and other high-paying symbols. Depending on the game, you’ll be able to use several nudges on one spin. Thanks to the popularity of this feature, there are lots of slots with a nudge mechanic. You can even find some free slot machines with nudges and holds.

Nudges and Holds

Some of the best online slots happen to have a nudge slot feature. This feature goes together with a hold feature. What this mechanic does is hold one reel in place. Then the other reels spin which gives you a chance to make a winning combination.

Similar to the nudge, you can use the hold to make regular winning combinations. On the other hand, you can use it to link high-paying symbols in the hopes of winning a jackpot. Both strategies increase your winning chances. The best slots with nudges and holds are some of the best slots, period.