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Slots with Random Wilds

You can find all kinds of slot games nowadays. Developers go for a variety of themes since online casinos have lots of clients to take care of. In that regard, you’ll see lots of slots with Ancient Egyptian or Greek themes. Moreover, sci-fi, adventure, crime, and animal themes are also present in the best online slots.

Sometimes, developers will draw inspiration from TV shows and movies. This is how branded slot titles came to be. But slots aren’t popular just because they look good. As you know, they have some interesting features to offer.

Multipliers, bonus games, jackpots, and free spins are only some of them. One of the most common features is the Wild symbol. This symbol comes in several forms. You’ve run into Expanding Wilds, Stacked Wilds, and even Sticky Wilds. But do you know about Random Wild symbols?

Random Wilds Explained

Since you’ve played your fair share of slot titles, you’ve come across different Wilds. The thing that binds them is their key feature. In other words, all of them function as substitutes for regular symbols. Depending on the type of Wild symbol, they’ll have an additional feature.

This means that the best Random Wilds slots feature a Wild that works as a substitute. It helps players by making winning combinations. Sometimes the symbol will come with multipliers and increase the potential prize.

The main thing to remember about Random Wilds is the fact that they’re unpredictable. They can appear at any time. That’s why some of the best slots with Random Wilds are so popular. Players have a chance to win some interesting prizes. But how do these symbols work? Are they available during the base game only?

How Random Wilds Work

Well, it all depends on the slot title you’re playing. Sometimes the Random Wild symbol will only be a part of the base game. As to how it appears, the answer’s in the name. In other words, this Wild symbol appears randomly. You don’t need to trigger anything for it to show up on the reels.

Additionally, some of the best Random Wilds slots will have these symbols as part of their bonus features. Usually, this is the Free Spins feature. Together with some multipliers, Random Wilds can bring some interesting prizes for you.

All in all, Random Wilds seem pretty great. However, just like the other Wilds, they have some downsides too.

Pros and Cons of Random Wilds

Usually, Random Wilds appear in highly volatile slots. This means that the game will affect your budget in the long run. Also, slots with these types of Wilds are suitable for player’s that aren’t afraid to wait. So, if you prefer short-term rewards steer clear of these games.

On the other side, Random Wilds can bring whopping prizes in the long run. If they’re come together with multipliers or stacked, you’re bound to get a big prize. That’s why these types of slots are some of the best online slots you’ll run into.