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Set your own choice of filters to find a Live Casino Online with the best benefits. Compare live roulette casinos to live blackjack and other games.

Do you ever get tired of playing slots all day? The live casino offers a way to add a more social and interactive side to your daily casino experience. Playing against a real live dealer is thrilling because it awakens the excitement you may have lost while focusing only on passive casino games all the time.

Live casino is omnipresent in top-rated online casinos. More and more gamblers flock to sites that feature a wide variety of wonderful games with a live dealer. You’ll feel as if you were just teleported into an actual casino smack in the middle of your living room.

Many players have expressed that live casino feels more genuine and fulfilling compared to playing against the computer. The interactive nature of the best online live casino games spices things up as a live dealer has more authenticity than software algorithms. All you have to do is take your computer or mobile device to enjoy a more glamorous and emotion-filled casino experience!

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NJ Online Casino with Live Games List

  • Updated: 2021-06-22
  • Unibet - what you can collect in terms of bonuses, free spins, and bonus codes. Read the review to find out the T's & C's and how to withdraw.


    5.00 / 5.00
    Bonus code: UBCASINO500

    100% / $500

    Welcome Bonus

    25 x (b)



    Bonus min. deposit
  • Borgata Casino - what you can collect in terms of bonuses, free spins, and bonus codes. Read the review to find out the T's & C's and how to withdraw.

    Borgata Casino

    4.14 / 5.00

    100% / $600

    Welcome Bonus

    10 x (b)



    Bonus min. deposit
  • BetMGM Casino - what you can collect in terms of bonuses, free spins, and bonus codes. Read the review to find out the T's & C's and how to withdraw.

    BetMGM Casino

    4.00 / 5.00

    100% / $1000

    Welcome Bonus

    6 x (b)



    Bonus min. deposit
  • Party Casino NJ - what you can collect in terms of bonuses, free spins, and bonus codes. Read the review to find out the T's & C's and how to withdraw.

    Party Casino NJ

    4.00 / 5.00
    Bonus code: WELCOMEBONUS

    100% / $500

    Welcome Bonus

    35 x (D+B)



    Bonus min. deposit

Live Casino Online – What Do the Best Sites Offer?

Online Casinos with live casino

Most of the top-rated virtual casinos have a live casino section nowadays. But there is a difference between a decent offering and a great product. Our state-of-the-art filtering system allows you to evaluate various sites to find the top live dealer online casino!

What makes one live casino online stand out from the rest is its high number of providers and wide game selection. Each game should have numerous variations as well. You won’t find too many live dealer casinos like that on the market. That’s because most sites use the services of 1-2 providers. A regular list of games features anywhere between 10 to 20 titles.

We are still looking for an online casino that has partnered up with five providers or more. Even though we haven’t found a casino like that, the hunt is still on! Meanwhile, here are the top three online casino sites with the best online live casino games. They are great options for gamblers due to an excellent live casino game selection and plenty of bonuses.

· Betsson: Here’s a great operator: they have more than 60 live games in store. These live casino titles are produced by the top 3 Evolution Gaming, NetEnt Live, and Microgaming providers. The bonus selection of Betsson is nice and juicy.

· Leo Vegas: You can enjoy around 50 live games in Leo Vegas created by the essential live providers Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. This online casino has a dedicated bonus for the best live casino play. All standard bets contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement, whereas minimal risk betting counts 65%.

· Rizk: This online casino has over 40 live games from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. If you win bonuses on the Wheel of Rizk, you can use these in live casino games without any wagering requirements. However, bets based on top-up bonuses and general promotions contribute 10% towards the wagering requirements.

Live Casino around the World

You may wonder about the origins of live casino on a global level. This type of entertainment has been around for a shorter time than online casinos. But it may come as a surprise that live casino wasn’t an overnight success story.

In the 2020s, you can find some live casino functions in almost every larger online casino. However, back in the early 2000s, online gambling was pretty much a different ball game. The casino software provider Playtech created the first live product in 2003.

Before Playtech’s sojourn into the unknown territory of live dealer games, no online casino had such a product on offer. Although the new service was revolutionary, it didn’t catch on at first. The slow internet speed was to blame.

The current internet speeds were unimaginable in 2003. Most players found the live casino to be a laggy and annoying product. People may have appreciated the premise of a live service, but all that excitement quickly faded away after encountering constant disruptions and errors.

The first live product of Playtech was live baccarat. Even if their venture wasn’t as successful as expected, it was still a groundbreaking move. Only in a few years, internet speeds got quicker and effectively opened an entirely new gambling market.

In 2006, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming entered the scene. For many companies, the live service had seemed prohibitively expensive to manage. You had to pay for all the cameras, rooms, and staff. These two companies still took the plunge.

Online casinos got more interested in live casino products. Live baccarat together with live roulette and live blackjack started to take the best virtual casinos by storm. Since the players’ excitement grew, more money entered this market and created new opportunities for greenlighting best live projects.

If you are looking to play live casino online free, find a suitable site from our extensive list of gambling sites. All of these sites have been reviewed by our experts to ensure fair play and legal compliance. Most of the freshly minted casinos have live products, so that’s a great place to start!


Many people base their online casino decisions on bonus offers. Finding an enticing welcome bonus may be the thing that makes you sign up right away. The same holds for live casino online bonus promotions.

Since a staggering number of web-based casinos compete with each other, some solid live casino bonus offers are created by casinos who want to attract new customers. While live dealer game bonuses aren’t required to have fun, it’s still great to enjoy more gambling for the same budget.

One of the most desirable types of best live casino bonus is a no deposit bonus. Compared to deposit-driven welcome and reload bonuses, no deposit promotions give you that chance to try your luck without making any deposits yet.

Online casinos with loyalty programs may allow you to enjoy cashback bonuses on live casino losses or revenue. This type of bonus is expressed in percentages. For instance, you could get back 2% of the previous month’s losses. The particular terms and conditions vary wildly between different online casinos.

Best Live Casino

live casinos online USA

Bonuses aren’t the only things that separate the average live dealer casinos from the best. The chosen live service providers play a vital role in the overall quality of your experience. They are the single most prominent driving force behind the entertainment factor of a given game. Focus on that and you’ll skyrocket the chances of finding the best live casino.

Evolution Gaming is the current leader in the casino game provider sector. This Swedish company boasts a vast and rich selection of live titles. They have unique games that other companies didn’t bother to consider before.

In fact, Evolution Gaming is one of the live casino game providers that sets a certain standard in its industry. Many of its original games have been copied one way or another by the other game manufacturers.

NetEnt, specifically NetEnt Live, is another important stakeholder in the live casino gaming sector. While they have been a major slots producer for a long time, the company created its first high-quality live casino games in 2013.

While Evolution Gaming has come up with intriguing concepts like Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal live dealer games, NetEnt Live has taken a more traditional approach. You’ll find Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, and Live Blackjack in their selection of live titles.


The high degree of sociality invites a lot of gamblers into live casino products. That’s because the essence of this entertainment is based on hiring live dealers. All of the live casino software providers have live dealers on duty.

Live dealers lead and guide the casino game. Everything is getting done in front of a camera that seamlessly broadcasts everything to gamblers’ phones and computers. Dealers form essential contact between the game and the players.

In a typical live casino product, live dealers announce the opening and closing of betting. They also spin wheels, deal cards, and remind players to finalize their bets. The climax of every game is the winner announcement.

Live dealers have to be professional and friendly at the same time. They have to put on their ‘game face’. However, in most cases, live dealers already have the personality required to keep people happy and entertained naturally.

Since most live casino operators provide a 24/7 service, dealers' rotation takes place throughout the day. As a player, it makes sense to choose the products of top live casino providers. They excel at training qualified live dealers who put fun into the game.

Frequent players have their favourite live dealers. When they learn about the dealer’s schedule, they try to match their playing times to correlate with the working schedule. The best live dealers receive tips. Especially after a big win!

How Do Live Dealer Casinos Exactly Work?

The casino industry is global. You can find the best live casino studios in various locations around the world. From Latvia to Canada and Ireland to Malta – streaming sites hide behind plenty of zip codes.

Let’s start with the stars of the show. Evolution Gaming hosts stellar live casino studios in four European countries: Belgium, Latvia, Malta, and Spain. On the other hand, NetEnt Live has only broken ground in Malta, opening a fancy studio.

It’s not only Evolution Gaming who discovered the tiny Baltic nation of Latvia. Similarly, Playtech operates live casino broadcasting rooms in Riga. They also conduct streams from the Philippines.

Another strong player in the market is Authentic Gaming. This exciting company is doing their live casino work in Austria, Italy, and Georgia. As the market keeps expanding, it’s clear that more studios of significant companies are going to spring up across the globe.

What You Should Know about

Roulette is a game with a long history. This gambling-based game has its roots in France. Throughout the centuries, roulette has spread all over the world. In the age of online gambling spots, finding a great place to play is your best bet.

Many gamblers feel that the live casino version of roulette is the most interesting one. That’s because the combination of a real studio with a live dealer creates a unique atmosphere that you can’t replicate with a regular online casino game.

All the major providers, including Authentic Gaming and Evolution Gaming, have at least a few roulette versions available. Hence, the accessibility of live roulette online casino games is excellent across all the larger virtual casinos.

The ABC of

If you plan to play for the first time, you won’t have to expect anything complicated. Roulette is relatively easy to play. You have to predict on what number the little marble will land after it’s sent rolling away.

The betting options may be a bit challenging at the beginning. As a new player, you should make sure that you understand all the moves and bets available. To win, you don’t always have to guess the exact number. Landing in the vicinity of certain spots is enough.

You may bet on a colour, odd/even, half, third, row, lane, corner, double… Or even the combination of all these betting options. That’s why the game is so appealing. The premise may be simple, but the sheer variety of possible bets is exciting.

Live roulette comes in many different variations. For instance, Evolution Gaming has Lightning Roulette. This game boasts the basic game options together with some electrifying extras like Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers.

NetEnt has Roulette Advanced as part of their live casino lineup. This European-style roulette has 37 pockets ranging from 0 to 36. You can conduct bets from the low-end of 0.10 up to a high-roller point of 5,000.

The Bottom Line of

Blackjack is a huge crowd favourite. You can find Blackjack being played everywhere. People enjoy a nice game of Blackjack in clubs, bars, homes, and casinos worldwide. However, the easiest place to play Blackjack is in an online casino.

You can access the wonderful world of this exciting card game wherever and whenever you want. The casino bonuses can be quite juicy, and you’ll have the chance to use these benefits in most online casinos for Blackjack.

As with many other prevalent casino games, Blackjack is featured in top live casinos. The live setting adds that extra excitement you have been craving as an online Blackjack gambler. You’ll find these live Blackjack providers right here on Mr-Gamble.

Note that some of the sites provide live online casino free trial plays. As a player, you’ll be able to try and see whether you like the Blackjack variations that are on offer. The live casino online free options are scarce compared to regular blackjack games, though.

The Fundamentals of

At first sight, Blackjack may seem like one of the easiest games in the industry. While that’s true, all the possible side bets make things more difficult – and captivating! Despite this game's straightforward nature, you should still learn quite a lot to master the game.

Blackjack has some natural variations to the game. Since House Rules state that each online casino is free to set its own rules, you’ll find various approaches to the game. The particular strategies you use should be in tune with the game’s variation.

Speed Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is one of the strongest titles in its niche. The dealing order got changed in this game, effectively making this live casino title a mean, lightning-paced card game compared to its former variants.

Compared to the original came, Speed Blackjack paces up the gameplay up to 40%. This game was released to the public in 2020, followed by a speedy adoption through word-of-mouth marketing among gamblers. The best live blackjack online casinos have this available.

Authentic Gaming has its own Live Blackjack. This one hosts a classic approach. The objective is to get a total card value of 21. You play this game against the dealer just like in regular poker.

Live Baccarat Casino

This is a classic casino game with its origins in Argentina. Originally called “Punto Banco”, it was brought to and introduced in Las Vegas in the mid-1900s under a different name, baccarat. Since then, the game has spread to most casinos around the world.

The Latin name is quite descriptive of the game; you’re “punting” your points against the banks. The easiest way to play baccarat is at online casinos. Mobile live casinos ensure access at your leisure. Mobile live casinos bring a great gaming experience on your phone, and the quality is amazingly high.

The general concept of baccarat isn’t difficult to understand. Your objective is to predict who’ll get the better hand, you, the bank, or if the outcome is a tie. Both the player and the bank can draw as many cards as they want, and the one with a total card value of 9, or the one closest to 9, wins.

It’s a comparison game where the player compares cards with the bank. Each round has 3 possible outcomes - Player Wins, Bank Wins or Tie. 10, Jack, Queen, and the King are all worth 0 points. The Ace goes for 1 point while all other cards are worth their face value.

The Basics of

The odds and probabilities of baccarat state that the Banker Bet is the safest. Keep betting on the banker until it loses, then re-evaluate your bet. That’s why live baccarat online casino strategies are heavily based on probability.

Playtech’s Live Baccarat is what started it all. As a serious online casino enthusiast, you can’t look away from this game. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, Playtech put a ground stone to the live casino industry by releasing its baccarat back in 2003.

Most of the live casino online studios host at least a single version of baccarat. You can compare the top online casinos with Live Baccarat titles right here on Mr-Gamble. Our extensive list features the top picks and bonus-heavy gambling sites.

Live Craps Casino

Craps is a top-rated casino game with its roots in the ancient Roman Empire. It’s trendy in Asia, but even European and American players have eyes for the game. It may not be as widely understood as other casino games, but it’s definitely worth playing. The easiest way to play Craps is at an online casino.

Live casino is a superb choice for anyone looking to play craps online. Since one of the major appeals of craps is the communal feeling, live dealer games offer a perfect chance to make the most out of craps in a virtual setting.

The Essentials of

The general idea of a live craps online casino game is pretty straight-forward. The objective is to predict the outcome of the “shooters” dice. Each “round” lasts as long as the shooter can keep it going. It can last for a single throw up to as many as Lady Fortune allows.

The shooter makes a Pass Line Bet (Pass/Don’t Pass) and throws the “Come-Out” Roll. If he gets it right, he’ll be the shooter for the remainder of the round. As there are different variations to the game of Craps, there are different strategies as well. As a general rule, the strategies are based around House Edge.

Craps is a game with a tiny House Edge compared to other casino games. As such, the potential for winning small wins very frequently is enormous. Line Bets and Come-Out Bets have the highest RTP. These bets set the House Edge around 1.4%.

Evolution Gaming’s craps studios’ design carries the 1920s aesthetics. The dealer isn’t the one throwing the dice in their Craps Live. Instead, you’ll see a funky mechanical arm doing its job.

Live dealers still exist in their craps version. For instance, the craps dealer uses his arm to drop the dice into the box. That is just one of the avenues this gaming studio takes to ensure utterly fair play in its Craps Live.


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