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Bingo Bonuses - Play Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the oldest lottery games, which is once again becoming trendy. The history of bingo goes back all the way to the 1530's Italy. In the year 1778 bingo reached France, where it became very popular even though the church strongly tried to deny people from playing it. In a few decades playing bingo did spread all around Europe.

Its official and most-known name and form was formed in 1920's America when a businessman called Edwin Lowe bumped into the game and started marketing it around the United States. Previously the game was called ”Beano” because it was being played with actual beans. Bingo has taken its stable position in the gambling community in many countries up to this day.

Bingo can also be thought of as a social event that brings together people of all ages and places. Some bars and night clubs have Bingo-nights during the week, so it can't be called just a game of older people. Bingo was brought to the internet at the end of the 90's. To keep the social side up while it could be played solo from home, chat rooms were brought next to playing bingo. This way players and hosts could communicate with each other while enjoying the game.

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Online Bingo rules

Bingo is one of the easiest lottery games. It is a game of chance where good luck is the only way to win. Bingo cards which include numbered squares are handed to players. During the round, numbers are being drawn just like in a lottery. When the correct number is found from the card, it gets drawn over. When a full line of numbers combine on the card in a certain way, you have won. There are various types of bingo to be played on the internet from the classic bingo to different, more modern variations. The basic idea is always still the same. The three most popular types of bingo are the 90-ball version, 75-ball version, and Variant-bingo.

90-Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo card includes 27 spaces, arranged in 9 columns by three rows. Each row holds 5 numbered squares and 4 blank squares, so each ticket has 15 randomly selected numbers. In 90-ball bingo a player has three chances to win. First card with full row, first card with 2 full rows, or the card with 3 full rows. The card with 3 full lines naturally holds the biggest prize.

75-Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo is a very popular form of bingo which is obviously played with 75 balls. The numbers are attached to the letters of the word B I N G O. Numbers 1-15 set under letter B, numbers 16-30 under letter I and so on. A single card holds 5 rows arranged in 5 columns, within a total of 25 squares with one empty square that plays the part of a wild square. The idea is the same as it is in the 90-ball, to win you need to fill all the squares in a pattern. There are 5 stages in a round, every time a line comes full the prize is given to the card that wins. On the first round, it is possible to win with the line being either horizontal or vertical, on the next four rounds only horizontal line wins.

Variant Bingo

Variant bingo has the same type of card as in 75-ball bingo (5 rows arranged in 5 columns, 25 squares). 3 cards are being sold to a player per round. Every card holds the numbers between 1 and 75, every number only once on a card. The first round pays the prize for getting a line horizontally or vertically, or from corner to corner. The next prizes are being won only by getting a horizontal line.

Other versions of Bingo

With these three popular types of bingo, there are many different bingo options to choose from, for example, mini bingo, 30-ball bingo, etc. The basic idea is the same in every version, so it is not too hard to jump from the classic versions to try something new.

Free online bingo

You can play online bingo for free, and sometimes you can even win real money prizes. If you just want to try out bingo for free, most bingo rooms offer a chance to play with fun-money. This way you can try how the bingo is being played, but remember that the wins are also being paid in fun-money.

One way to play bingo is the so-called Solo Bingo. When you play solo bingo, you don't have any players playing against you. This way the wins are only depending on whether you can get the numbers in the squares or not. Normally you can also try single bingo with fun-money.

Sometimes Casinos offer chances to play bingo for free with real money prizes. Usually, the prizes in these free-to-play tables are naturally smaller than in the tables where you need to pay to get in the game.

Play bingo on your native language

The concept of bingo is so simple that usually, it doesn't bring up any questions if you are even slightly familiar to the game. That's why it is a good game to play on basically any bingo room. But we must remember that it is way more fun to play in a bingo room that has a chat with either in English or in your native language. It is a social game – So is there anything better than celebrating great wins in your own language or chatting with people in the most comfortable way?

Many times chat rooms are the main factor choosing the bingo room to play in. For most of the languages, there are many different bingo rooms or Casinos to choose from.

Differences between Online Bingo and traditional Bingo

The biggest difference between online bingo and traditional bingo is the fact that you don't need to move from your home at all, and you can play bingo all by yourself if you are willing to. Online bingo is also definitely a way to play the game in a faster tempo. On the other hand – as bingo has been wanted to keep as a social game, casual chatting is neither a problem while playing online.

When playing bingo online, you can play with several cards or in several rooms at the same time, without a doubt that is a thing you just can't do in a regular bingo hall. Online bingo also does all the work for you by checking the numbers, so you can just sit back and enjoy following the game until you manage to get that point where you can just press the BINGO-button. One advantage on the online is also the fact that the prize pool is way bigger than at the traditional bingo rooms.