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Slots with Cascading Reels

The best thing about modern slots is that they have lots of different features. What you’ll commonly see is a modern slot title with a Wild symbol. Wilds and Scatters usually go together and are features of some of the best online slots.

The Scatters will usually come with a free spins feature. In other words, with a few Scatters on the reels, you’ll get some free spins. Some of the other features you’ll notice are multipliers, re-spins, and even retriggers. Jackpots are a popular feature too.

Moreover, the number of reels and paylines will also differ from slot to slot. The type of reels will also vary. So, you’ll come across classic slots with regular reels. However, you’ll also find titles that feature cascading reels. How are they different from the rest types of reels?

Cascading Reels Explained

The most popular slots are the best cascading reels slot machines. When you think of cascading reels, you need to think of Tetris. In other words, when you fit the cubes in the right way, they disappear. The cascading reels share the concept.

To trigger a cascade, you need a winning combination. After that, the winning symbols disappear, and new ones will take their place. This gives you a better chance of winning. The new symbols might match again and trigger multiple wins along the way.

Sometimes the symbols will be Wilds or Bonus symbols. This means you won’t only get bigger wins, but you’ll also trigger a feature. In other words, you’ll have better chances of increasing your wins. Even the best cascading reels slots don’t come with one type of cascading reels.

So, you can expect more than one type of cascade when going over these types of slots.

Types of Cascading Reels

There are multiple Wilds and slots bonuses. That’s why there’s more than one type of cascading reels. Since there are other features in the slot, they are sometimes paired with the cascading reels. In other words, the best cascading reels slots combine extra features with the cascade.

Some of the cascading reels have multipliers. Some multipliers stick during consecutive winning combinations and increase accordingly. Free spins can also come with a cascading win. For example, a cascading winning combination might bring players 10 free spins. Sometimes instead of free spins, you’ll get a set number of free games.

Other Slot Symbols and Features

By now you know that some of the best online slots come with cascading reels. However, they aren’t the only feature you’ll come across. Modern slots tend to have a Wild symbol in play. Additionally, there’s more than one type of Wild symbol out there.

In other words, you’ll come across Expanding, Shifting and even Walking Wilds. The Scatter symbols trigger various bonus features. Free spins, multipliers and jackpots are only some of the common features. Furthermore, you’ll run across retriggers and re-spins. If you want to learn more about them, then we already have the information you’ll need.