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Slots with Shifting Wilds

Few slots today don’t feature a Wild symbol. Some of the best online slots are classic ones. If you’re into that, then you can find loads of them online. One the other hand, you can always go for modern slots.

There are many reasons you should play them. They look pretty good and have some interesting features. Free spins, jackpots, and multiple paylines are only some of them. The Wild symbol is one of those features. This symbol adds an element of surprise to the game.

In other words, it appears randomly on the reels. Usually, the game’s rules tell you which reels they’ll appear on. However, you don’t know when they’ll show up. Similar to the variety of slot titles, there’s a variety of Wild symbols. The Shifting Wild symbol is one of them.

What Is a Shifting Wild Symbol?

The interesting thing about all types of Wild symbols is that they all share the key role. This means that all of them serve as substitutes for the regular symbols. By doing so, the Wilds help out players by making winning combinations. This is why the top Wilds slots are at the top.

The Shifting Wilds do this too, so you can count on it as well. This Wild variant usually appears on the last reel and makes its way to the first. It can shift in any direction which is the reason for its name.

This means you can expect some generous prizes when playing slots with Shifting Wilds. Additionally, these Wild symbols have some other features as well. For example, some of them feature a specific number of free spins. Others will feature multipliers that increase the winnings even more. In other words, it’s good to have Shifting Wilds on your side.

Types of Shifting Wilds

There are a few Shifting Wilds slots out there. However, all of them feature different kinds of Shifting Wilds. The basic Shifting Wild is the most common one. You’ll see that this symbol functions as a Standard Wild. The only addition is its ability to shift on the reels.

Naturally, this symbol will have an additional feature. The other type of Shifting Wild symbol comes in the form of Shifting Reels. These slots have the ability to shift the reels. By doing so, they increase the prize players can win. They usually come with multipliers.

Pros and Cons of Shifting Wilds

There are many benefits to Shifting Wilds slots. These symbols give players a better chance of winning. By moving from one spot to another they can trigger multiple winning combinations. Furthermore, they come with additional features. Multipliers and free spins can further increase the wins.

The cons of Shifting Wilds slots come from the type of slot game. If it’s a highly volatile one, then you won’t win much. Additionally, the more you put in, the better your chances of winning are. Also, the prizes you might win will be bigger. Nevertheless, Shifting Wilds slots are amazing slot titles.