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Myths about casinos and gambling have been around for as long as the industry. Some may have started as whispers passed down through generations and are now seen as the gospel truth within the industry - but some of the stories are not!

But never fear, the team at Mr. Gamble is on hand and has compiled a list of over 20 myths below that have been debunked! Is the system really rigged? Will you just ‘win eventually? Who REALLY created the first casino? Time to investigate…

Casino Chip TrueMyth 1: The RTP for Slot Machines Must Be A Minimum of 70%

This is true. According to the Gambling Commission in the UK, the minimum Return To Player (RTP) for every online casino needs to be an absolute minimum of 70%. This means that for every £1 spent, there must be a payout of an average of 70p.

Myth 2: The Whole System Is Rigged Casino Chip False

This is false. Although this might have been somewhat true a few decades ago, nowadays it is extremely difficult to rig a game. As an industry, gambling is highly regulated, meaning that licensed casinos are regularly checked by game labs that are independent to ensure each game truly is random.

Casino Chip False Myth 3: House Edge Always Wins

This is false. Through the notion of the house edge, it is widely thought that the casino always wins. Statistically speaking, this only applies over a long period of time. However, with a little beginner luck and reading up on the game strategy beforehand you might just end up profiting by the end of the night. This certainly adds to the enjoyment.

Casino Chip true Myth 4: Italy Created the First Ever Casino

This is true. More often than not, when people think about casino hotspots, places like Macao, London and most certainly Las Vegas spring to mind. But believe it or not, the word ‘casino’ comes from the Italian word ‘casa’. Having originated from Italy, the institution we know as ‘casino’ today was created as a way to describe a selection of social clubs and game houses.

Casino Chip true Myth 5: The Record Win On An Online Slot Machine is EUR €19.4 Million

This is true. As shocking as this may sound, the highest payout for playing online slots was a huge 19.4 million euros. The lucky player from Belgium, surpassed the last record held in 2013 in Finland. In 2021 the anonymous player proved that prize payouts in the millions really are possible, with only a €15 stake!

Myth 6: You Can Achieve Success by Following Trends Casino Chip False

This is false. Much like stocks and shares, trends are developed based on the performances of past games. This information is then used to predict payouts in the future. Whilst this may be possible to some extent, ensuring the trend is correct is the most challenging part. As a matter of fact, payouts occur at random so regardless of the theory being correct, money falling through the ceiling seems more likely.

Casino Chip False Myth 7: You’re Bound to Win Eventually

This is false. A common misconception among gamblers is that they are bound to win at some point. This is known as the gambler’s fallacy. For example, you might have a 20% chance at winning which in theory would mean that you should win after five consecutive rounds. Unfortunately, this simply is not true as each round is totally independent. So, even if you keep gambling until you get a win, chances are you’ll most likely go home at a loss overall.

Myth 8: Oxygen is Pumped Out in Casinos As A Way to Ensure Players Are Alert Casino Chip False

This is false. This probably won’t be a problem for you if you play online, but nonetheless, this is very much an urban myth. It is widely believed that to ensure players are fully awake and want to keep playing, casinos pump oxygen into the areas where games are underway. This is clearly a violation as it could lead to health complications, thus, it does not meet the requirements of health and safety regulations. Granted, casinos may turn up their air conditioning from time to time, but it only goes as far as that.

Casino Chip False Myth 9: Casinos Let You Win

This is false. Unfortunately, this is just a mere conspiracy theory because casinos are not in any way involved in deciding who wins or loses. Casinos legally have no right to interfere in the winning and playing time of a player. Consequently, it solely depends on you as a player and whether you decide to keep playing.

Casino Chip False Myth 10: Counting Cards is Illegal

This is false. For the record, it is not illegal to count cards. However, card counting is a strategic move that can put you as the player at an advantage by giving you that winning edge. Hence, casinos don’t want players to count cards at their tables. Moreover, although casinos are unable to take legal action for card counting in a casino, you will most likely be asked to leave and prohibited to return to any casino establishment.

Casino Chip True Myth 11: Playing Poker Can Be A Profitable Option For A Second Career

This is true. Though you may believe that all casino games are purely due to luck, this isn’t necessarily the case. According to research, card games involve more strategic thinking. For example, you will have better odds playing poker and blackjack if you employ some degree of skills and strategy. Though this doesn’t always guarantee you a win, you can be sure you will enjoy playing a lot more if you know what to do.

Myth 12: Having A Good Level of Strategy and Skill Is Important Casino Chip True

This is true. Though you may believe that all casino games are purely due to luck, this isn’t necessarily the case. According to research, card games involve more strategic thinking. For example, you will have better odds playing poker and blackjack if you employ some degree of skills and strategy. Though this doesn’t always guarantee you a win, you can be sure you will enjoy playing a lot more if you know what to do.

Casino Chip False Myth 13: Dealers Skilled in Roulette Decide When to Stop the Wheel

This is false. Many people wrongly believe that if a dealer knows how a roulette table works, then they can cheat. This is simply not true as numerous factors can randomly impact the outcome of a roulette wheel for it to be affected by the dealer. However, if a dealer is caught cheating there will be a high penalty.

Myth 14: You Have a Higher Chance of Winning on Slots in a Busy Casino Casino Chip False

This is false. Online casinos are a great way to play casino games as you don’t have to step foot into a physical gambling establishment. Some of the most popular online slots platforms offer jackpot totals that sometimes exceed their physical casino. Another positive of playing online is that you don’t have to worry about being distracted by loud noises and can purely focus on enjoying the game.

Casino Chip False Myth 15: Roulette Has A Controller

This is false. This myth implies that the handler is controlling the rotating roulette wheel through a separate device. Some people also believe that the handler knows when and how to spin the wheel to prevent players from winning big. We are here to debunk this idea as the reality is that every spin is a chance on roulette as the ball can stop in any part of the roulette wheel, regardless of the betting.

Casino Chip False Myth 16: Manipulative Slot Machine

This is false. Many casino players believe that slot machines are internally rigged by casinos. However, this just isn't the case. It is actually illegal for casinos to rig the gaming options in any way as it can lead to blacklisting or a hefty fine, at the very least. People also believe that changing the bet sizes at the slot machines is a strategic way to significantly improve the chances of winning. This simply isn’t true because slot machines operate purely on probability.

Casino Chip False Myth 17: Casino Games Are Based on Sheer Luck

This is false. Of course, luck will always play a major part in the outcome of a game, but it is wide of the mark to suggest that casino games are just based on luck. There are different categories of casino games: the ‘soft’ games such as slots and bingo games are majorly attributed to luck and the ‘skill’ games such as blackjack and poker require some level of skill and strategy. So, although the gameplay is not based solely on luck it still does play a significant part in every casino game.

Myth 18: Loose Slots Are Placed in the Aisles Casino Chip False

This is false. Granted, depending on the slot machine, some payouts are slightly different. However, in reality, slot machines can't pay more in the long run. As a player, it’s important to consider other factors such as stakes, volatility and win frequency. For example, though you can win hundreds of millions playing in a slot machine with a massive jackpot prize, but this is largely theoretical. The actual chance of you winning is quite literally one in a million.

Casino Chip False Myth 19: Pulling the Slot Machine Handle Leads to More Wins Than Pressing the Spin Button

This is false. Hitting the ‘spin’ button and pulling on the arm of the slot will result in exactly the same outcome. The suggestion that the handle is luckier is purely based on superstition. As explained previously, there is no way a slot machine can know whether you pull the handle or press the button - it also cannot choose whether it wants to offer you spins that are better or worse.

Myth 20: To Win, You Have to Bet More or the Maximum Bet Allowed Casino Chip False

This is false. However, there is some truth to it. If the bet placed on the spin is the maximum bet permitted, then you will land a larger win. But it should be noted that to increase your chances you will have to play a lot of games, as you will most likely only notice the difference in big wins, as on average, the RTP typically ranges from 92% - 95%.

Casino Chip False Myth 21: Online Casinos Are Not Only Illegal But They Are Also a Huge Scam

This is false. It goes without saying that when browsing for a casino that operates online, it is always important to be cautious. Unfortunately, despite there being some illegal casinos out there that are unlicenced, for the most part, online casinos, especially those in the UK, are highly regulated and are legal to operate, an example of course, is Mr. Gamble! For all online casinos operating in the UK, they must have a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licence. This licence needs to be tested thoroughly and audited. Casinos must also fully comply in areas on Responsible Gambling policies, Random Number Generators (RNG),

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