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Online casino slots come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve come across thousands of different slots over the years. All of them have different themes that determine the way the game looks. Additionally, these titles have some interesting features.

For example, slots will have an Ancient Egypt theme and the symbols will be made to fit the theme. Some of the features you might come across include free spins, multipliers, and even mini-games. Some of the best online slots feature special symbols.

One such symbol is the Wild symbol. You’ll notice this one in most of the modern slots. Just like the slot titles, the Wild symbol comes in many shapes and sizes. The most popular ones are Expanding, Sticky, and Stacked Wilds. However, you’ll run into slot titles that feature a Transferring Wild.

What Is a Transferring Wild?

There are many factors that determine the types of slots. One of them is the number of reels. The best Transferring Wilds slots are part of slots with multiple reels. The Transferring Wild is similar to the standard Wild symbol. This means you can expect it to give you a helping hand.

So, it appears on the reels and substitutes regular symbols in the base game. Besides that, it has another function. The symbol is synonymous with slots that have more than one set of reels. The symbol appears on one side on the first set.

There, it can take the role of a regular Wild symbol. However, these symbols can appear on the second set of reels. This increases the number of paylines and improves your chances of winning. Despite the base game, some of the best Transferring Wilds slots have these symbols in their bonus features.

How Transferring Wilds Work

The key to understanding these symbols is the word transfer. Naturally, they’ll appear on one of the slot sets. When they do, they’ll also appear on the other set of reels. Then the magic happens, and you get loads of Wilds on all the reels.

Some of the best slots with Transferring Wilds will have them in the bonus feature. So, lots of Wilds on the reels will give you additional prizes. Multipliers and free spins usually go hand in hand with Transferring Wilds. Sometimes these Wilds will also function as Stacked Wilds making up whopping prizes.

Pros and Cons of Transferring Wilds

It’s clear by now, that some of the best online slots are featuring Transferring Wilds. These Wilds can yield some massive wins. Moreover, they’re an exciting feature on the reels. However, like all other Wilds, they have a few downsides as well.

Slots with Transferring Wilds are ideal for long-term rewards. If you’re a player that’s after the big fish, then they’re right up your alley. Transferring Wilds don’t occur that often, but when they do, they make it worth your while. However, Transferring Wilds slots tend to be pretty volatile. So be wary of such slots, if you prefer short-term rewards.