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Mr Gamble’s Casino Puzzles

Are you ready to take Mr Gamble’s brainteaser challenge? Whether you’re a gamer, gambler, or just a puzzle fanatic, take the challenge and see if you can come out on top! Spot the difference between the iconic slot machines, sift your way through the casino essentials to spot the hidden item, and identify the gaming character using their hidden silhouette. Game on!

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Spot the difference

Is spot the difference your thing? Only 35% of respondents could spot all! Try and hit the jackpot by spotting the 10 differences between these two slot machines!

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Hidden item

Think you can find the hidden item? Only 15% of respondents can do this in less than 30 seconds! Try your luck and sift your way through the casino chips and playing cards to locate the hidden sunglasses.

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Guess the character

Calling all gaming fanatics, this ones for you! Can you identify the hidden gaming character behind their silhouette? Only 20% could guess in less than 60 seconds!

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