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Craps Casinos 2020 Listed

Craps is a very popular casino game with its’ roots in the ancient Roman Empire. It’s very popular in Asia, but even European and American players have eyes for the game. It may not be as widely understood as other casino games, but it’s definitely worth playing. The easiest way to play Craps is at an online casino. Thanks to mobile casinos you can access online Craps whenever you are and where ever you feel like. Mobile casino live casinos offer a wonderful gaming experience and great quality.

If you want to play Craps with a bonus, then you’ve found the right place. Mr. Gamble lists all the best casinos with Craps as well as the available bonuses. If you’re going to claim a bonus, make sure that Craps is up for play with the bonus money.

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Casinos With Craps

Because Craps isn’t the most popular game of all, not all casinos offer it. Most casinos with Craps will offer several versions of the game while some casinos are limited to 1 version.

Compare casinos with Craps and their welcome offers in the list above. By reading our reviews of the casinos you’ll get a much better idea of what they’re offering. 

All the best casinos with Craps

Mr. Gamble spends a lot of time on finding, evaluating, and judging all the best casinos with Craps. Some casinos are simply better than other casinos. The best ones are easy to find as they scored a 5-star rating.

Our self-developed CasinoRanking Algorithm takes into account all aspects of a casino site. A total score is generated by rating everything about the casino, from customer support and user experience to bonuses and games.

How to play Craps?

The general idea of Craps is pretty straight-forward. The objective is to predict the outcome of the “shooters” dice. Each “round” lasts as long as the shooter can keep it going, it can last for 1 throw up to as many as Lady Fortune allows. The shooter makes a Pass Line Bet (Pass/Don’t Pass) and throws the “Come-Out” Roll. If he gets it right he’ll be the shooter for the remainder of the round.

“The shooter will throw snake-eyes” and all other available betting options are detailed in our comprehensive and total Guide to Craps.

Craps Strategies

As there are different variations to the game of Craps, there are different strategies as well. As a general rule, the strategies are based around House Edge. Craps is a game with a very small House Edge compared to other casino games. As such, the potential for winning small wins very frequently is huge. Line Bets and Come-Out Bets have the highest RTP, these bets set the House Edge around 1.4%.

Read about Craps Strategies and other important pieces of information in our Ultimate Guide to Craps. 

Craps For Beginners

All games have basic steps each beginner has to complete before taking the next step, Craps too. Before the shooter throws the dice, everyone places their bets on the table. This can be confusing for beginners in a real casino environment. The process is much more smooth at online casinos where you only see your own bet on the table, and not twenty-eleven arms trying to hog their space on the table.

Stick to basic bets while observing the outcome of other players more skilled bets. Place your bet before the shooter throws and hope you’ve made a correct prediction. For more details, instructions, tips and tricks, please visit our Guide to Mastering Craps.