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All Casinos with Malta Gaming Authority Gaming Licence (MGA)

All Casinos with Malta Gaming Authority Gaming License (MGA)

Browse this page for all Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) gaming license online casinos. If the number of casinos to choose from feels overwhelming, use the search function. The fastest way to pick your next casino is to make use of the exclusive bonuses available only through Mr Gamble. Play safely and profitably at casinos under well-known licenses!

Every online casino player has likely encountered Malta’s gaming license at some point. Malta Gaming Authority, which grants Malta’s gaming licenses was founded in 2004, when online casinos made their real breakthrough. MGA is the governing body that regulates all forms of gambling in Malta.

Malta’s gaming license is widely thought to be the world’s safest license, because of its demanding requirements. To get the license, applicants for the Malta’s gaming license must give a detailed account of their business practices to Malta’s Gaming Authority. During the application process, the applicant must also provide its estimations of costs and profits for the casino that they are founding. They must also present the Malta’s Gaming authority with their full detailed business plan.

Malta Gaming Authority was established to ensure players’ safety on every possible level. Online casinos must comply with this authority’s rules absolutely, to get their coveted license. Some of the rules might even sound too harsh to some players, as online casinos that hold the license cannot, for instance, hire people with a criminal background. In addition, MGA demands detailed accounts of all the employees that the owner of the license has. To get the license, the owners of the license must also pay Malta’s Gaming Authority a fixed fee of 25 000 euros annually and the license owners must also pay some additional fees to the MGA based on their annual revenue.

Casinos with Malta’s Gaming License listed

Many casino players trust Malta’s gaming license, and for a good reason. It provides players with tax-free winnings and it guarantees the safety of a casino to players. Many online casinos where Europeans like to play at, such as Casino Heroes and Casumo, own Malta’s gaming license. To find all the online casinos with Malta’s gaming license, please visit the casino reviews page.

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