Online casino gambling and betting must be an entertaining and enjoyable pastime. 

We at are doing our best to help our site readers get the most entertainment and quality time out of gaming. However, we feel that we have a responsibility to remind our users on how to spot potential problems within their own behaviour.

Developing a gambling addiction is never acceptable. If you notice any of the following, we will advise you to stop and reconsider your own gaming:

  • You find yourself spending too much time playing.
  • You play for money that you cannot afford to lose.
  • You do not quit when you are ahead.
  • You take loans in order to continue playing.
  • You are playing to recover from losses.
  • Gaming starts to become more important to you than family and friends.
  • You find yourself having to raise the stakes in order to get excitement.

How to prevent a gambling problem from developing?

We always recommend setting game limits using the internal casino tools. In addition, keep in mind the following guidelines:

Where can I get help with problem gambling?

If you run into gaming problems, there is help available across Europe. Players struggling with gaming problems, or even their loved ones, are able to contact many different options in English. All provide information, help and support.