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How to choose a casino tournament

Before you jump into a tournament, you should read all the rules of the contest carefully. Pay attention to how the tournament works, what the time limit is, how you can collect points, and what the games played in the tournament are. But remember that every contest is different, so never skip reading the rules.

You should also check the betting limits before you start playing. Sometimes the minimum bet to play in a tournament is higher than the game's own minimum bet. Also, pay attention to the prize pool and what the tournament is like. No one wants to play in a boring tournament!

Different types of Casino tournaments for US players

Playing in casino tournaments is especially fun when you can win a large amount of money from them. Tournaments often have prize pools from which the best US players can win their share. All you have to do is spin the reels of eligible casino games and try to grab as many points as possible within a certain time limit. And if you are among the best, then the pot of gold is yours!

However, because the number of points and how they are collected varies from tournament to tournament, you need to read the rules carefully. Below we are going to explain the rules of the most popular casino tournaments.

Standard casino tournaments

In regular casino tournaments, participants play with real money against each other. Generally, you will participate in a tournament as soon as you open a casino game that's linked to the tournament that's being held at that moment. So, you don't need to buy a separate ticket to participate in the contest in this case. However, keep in mind that some casino tournaments require you to opt into them separately.

A tournament can be organized around just a single casino game, but sometimes you can play several casino games to compete. A casino tournament of this format is usually held for a longer period.

High roller tournaments

Some US online casinos host special and exclusive High Roller Tournaments to reward their VIP players. High Rollers or VIPs play with high amounts of money or make big deposits each month and play with their deposit over a more extended time period than regular players.

High Roller tournaments normally demand a higher stake to play with but often, the prizes that can be won are much bigger too. If you are looking for a High Roller tournament to play at, take a look at our listing of active casino tournaments above.

Free online casino tournaments

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes casinos also organize free competitions for their loyal customers. Of course, these tournaments usually attract the largest number of players as players can win money from them without putting any of their own money on the line. But for this very reason, freerolls are only available at a few casinos.

If you come across any one of these tournaments, we recommend taking part in the competition. In most cases, you will receive between 10-20 free spins in your gaming account. It is then up to you to spin the rounds you receive and hope for the best possible ranking relative to other players.

Slot tournaments

Slot tournaments make spinning the reels of online slots even more exciting. Slots tournaments are casino tournaments where players can play with real money against other players to win hefty cash prizes.

In slots tournaments, winners can be rewarded with both free spins and cash or bonus money. In some tournaments, contestants can also win trips and various merchandise prizes. If you'd like to learn more about this tournament type, head to our dedicated Slots Tournaments -page.

Live casino tournaments

Live casino tournaments don't significantly differ from other types of casino tournaments. The only real difference between standard casino tournaments and live casino tournaments is that the gameplay takes place in live games instead of slots. So, if you want to race against other US players in blackjack, roulette, or poker, you might want to consider joining a casino that hosts live tournaments. Oh yeah, and don't forget to grab a live casino bonus when you participate in a live casino tournament to increase your chances of winning (in case the competition allows it).

Casino Tournament Strategies

Even if you know how to play casino games, playing in tournaments significantly differs from regular gameplay. By taking advantage of certain tips, you will make your gaming more profitable and increase your chances of winning.

Here are five tips to help you make the most out of casino tournaments:

  • First, consider the nature of the tournament and the size of your bankroll. If you only play casino games occasionally or with a tiny budget, your chances of winning become worse.
  • Find out what prizes you can win from the tournament. If the prize money is real money, you can withdraw it straight away. However, if the prize money still needs to be wagered, you must continue playing games even after winning the tournament, unfortunately.
  • Check the Tournament Type, i.e., whether the tournament is played with slots or live casino games.
  • Find out how long the tournament has been running and when it will end. However, the mere duration should not be stared at – you should also consider the tournament's nature. If the contest has been running for months and the contest can only be won with the biggest total winnings, you probably won't win the tournament if you participate in it last day.
  • Compare tournament game RTPs. In almost all casino tournaments, you should choose the game with the highest payout percentage. Depending on the tournament type, it makes sense to also consider the volatility of the game you choose to maximize your chances of winning.


What is a casino tournament?

Casino tournaments are competitions in which you compete against other players to win prizes. Typically, winners of casino tournaments are rewarded with cash prizes, bonus money, and even holiday packages.

How can I join a casino tournament?

Joining a casino tournament is very simple and straightforward. You select the casino that hosts the tournament, register, and start participating either by paying an entry fee and opting in, or automatically by depositing money and playing the eligible games. This information is always stated in the terms and conditions.

Are there any free online casino tournaments?

Yes. Although most casino tournaments require participants to deposit money, several casinos run free casino tournaments called ‘freerolls’. If you want to play free casino tournaments, take a look at our casino tournaments list above.

What is the secret to winning casino tournaments?

Online casino tournaments primarily rely on luck. Yet with some helpful tips, you can significantly improve your chances of winning. These include betting as much of your gaming budget as possible and maintaining a constant speed so you do not waste any opportunities to accumulate winnings.

Can I play casino tournaments on a mobile?

Absolutely! These days, casino games are optimised for mobile players, so it’s easy to play eligible casino games and participate in tournaments.

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