Mr. Gamble Is Looking for Casino Testers

We are a few cards short of a winning hand. Help us hit the jackpot by joining our team as a casino tester!

Casino testers wanted

While other companies are looking for in-house casino testers, we’re looking for full house QA specialists. We need people who are:

  • Aces at quality assurance
  • Kings or Queens of giving feedback
  • Jacks of all things iGaming

Why the Industry Needs Casino Testers?

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver honest facts and real player experiences of casino sites operating around the world.

The online casino industry is missing a beacon of truth which we’re building at Mr. Gamble. We check every individual casino for important information and features, test for compliance, report expired bonuses, benchmark withdrawal times, and more.

The gambling industry grows bigger by the day, and for every casino we’ve analysed, a couple more spring up. This is where you come in.

We need help – your help. We need a fresh set of eyes to separate facts from fiction, and nimble fingers to write detailed reports.

Does this sound like we’re talking about you? Well, maybe we are!

The Testing Process

You will be asked to examine online casinos and go through a fairly simple step by step process. 

This is essential to making sure casinos are operating at the level they should be at. We will get into the operations of all the casinos in your country. Yes, we are looking for testers from around the world!

Now, here’s a breakdown of the processes we have in place: 

Level 1 Testing

We get into their sign up process, security, playability, customer support, and acquiring their latest free spins or no deposit bonus.

Level 2 Testing

We get into their sign up process, security, playability, customer support, and withdrawing winnings with real money.

Become a Verified Tester

Once we establish that you are indeed a great casino tester by going through a series of Tier 1 Testing, we will provide you with the best benefits — real money to play with. 

And you get to keep all the winnings.

Remember, you will have to do Level 1 Testing for a period of time before being upgraded to a Level 2 Tester.

What’s in It for You?

  • Have you ever been wronged by operators and thought, “why wasn’t this highlighted by anyone?”
  • Have you ever dreamed of playing casino games for free and keeping the winnings?

In exchange for your valuable feedback, you will get to hold casino operators accountable and a bottomless wallet to play with.

Anything you win, you keep. No ifs, no buts, or fine print from our side.

Let’s shape the industry forward together.

What Happens Next?

Do you like your odds? Send us a quick message at and make sure to put “Casino Tester” as the subject.

Give us a glimpse of your critical eye by including a few inconsistencies, bugs, or outdated information that you’ve noticed on one of the online casino websites.

We hope to hear from you soon!

    • Alina AnisimovaContent Creator
      Alina is Mr. Gamble's Content Creator with strong expertise in iGaming. With a history of working on the casino operator side and an ethical journalistic approach to writing, Alina publishes truthful and accurate content relevant to our readers...