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    Exclusive US Casino Bonuses Listed (Updated in June 2024)

Exclusive casino bonuses from an casino are bonuses you won’t be able to find anywhere else. They are provided on special conditions and have more advantageous terms.

If you want to not only play at the top US casinos but also get exclusive offers from them, you’ve come to the right place. This casino list includes the most reliable, trusted casinos with exclusive bonus offers.

Get the best exclusive bonus offers on our list, which includes exclusive no-deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spins and more. Feel free to apply any additional filters to find the exclusive casino bonus that gets you most excited.

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For the safety of players and to keep operators accountable, the team at Mr. Gamble implements a world-class evaluation process for all online casinos. The team incorporates a strict due diligence process for listing casinos on Mr. Gamble by verifying the operating regions of casinos and the validity of local licenses, among other aspects such as customer service, game selection, banking methods, and bonuses.

Our editorial policy includes fact-checking all casino information while including real-world data to provide the most relevant and helpful guide for readers around the world. At Mr. Gamble, the players’ safety and satisfaction are our top priority — you can rely on us to get the best possible offers from licensed online casinos.

Exclusive casino no deposit bonuses NJ are the best offers you can get for an online casino. Compare deals and use filters to find the most suitable bonus for you.

What Are Exclusive Bonus Offers?

Exclusive bonuses are casino bonuses that are only available at the casino site where you play at. Not all online casinos offer exclusive bonus deals, though most major casino sites have these special promos.

Exclusive bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, some of which we will cover below.

How to Claim an Exclusive Offer at a Casino

Here is our quick step-by-step guide to claiming and activating your first exclusive bonus offer.

✅ Pros and Cons of a Casino With Exclusive Bonuses

By nature, exclusive casino offers differ greatly from traditional bonuses. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of playing with exclusive casino bonuses.

✔️ Pros❌ Cons
Easy to claim. Exclusive bonuses are designed for the player’s convenience and usually have simple conditions.Rarity. Exclusive offers are not readily available and you will sometimes need to look for them actively.
Unique promotions. Exclusive promos give you something new, be it terms, value, RTP percentages, etc. 
Bonus types. Exclusive bonuses come in many different forms, including no deposit bonuses, free spins, welcome bonuses, and more. 

Different Types of Exclusive Promotions

Whatever your preferences are or the casino games you like to play, there is likely an exclusive bonus that you can take advantage of. Let’s look at the most popular exclusive offers at online casinos.

Exclusive Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are casino deals you get when you first sign up. It’s a one-and-done type of bonus, often with unique perks. Couple that with an exclusive offer and you get a full bonus that truly gives the player an edge.

Exclusive No Deposit Bonuses

Many online casinos offer freebies to their very newest players. An exclusive no deposit bonus is exactly what it says on the tin: a bonus without deposit that’s given with the intent for the new player to try the casino.

Some casinos may also offer no deposit free spins, which are tied to a selected slot. Other casinos offer a sum of bonus money that provides more freedom and is rarely tied to a specific game.

Exclusive Free Spins

This type of bonus, called free spins, is a frequent guest at online casino sites. Free spins are used exclusively when playing slots.

This may sound restrictive but if you’re a fan of the game, it may benefit you to take advantage of exclusive free spins.

Exclusive No Wagering Bonus

No wager bonuses are some of the most attractive promotions in the eyes of many players. This is because no wager bonuses allow you to cash out your bonus money without wagering.

Naturally, a lot of casino sites put their own spin on this type of promo, by offering exclusive no wagering bonuses.

Exclusive Bonus With Bonus Codes

To make it easier for a casino to know that you’re entitled to our own, Mr. Gamble exclusive casino bonuses, some casinos have chosen to use bonus codes.

All that you need to do is enter a code in a separate field. That’s it! Just be sure to check which games you are allowed to play with exclusive casino bonuses.

From time to time, you may even come across exclusive casino no deposit bonus codes, which combine several bonus offers at once.

Other Types of Exclusive Bonuses

Now that we’ve sorted the most popular available exclusive bonuses, let’s take a brief look at less frequent exclusive deals:

  • Cashback bonus as the name implies, this bonus earns you some of your funds back, in the form of either cash or points.
  • Free play bonus – a free play bonus provides you with free credit to play under special conditions.
  • No sticky bonus – a non-sticky bonus, also called a forfeitable bonus, lets you withdraw your money without completing the wagering requirements.
  • Christmas casino bonus - a promotional offer that casinos provide to their new and existing players during the holiday season.
Get a special deal when registering a new player account at the casino. Exclusive welcome bonuses can include free spins or bonus money – also without deposit.

Exclusive Deposit Bonus vs. Regular Bonuses

An exclusive promotion sounds like a great deal on paper but how does it compare to a regular bonus? Let’s compare the pros and cons of exclusive and regular bonus offers.

Exclusive bonusesRegular bonuses
👍 Tailored to your experience👍 Easier to find
👍 More flexible wagering requirements👍 Typically have an easier activation process
👎 Extra steps may be needed to claim them👎 Standard rules and benefits
👎 Difficult to find👎 Wagering requirements are stricter

Perhaps the biggest advantage of exclusive offers over regular bonuses is variety. Mr. Gamble’s exclusive deals are some of the best bonuses you can find, with advantageous benefits and terms.

🎰 Games at a Casino With Exclusive Offers

An exclusive casino bonus may have specific game restrictions: it can either apply to one or several casino games or exclude a number of them. Below, we will cover the most popular casino games where exclusive bonuses may apply.

Exclusive Slot Games

Slot games are where you find a lot of casino bonuses and other deals. The concept of online slots is simple: you push a button or pull a lever and hope that you either get all matching symbols or some other winning combination.

Slot games are one of the most popular genres of casino games, so naturally, you can expect plenty of exclusive promos when playing slots.

Exclusive Roulette

Exclusive roulette is another widespread casino game. You spin the wheel and bet on specific numbers. If the ball falls into the right pocket, you win. Easy as pie, right?

Exclusive deals for roulette may be less frequently found than for slots but if you are a fan of roulette, you are sure to find some.

Exclusive Blackjack

Blackjack is what many people associate with gambling. It’s a popular card game depicted in virtually every movie about casinos and gamblers.

In fact, it’s so popular that we’re not even going to bother explaining the rules.

Overall, blackjack exclusive promotions are few and far between but the game makes the search for these deals worth it.

⚖️ How We Rate Casinos With Exclusive Offers

Here’s something to remember: not all casinos are made equal, even if their bonus offer sound attractive. Mr. Gamble is here to help you choose the best online casinos that offer exclusive bonuses.

These are the main aspects that we look at when deciding whether a casino with exclusive promos is worth your time:

  • Game selection 🎰 — an exclusive casino is only as good as its game library. Why play at a site that doesn’t offer the games you like? There are plenty of options available to satisfy even the most demanding players: from live poker and baccarat to slots and progressive jackpots.
  • Payment methods 💳 — we’re looking not only at exclusive deposit and cashout methods supported by the casino but also at how fast and easy a player can deposit and withdraw their winnings amount.
  • Customer support 💬 — this is an often-overlooked part of the online gambling package. No matter how seamless a casino experience is, issues are bound to happen and questions will need to be addressed. You can always judge a casino, especially a casino with wagering bonuses, by how good its customer support is.
  • Bonuses & promotions 🔥 — this goes without saying but no two exclusive bonuses are alike. We’re talking about the bonus percentages, limits, game restrictions, etc.
  • Easy signup 📝 — all other things considered, a player shouldn’t come across any roadblocks when making a casino account. The registration process should be fast, clear and non-intrusive.
  • User interface 🖱️ — last but not least on our list of considerations is how easy it is to navigate a casino. A casino that offers exclusive bonuses needs to be easy on the eye, with everything accessible in a matter of a few clicks.

👩‍🏫 Wagering Requirements Explained

Lastly, let’s talk about the wagering requirements, what they mean for you as a player, and why casinos use them.

Casinos use bonuses to attract players and, hopefully, turn them into repeat customers. To achieve this, casinos apply special conditions to their bonuses which ensure that you will keep playing for a while before you are able to cash out.

  • Payout limits – most casinos impose limits on the amount of money you can withdraw when using a bonus or even limit some payment methods.
  • Expiry dates – bonuses, and especially exclusive bonuses, are typically valid for a limited amount of time only.
  • Game restrictions – some casino games may not be eligible for the exclusive promotion and will not count towards your wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements tell you how many times you need to play through the bonus to be eligible for a withdrawal.

For instance, a 5x wagering requirement means you need to quintuple the value of your bonus. If you claimed a $50 welcome bonus, you will need to play with five times that, or $250, before you can withdraw.

Exclusive bonuses tend to operate under different, often more advantageous wagering requirements. Before you sign up for any casino promotion, read through the terms and conditions to get the full picture of what you can expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exclusive casino bonus?

Exclusive casino bonus is a special bonus offer you can only get from the online casino’s partners like Mr Gamble by using their link or a bonus code.

What are the best exclusive casino bonuses to claim?

For the best exclusive bonus offers, refer to our casino list at the top of this page. You may apply any filters you like to find the right deal for you.

Can I get an exclusive casino no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can easily find an exclusive casino bonus on this site and claim it without deposit within minutes! An exclusive casino sign up bonus only requires you to create a player account at the casino.

Can I withdraw exclusive bonus funds?

Yes, you can withdraw exclusive bonus funds once the requirements are met. These depend on each bonus separately, so read the terms & conditions before you sign up for any offer.

How often can I claim exclusive bonuses?

You may claim and activate any exclusive bonus you like, so long as you are eligible for it. Keep in mind that exclusive bonuses are harder to find and you need to carefully read the applicable terms and conditions.

Do I need bonus codes to claim exclusive casino bonuses?

Mr Gamble has both exclusive bonuses with bonus codes and without. If a bonus code is needed, you will find it in the listing and a slot for it on the casino website.

Is there a difference between regular and exclusive bonuses?

Yes, a regular bonus and an exclusive bonus differ like night and day: exclusive bonuses tend to offer bigger perks bur may come with stricter requirements and are harder to find.

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