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Casino Bonuses 2021 - Get Big Bonuses up to 500%

Get a casino bonus without making a deposit at online casinos.Set your own filters to find the best online casino bonus offer, even no deposit!

All successful online casinos - with some exceptions - offer a variety of promotions, competitions, and other benefits in order to attract new customers, and, of course, retain their players.

Playing casino with bonuses is a great way to quench the gambling urge: You’ll get more action for your money, creating more chances of landing that huge and life-changing win. But it’s not all hunky-dory. Casino bonuses are tied to Terms and Conditions, and, as they say, the devil is in the details. The bonus T's & C's are, according to us, the most important factor to determine the overall quality of a bonus. There are some bonuses out there that are thoroughly unfavourable, and we at Mr. Gamble would like you to know all these important details. We’re delighted to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about casino bonuses!

There are some really great casino bonuses available, though. The Mr. Gamble team spend our days scouring the web, comparing online casinos and their offers, in order to find the best of the best in every possible category. In the list below, you’ll find the biggest bonuses and the best T&Cs on the market. Remember gambleaware and be responsible with your gambling.

Get a casino bonus without making a deposit at online casinos.Set your own filters to find the best online casino bonus offer, even no deposit!
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Latest Casino Bonuses 2020

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The Most Important Considerations When Choosing a Bonus

There are a few things worth considering before jumping in head first and grabbing a casino bonus. Everyone who likes bonuses will naturally try to find the biggest bonus available, but only the experienced will think twice and consider the other variables. A great bonus isn’t just big, but it’s also favorable for the player. Here are 6 things to consider about casino bonus:

  • How big is the bonus - How many percent bonus money can I get up to what maximum amount?
  • Wagering requirements - Do I have to wager the bonus money only (B), or does it state that I have to wager both the bonus and my own deposit (D+B)?
  • Eligible games - What games can I play while the bonus is active, and how much do they contribute towards the wagering?
  • Max and/or Min bets - What are the limitations to betting, what are the maximum and minimum limits?
  • Time limitations - How many days do I have to meet the wagering requirements?
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods and limitations - Am I entitled to the bonus if I make a deposit with X-method (consider VISA casinos, Skrill casinos, Bitcoin casinos)? Are there any withdrawal limitations after I’ve met the wagering requirements (daily, weekly, monthly)? There are several variations to the applied limitations, which is why it’s so important to understand bonus the T’s & C’s.

Best Bonuses for Online Casino 2020

What is the difference between a casino bonus and a no deposit bonus? Set your own filters to find your preferred no deposit bonus casino..

We monitor and evaluate the market closely to be able to find and list all major new online casinos 2020. In our lists, you’ll find the latest tax-free casinos with thorough reviews and the bonuses detailed. It's a good idea to take advantage of the best casino bonuses on offer, as well as getting to know the newcomers to the gaming market.

Add your own filters to the above list to be sure you find the best casino bonus for you.

Biggest Bonuses for Online Casinos in 2020

The biggest casino bonuses aren't necessarily the same as the best bonuses, so we’re separating the two. Some of the biggest bonuses we’ve seen recently offer 500% bonus money up to a few hundred euros along with a few hundred free spins on the side. Now, the T’s & C’s weren’t great, so all in all, the bonus in the above example is only decent when looking at all the parameters.

It's wise to consider more aspects of a bonus than the bonus money.

No Deposit Bonus

Many players’ favorite bonus! Also called a “no deposit bonus” or a free casino bonus without deposit, it’s one of the most revered and sought after of all casino bonuses. To be able to get a bonus without making a deposit of our own is simply brilliant. It allows us to try out the casino before fully committing by depositing some of our own money.

To get a bonus without making a deposit doesn’t mean that you can withdraw the bonus money and simply leave the casino. The whole idea is for the new customer to get a feel for the casino. You’ll receive a small sum of money or a fist-full of free spins to play around the casino. In the likely case you should win something while playing with the bonus, you’d better be aware of the T’s & C’s to avoid frustration on your side. Remember that winnings from a no deposit bonus are tied to a wagering requirement.

With the exception of the initial no deposit bonus, there are no other guaranteed casino freebies. Don’t count on getting anything extra for free, unless the casino makes an error (which sometimes happen). In case of a mistake from the casinos’ side, it’s common to receive a little freebie to make up for the stuff-up.

Best No Deposit Casinos with Bonus

The best no deposit casinos with bonus offer fair Terms & Conditions. Find a casino in our lists that offers a no deposit bonus, and then read our review about the casino. This way you’ll find out all the relevant details about the free casino bonus. It’s important to be aware of the wagering requirements in case you win real money.

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Some casinos chose to apply specific codes to their bonuses. All it means is that you have to enter a code to be eligible for the bonus. It's very straight forward, and if in doubt, we've included step by step instructions below.

Free Welcome Bonus No Deposit Required

Far from every casino offers this freebie. It’s a nice gesture, in our opinion, to greet a new customer like this. Receiving a little gift makes us feel welcome and cared for. All we have to do is register an account, and, unless there’s a button to activate the no deposit bonus, write to the customer support.

How to collect a Casino Bonus

It's not always clear how to claim a casino bonus. Some casinos require a Code while some casinos require a maximum deposit. This is how to do it at this casino:

Casino bonus How-To Guide. Step-by-step instructions to getting all your bonuses safely and quickly at the best online casinos and for the best games.
1Find your bonus offer!

See an enticing bonus offer? Click on the offer and let the link take you to the site.

Bonuses at online casino can be confusing. We outline all the details and provide you with step-by-step instructions to get them safely and quickly.
2Collect your Winnings

Once you've met the Wagering Requirements, withdraw your winnings with your preferred banking method.

Casino bonuses at the best casinos online. Add your bonuses to your account safely and quickly with these step-by-step instructions, it works everywhere.
3First Deposit

Once your account is active, you can now make your first deposit by using your preferred payment method.

Online casino bonus for the best games and the best casinos. Step-by-step instructions for adding your bonuses safe and fast to your account.
4Register your details

Fill in the your details accurately to register your account. You may receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. This email may bounce straight to your Trash folder, so beware.

Bonus for online casino may not always be easy to get. With these step-by-step instructions, you’ll get your bonus quick and safe, and it works every time.
5Start Playing

Active bonuses limits which games we can play. Many games are eligible to play, but find out which ones are available at this casino.

Casino Welcome Bonus

The casino welcome bonus is the most treasured of all casino bonuses, mainly due to the enormous sums of extra money offered by some. It’s usually the biggest bonus available at any casino. When you make your first deposit at a casino where you’ve never played before, you’ll also receive a bonus to welcome you as their new customer. This is also called a first deposit bonus (duh!) and is the one offer that’s common for 99.9% of online casinos. The welcome bonus should not be confused with a no deposit bonus, these are two different types of bonuses.

A very common welcome bonus offer gives 100% bonus money, up to a certain sum, on top of your own deposit. An example is a “100% bonus up to €2000”. This means “deposit €2000 to get a €2000 bonus, and a total of €4000 to play for”.

In case we deposit more than the above-mentioned €2000, we’d still not receive more bonus money than the capped sum.

Free Spins Bonus

Who doesn’t like free spins? We know, the only games you can play with free spins are video slots and slot machines, but isn’t it great to be able to spin the wheels without having to pay?

Many casinos offer free spins as a part of the welcome bonus. Some casinos even offer free spins as their no deposit bonus. There are many ways to get free spins, and there are even different kinds of free spins.

Keep in mind that the true value of free spins will vary from one casino to another. The spin value will differ, as well as the wagering requirements. There are even variations of free spins, such as Monster Spins, Super Spins, and so on.

To read more in detail about free spins, and to find the best free spins offers, please visit our free spins page.

Free spins no deposit

Want some free spins for no cost, without having to pay a dime? It’s possible to get this wonderful free gift. Go to our free spins page and use our smooth filters to find the best free free spins offers available.

No deposit free spins

Many casinos online offer free spins no deposit. It’s a great way to try a new casino for free . It won’t give you much, but it’s enough to get a feel for the site. Remember to check the wagering requirements and the selected games. In most cases, the casino will have picked 1 video slot for you to play your no deposit free spins.

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

A casino will usually offer several types of bonuses. Even the very active players will usually have something extra to add to their bankroll. If you’re very active, you’d do wisely in reading our casino reviews. It’ll tell you details about recurring bonuses and competitions, the latter which commonly provides specific bonuses for the purpose of competing against other players. These competitions also include prizes ranging from cash prizes to exotic travels.

Casinos conduct campaigns like “Monday Madness”, “Friday Free Spins”, and so on. Many casinos offer Loyalty Bonuses - the more you play, the higher status you’ll receive along with better and more bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

What is a deposit bonus? It’s a broad term for most bonuses. Make a deposit to claim a bonus. These bonuses provide anything from 20% to several hundred percent bonus money.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is another word for 100% casino bonus. The casino will match your deposit and double your bankroll.

CashBack Bonus

This bonus is commonly offered as a recurring casino bonus. Many casinos offer cashback bonuses on a regular basis, often every week. Should you be unlucky and have a negative tally at the end of the week, you’ll get some cash back to your casino account. The cashback money is usually in the form of a bonus, which means there will be T’s & C’s attached. The amount of cashback will vary from casino to casino, usually 5%, 10%, or 20%.

Reload Bonus

Reload your bankroll. Make a deposit to receive a bonus. A frequently recurring bonus among online casinos and mostly offered on a weekly basis.

HighRoller Bonus

Some players gamble a lot. They have access to loads of money and they enjoy gambling. These players are the HighRollers, and these players are offered some heavy bonuses. To be able to claim HighRoller bonuses you have to increase your VIP status at your casino.

Non-Sticky and Forfeitable Bonus

The pro-player bonus that’s more beneficial for the player than it is for the casino. It has to do with the T’s & C’s. If you’re not yet familiar with these bonuses we urge you to visit our page about the topic. Shortly put, you can cancel the bonus at any time.

Cashable Bonus

A cashable bonus is another player-friendly casino bonus. It’s more beneficial than the standard bonus, so we decided to dedicate an entire page to the topic. Read more about how to cash out and leave with your winnings by clicking the link.

Exclusive Bonus

At Mr. Gamble, we’re constantly working to add value to our visitors. This endeavour includes negotiating with casinos to give us and our visitors better bonuses. Once we reach an agreement with a casino, we can offer our readers a good bonus that you can’t find anywhere else. They’re unique offers and exclusive Mr.Gamble casino bonuses.

Bonus Without Wagering Requirement

There’s a unicorn bonus in the industry. Imagine a casino bonus without wagering requirements. They exist! But, just because there’s no wagering required doesn’t mean it’s completely freed of T’s & C’s. Read more on our dedicated page.

Deposit with an e-wallet and get casino bonus

Many casinos accept deposits and withdrawals with e-wallets, but not all of these casinos offer a bonus when depositing with an e-wallet. It's a huge mix-up and utter rubbish if you ask us. This information is hidden in the T's & C's and 99.99% of players are unaware of this fact. So, obviously, we've done the digging for you.

There are many casinos that offer bonus with e-wallet. We've listed them all and rated the casinos according to our CasinoRanking Algorithm.

Free Casino Bonuses

Free casino bonuses are bonuses that can be acquired without depositing money, meaning you simply have to register an account with the online casino.

These casino bonuses do not require you to deposit money, but they’re not free from Terms and Conditions. These bonuses are always smaller by size, but, as by nature, they are completely free of cost - you have nothing to lose.

The casino bonus you receive when you sign up is typically around €5 to €10 and will be added directly to your account upon joining the online casino. For free play money, you should check out our latest offerings!

Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

casino bonus wagering and max bet explained

Whenever you redeem a casino bonus, the terms and conditions specify the wagering requirement for the bonus, the time limit to meet the requirement, maximum and minimum bet value, eligible games. This means that you must complete the bonus wagering requirement within a specified time in order to withdraw your winnings.

You should always read the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully!

What is the best casino bonus, you may ask? Well, it depends on your preference. Do you like free spins or bonus money? Some online casinos offer an abundance of free spins, others offer huge bonus sums. At Mr. Gamble, we love it all! According to us, the best casino bonus is the one that offers the biggest bankroll to the most beneficial terms and conditions.

What good does an extra 1000 do on the bankroll if the wagering requirements are unreasonable? Who’d want 1000 free spins if the winnings have to be wagered 500 times? We’re not only looking for the biggest bonus at Mr-Gamble, but we’re also looking at the whole picture. That’s why you should check in here on a regular basis. Here you’ll get the latest news, the hottest current deals and campaigns, and the best bonuses available.

As a new player to a casino, you’ll always get a bonus upon your first deposit. The vast majority of casinos also offer recurring bonuses. It keeps your bankroll fat and increases your chances of spinning home that life-changing win. Many casinos will also offer you a bonus without you having to make a deposit, a so-called “no deposit bonus”.

You ought to know by now that some casino games are off-limits when you have an active bonus on your account. Live casino and table games such as Craps and Blackjack are usually off-limits. Video slots with a progressive mega jackpot too. The selection of available games will be different depending on the casino. Details like these are crucial to know, because, what good is a bigger bankroll if you’re limited to play on the Starburst slot only?

The best way to successfully meet wagering requirements at an online casino is to select the best game for the purpose. Browse the T’s & C’s to find out the eligible games, then compare them according to RTP and volatility. Play the game with the highest RTP and the lowest volatility. This should, theoretically, give you the best chances to play through the requirement.

The best casino bonus isn’t necessarily the biggest offer. The quality of a bonus is determined by the T’s & C’s. The best welcome bonus is an offer that’s big enough and also has fair terms and conditions attached to it. In other words, the best offer changes from time to time as new online casinos enter the market and current casinos change or update their offers.

To make it easy for you, we’re outlining the casino bonuses and wagering requirements in the info-boxes in all our lists. Wagering makes a huge difference in the quality of a bonus. In our casino reviews, we further outline the details of the requirements for your convenience.