New Zealand Casinos with Sports Betting

sportsbook casino list New Zealand

Many casino players in New Zealand also have a genuine interest in sports. This is a very natural combination, and many casinos have noticed this behaviour. That’s why there is an abundance of New Zealand online casinos with sportsbook.

It’s important, though, to remember that the technical aspects of online casinos and sportsbook are very different. Not all casinos with sportsbook are good sites. Somehow it seems difficult to combine casino and sports betting into a unanimous, high-quality site. It seems there’s always one part suffering. It’s very possible to create an online casino of the highest quality, but the sportsbook isn’t up to par, or the other way around!

That’s why it’s so important to compare both products in order to find the best New Zealand online casinos with an added high-quality sportsbook. There are only a handful of sites that have succeeded in this, and they had to work on it for years.

sportsbook casino list New Zealand
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Best Sites for Casino and Sports Betting in New Zealand

sportbook casino new zealand

Many online casinos have tried and failed, very few have succeeded in adding sports betting. It’s not an easy feat, but something that we appreciate immensely. We love online casinos, and we also love betting on sports, so, to us, it only makes sense to add both betting and casino under the same roof.

The best New Zealand sites for playing casinos and betting on sports are the bigger and more established operators. Betsson, Mr. Green, Leo Vegas, and Bethard are three great examples. Betsson has probably always offered sportsbook, it’s difficult to remember that far back in time, but Mr. Green, Leo Vegas, and Bethard all started out as simple casinos. They are great examples of casinos that added sportsbook and succeeded.

So, what’s required to rank among the best New Zealand sites for casinos and sports betting? Well, the operator has to offer the best of both worlds. The casino must offer a good and varied selection of casino and live casino games, and it has to meet all other requirements that are considered in our CasinoRanking algorithm. And then, the sportsbook must offer competitive odds. It’s not easy to beat the odds offered by some of the major punters. In addition to all this, there have to be some great offers available. We’re almost always looking for a bonus to add to our bankroll.

Most casinos find it difficult to compete against the bigger brokers. Unibet will offer better odds on a Premier League game than Mr. Green, 9.9 times out of 10. This is the main reason why casinos fail to add sportsbook.

Best New Zealand Online Casinos with Sportsbook

Some New Zealand casino players also enjoy betting on sports. That’s why some of the best casinos add a sportsbook. It’s not a requirement, though, to be ranked as a top Canadian online casino, but as sports fans, we always appreciate it.

Sites like Unibet, and WilliamHill do offer an online casino, but we hold them and their likes as bookmakers and betting sites as that’s what they’ve traditionally been doing. Their odds are very difficult to beat, but Leo Vegas has done a great job with their sportsbook.

The best online casinos are not launched by online betting sites, and the best betting sites are not launched by an online casino.

How to get started with Sports Betting

Sports Betting can be as easy as guessing which team is going to win a match. Often the Sports that are most simple to understand and bet on are the most popular as well. That is why odds for Football, Basketball, American Football and Rugby are offered by nearly all websites with a Sportsbook.

To start Sports Betting, you only need to understand what the Odds mean. The easiest explanation is that in case you win the bet, your bet amount is multiplied by the odds. It always helps to know about the sport and team you are betting on as well.

The charm of Betting comes from it being more predictable than slots for example. However, it is important to remember that nothing is ever a ‘sure thing’ and even the Best Bettors guess wrong at times.

Different Types of Sports Betting

To keep things interesting, many Sportsbook Sites offer different Types of Sports Betting. The most common ones are:

  • In Play / Live Betting
  • Fixed Odds Sports Betting
  • Totals / Over-Unders
  • Prop Bets / Specials
  • Combination Bets

Live Betting has gained popularity with the increase of Mobile Betting. The name In Play Betting means that you can bet as the event is taking place. The odds change constantly according to the match events.

Totals/Over-Unders are bets whether a value related to the match will be higher or lower than a given number. The market can be for example the number of total goals scored in the match.

Proposition bets, or Prop Bets are also called Specials. They are bets about specific events of the match, such as the First Player to Score a Goal. According to bettors Prop Bets make following the match more interesting and exciting.

What is Fixed Odds Betting?

Fixed Odds Betting is the most common type of Sports Betting. It is used when two Teams are playing against each other. Most betting providers also offer odds for a Draw. In that case only Bets made for draw as a result win.

Adding bets from different markets on the same bet slip creates a Combination Bet. Most Sports Betting providers allow this. Some big Sportsbooks also have their own tool for creating a Combi Bet from different markets of the same event.

Create a Staking Plan

Whether you Bet often or are new at Sports Betting, Mr-Gamble keeps you up-to-date about new Betting Sites and Trends as well as Bonuses. Results are often better when you plan your stakes carefully.

There are various Staking Plans on offer, but the basis is the same for them all:

  • Pick a Canadian Sports Betting Site
  • Decide if you wish to claim a Bonus
  • Create a Betting Budget
  • Choose a Sport or another Event you wish to bet on
  • Place bets with stakes you are comfortable with

Many Betting Experts encourage Bettors to follow Sports News and other relevant sources of information to help you make successful Bets. A Staking Plan or a Strategy can be developed over time or you can use a pre-made one.

Comparing different Betting Sites and Sportsbook providers is common amongst players of various Betting Skill levels, as it ensures the best overall experience. Apart from best odds, the site should have s great Customer Support and a user-friendly Mobile App.

Where can I play casino and bet on sports?

Casino and sports betting is a great combination and we enjoy both thoroughly.

There are many casinos that offer sports betting. You can easily find casinos with sportsbook by applying your own filters, or simply have a look in the list above.

New Zealand Casinos with the Best Odds for Sports Betting

New Zealand online casinos have always had a hard time to match the odds of well-established bookmakers. And on the flip-side, well-established bookmakers tend to fail at creating a great casino. In order to always get the best odds while also being able to access a great online casino, we have accounts at several operators. This way we also have bonuses available whenever we want. We suggest that you do the same!

Apply the filters if you’re looking for something specific. Otherwise, all sites listed above offer both casino and sportsbook.

Play Casino and Bet on Sports - Under One Roof

The Mr. Gamble team are keen fans of betting on sports and of playing casino. That’s a big part of our fondness of casinos with sportsbook. There are some great casino sites out there, and some of them have been so intuitive to their players’ wants and needs that they decided to add sports betting.

You don’t have to separate your passion for casino games and sports betting

We don’t want to have to pick, and we think that you don’t want to have to pick either. Apply your own filters and find the best site for your casino and sports betting!


❓How to bet on sports?

  1. Sign up for your favourite casino with sportsbook.
  2. Head to the sports betting section and find your favourite sports event to bet on.
  3. Review available bets and betting odds carefully before placing a bet.
  4. Select your bet size and decide how much you wish to bet on your chosen sports event.

❓Where is sports betting legal?

Sports betting is legal in most EU countries, the UK, and Canada. As of 2020, online sports betting is also legal in 14 states in the US.

❓What are the best online casinos with sportsbooks?

You can find the best sportsbook casinos on the Mr Gamble website. Our gambling experts have vetted all casinos with sportsbook on our website, so you can rest assured that betting on these sites is always safe and easy.