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Slots with Walking Wilds

Nowadays, no slot title is complete without a Wild symbol. Usually, this symbol is accompanied by a Scatter symbol. If you go over the recent slot game selections at online casinos, you’ll find plenty of such games. So, why is the number of the best Wild slots growing?

The Wild symbol is popular for many reasons. It gives you a chance to win some prizes. Additionally, it makes the game more interesting by appearing randomly. Finally, you’ll notice that the Wild symbol comes in several shapes. One of them is the Walking Wild symbol.

What Are Walking Wilds?

As you know, the Standard Wild is the most common symbol out there. The majority of the top Wilds slots are titles that feature this kind of Wild. This Wild symbol functions as a substitute for the regular paying symbols.

For example, if you have two regular symbols, you need a third one to make a win. The Wild symbol can be the third symbol to make the winning combination. But what about the Walking Wild symbol?

As is the case with the other Wild symbols, the name hints at the special feature. In other words, Walking Wilds can walk. Whenever this Wild makes a winning combination, it moves. It can go left or right. But that’s not all.

The Walking Wild symbol also gives a second prize. Once it moves in any direction, it gives you a free spin. In other words, it’s a good symbol to have in a slot game. This is also the reason why Walking Wilds slots are pretty rare.

Why Are Walking Wilds So Rare?

The Walking Wild symbol works to the advantage of the player. It takes the role of a substitute symbol that can move from one spot to another. This means that you can get more than one winning combination when the symbol appears.

Furthermore, it gives out a free spin every time it moves. So, by the time it goes away, you have the chance to win big. Since they work in your favor, they don’t do so in the casino’s favor. That’s why you won’t find lots of Walking Wilds slots at casino sites.

Other Types of Wild Symbols

Now you know what Walking Wild symbols are. They would work well to your advantage, but so would other Wild symbols. Since there are plenty of slots out there, you’ll find that Wild symbols take several forms.

Some of the other more popular ones include Stacked Wilds and Sticky Wilds. Expanding, Shifting, and Random Wilds are other types you’ll also run into. If you’re interested to learn more about them, then you’re in the right place. Mr. Gamble offers covers a variety of Wild symbols.

All in all, you can find lots of slots with different features. Slots with Walking Wilds or Stacked Wilds will appear in some casino’s game selection. Make sure to have a grasp of the different Wild symbols before rushing into them unexpectedly.