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About the Slot Bonus Symbol

Slots of today come packed with features. You’ll notice the visuals first. All of them come with various themes. This determines the way the symbols look and adds to the gaming experience. When it comes to themes, you’ll find Western, crime, animals, and more themes out there.

As you know, slots aren’t just visually appealing. Some of the best online slots look good but also play smoothly. The array of features also determines their level of quality. That’s why the majority of slots feature Wild and Scatter symbols.

These symbols make the gaming experience much more interesting. Another thing you’ll also notice is the presence of bonus games. Sometimes it’s the Scatters that trigger the bonus in a slot. Sometimes this is the job of the bonus symbol in the game. So, what are bonus symbols and how do they work?

Bonus Symbols Explained

There’s a simple concept behind the bonus symbols. You’ll notice they’re pretty similar to Scatter symbols. In other words, you need a combination of both symbols to trigger some kind of feature.

Depending on the game, you’ll find different kinds of bonus symbols. Sometimes it will be a simple symbol with “Bonus” written on it. Other times it takes the shape of a symbol that fits the slot’s theme. Sometimes the Scatter will work as a bonus.

In that case, the bonus features it triggers are usually a free spins feature. Some of the best bonus slots have this feature. However, the bonus symbol can also carry this feature. Additionally, it can offer other types of prizes. Multipliers and re-spins are also popular bonus features.

Naturally, the bonus symbol and feature depend on the slot you’re playing. Also, different slots will have different ways of triggering the feature.

How Bonus Symbols Work

Some of the best slots with bonus symbols have a set pattern for triggering the bonus feature. In other words, you need bonus symbols on certain reels to get the bonus. Sometimes they will be two reels. However, most of the time they have to appear on at least 3 reels.

You can also get the bonus game by getting bonus symbols on all reels. The list of best bonus slots also has titles with bonuses appearing randomly. Other slots have bonus symbols appearing in a left-to-right pattern.

Other Slot Symbols

You’ll find slots with a single bonus symbol. Also, you’ll find titles that combine the Scatter and Bonus symbol. These are some of the best online slots you’ll run into. Typically, the combination of Scatters triggers the Free Spins features.

In addition to that, the bonus symbol triggers an additional feature. This will keep you entertained and give you a chance at winning. With the various Wild symbols in the mix, you’ll have a pretty fun time. In other words, all the other slot symbols will make sure you enjoy a slot title without repetitive gameplay.