Find The Best Mobile Casinos in India

We live in a mobile-friendly era and practically never leave our house without a smart device. So, it is no wonder that online casino sites have also become more and more mobile-friendly. If playing on the go is something you prefer, you should pick the best mobile casino sites for Indian players to get the best possible gaming experience. Below, we have taken a look at how you can scrape the cream off the top and find the best mobile casino sites in 2022.

All mobile casinos for Indian players listed

  • Rajabets Casino - logo

    Rajabets Casino

    3.95 / 5.00

    150% / INR 100000

    Welcome Bonus

    30 x (b)

    • Bonus code: MRGAMBLE
      BlueChip Casino - logo

      BlueChip Casino

      3.9 / 5.00

      170% / INR 20000

      Welcome Bonus

      50 x (b)

      • Bonus code: Casino_first
        Bollybet - logo


        2.45 / 5.00

        100% / INR 60000

        Welcome Bonus

        30 x (D+B)

        • 61 Freespins
      • Bonus code: SVAAGAT500
        BetIndi Casino - logo

        BetIndi Casino

        3.6 / 5.00

        100% / INR 50000

        Welcome Bonus

        35 x (D+B)

        • Bonus code: CWBWEL200
          Casino WINBIG - logo

          Casino WINBIG

          4.25 / 5.00

          100% / € 200

          Welcome Bonus

          40 x (D+B)

          • Casumo - logo


            4.7 / 5.00

            150% / INR 15000

            Welcome Bonus

            30 x (b)

            • 3 Freespins
          • Bonus code: IC1
            JeetCity Casino - logo

            JeetCity Casino

            4.9 / 5.00

            100% / INR 20000

            Welcome Bonus

            40 x (D+B)

            • Hello Casino - logo

              Hello Casino

              4.8 / 5.00

              100% / INR 30000

              Welcome Bonus

              35 x (D+B)

              • 100 Freespins
              18+ Play Responsibly. Terms Apply.
            • Posido Casino - logo

              Posido Casino

              4.68 / 5.00

              100% / INR 30000

              Welcome Bonus

              35 x (D+B)

              • 200 Freespins
            • Bonus code: 18WELCOME500
              18bet - logo


              3.65 / 5.00

              100% / € 500

              Welcome Bonus

              30 x (D+B)

              • new
                BTC365  - logo


                1.55 / 5.00

                100% / € 200

                Welcome Bonus

                20 x (D+B)

                • new
                  Snatch Casino - logo

                  Snatch Casino

                  3.3 / 5.00

                  No Bonus Available


                  • SuperCat Casino - logo

                    SuperCat Casino

                    3.45 / 5.00

                    30 Free Spins


                    40 x (b)

                    • Big Winner Casino - logo

                      Big Winner Casino

                      3.5 / 5.00

                      100% / INR 100000

                      Welcome Bonus

                      40 x (D+B)

                      • 25 Freespins
                    • new
                      SlotHub - logo


                      4.7 / 5.00

                      150% / € 777

                      Welcome Bonus

                      40 x (b)

                      • The Grand Ivy Casino - logo

                        The Grand Ivy Casino

                        4.75 / 5.00

                        No Bonus Available


                        • Bonus code: MRGAMBLE
                          Lotto Agent Casino - logo

                          Lotto Agent Casino

                          4.55 / 5.00

                          100% / € 300

                          Welcome Bonus

                          40 x (D+B)

                          • 70 Freespins
                        • Crypto Leo Casino - logo

                          Crypto Leo Casino

                          3.2 / 5.00

                          20% / no limit

                          Casino Cashback

                          0 x

                          • 500 Casino - logo

                            500 Casino

                            3.6 / 5.00

                            100% / € 1000

                            Welcome Bonus

                            40 x (b)

                            • 50 Freespins
                          • Exclusive
                            Bonus code: SKC02
                            Slotking Casino - logo

                            Slotking Casino

                            3.6 / 5.00

                            100% / € 200

                            Welcome Bonus

                            50 x

                            • 20 Freespins
                          • new
                            Mostbet Casino - logo

                            Mostbet Casino

                            3 / 5.00

                            100% / INR 25000

                            Welcome Bonus

                            60 x (b)

                            • new
                              PlanetaXbet Casino - logo

                              PlanetaXbet Casino

                              2.4 / 5.00

                              100% / € 500

                              Welcome Bonus

                              35 x (b)

                              • new
                                Midnight Casino - logo

                                Midnight Casino

                                4.7 / 5.00

                                200% / € 500

                                Welcome Bonus

                                35 x (D+B)

                                • Genting Casino - logo

                                  Genting Casino

                                  3.3 / 5.00

                                  100% / INR 50000

                                  Welcome Bonus

                                  30 x (D+B)


                                  How do we rank and review Indian mobile casinos?

                                  There are hundreds of excellent online casino sites for Indian players. Nowadays, as pretty much everyone has a smart device (such as a tablet or a phone), most of these online casino sites are also available on mobile. While most all function well on the go, it does not mean that all mobile casinos are created equal. Some function better than others, and some have better features than others.

                                  As you have so many options from which to choose, there is no need to play at an online casino that is barely good or adequate. Instead, you can cherry-pick the best mobile casino sites for Indian players off the top and enjoy the best possible gaming experience. However, going through these mobile casino sites one by one is a lot of work. That's why we have decided to do the heavy lifting for you.

                                  We rank and review the best mobile casinos for Indian players. All you need to do is read our reviews and choose the casino you like the best. As we review and rank these casino sites, we take into account a few important things.

                                  It does not matter what kind of online casino you are looking for; the number one and the most important thing is to look at the casino's safety and security. This includes, for instance, a reputable license from a gaming authority. By choosing a licensed casino, you ensure that the site operates legally and has good intentions. Safety and security aspects also include SSL-encryption and safe and reliable payment methods.

                                  Great games and bonuses

                                  While most casinos have several hundreds or thousands of games, not all mobile casinos offer many slots and other games. The more up to date a mobile casino is, the more games it tends to offer. We check the availability of slots, live casino games, and even betting. Obviously, the more you have to choose from, the better it is for you as a player.

                                  Many online casinos offer bonuses (such as bonus money or free spins) that are redeemable either on the full version or mobile. Sometimes, you might come across casino sites that offer separate mobile bonuses. These casinos do earn a pat on the back because separate mobile casino bonuses are always welcome.

                                  Let's face it: playing games on a small screen can be harder than on a big computer screen. Buttons are smaller, and text is harder to read. This is why we check the usability of the mobile casino site and make sure that the full site adapts well on a small screen. Also, some mobile casinos have a separate downloadable app, while others function directly in the browser. While either option is not necessarily worse than the other, it is always worth investigating and mentioning in the review.

                                  Customer service and banking methods

                                  Being able to contact the customer service on mobile is also important. We would like to see that players are still able to use live chat or email while on the go.

                                  In addition, making sure that deposits and withdrawals on mobile are seamless is also important. At the end of the day, you want to be able to add money into your casino account should you run out of funds.

                                  Overall, we look at how well the mobile casino functions and caters to players. The more effort the operator has put behind the mobile casino, the better it is for the player. Also, when a mobile casino has been created with the player's needs in mind, they will gladly return to the casino site over and over again. Which, ultimately, is what the online casino wants.

                                  What is important in a great mobile casino? Bonuses? Functionality? The games? Set your own filters to find the best Indian online mobile casino for your style.

                                  How to find the Best Mobile Casino India?

                                  The best mobile casino in India is not hard to find. It will take some digging and comparisons, but you will be able to find the cherries on top and the sugar at the bottom. The best part, however, is that we have already done the hard work for you. We rank, review, and compare the best mobile casino sites for Indian players.

                                  How to Choose a Mobile Casino

                                  Now that mobile casinos are almost as ubiquitous as traditional casino sites, there are hundreds to choose from, making it a tedious task at times. Follow these simple steps to save yourself some time and choose the best mobile casino out there.

                                  We have reviewed every important aspect of the casino site and ranked the sites accordingly. This will make it easier for you to pick the mobile casino site that suits you the best.

                                  Though we have combed through hundreds of casino sites, reviewed them, and posted the reviews for you to see, you still have some work to do for yourself. As every casino site is different and each player has their own preferences, your job is to compare the mobile casino sites and choose the ones that interest you the most.

                                  Doing so, you have to consider what the most important things are for you. For instance, some players may prefer a large live casino, while others enjoy modern slot games. Also, some players would rather play at a pay & play casino. Meanwhile, some players hold that speedy withdrawals are the most important thing.

                                  Some things for you to consider when choosing the best mobile casino site are, for instance, the following:

                                  • The game selection
                                  • Available bonuses
                                  • Withdrawal speed and payment methods
                                  • Other features

                                  Safety & Security

                                  As we mentioned earlier, safety and security at an online casino are always non-negotiable. Those aspects should always be checked first before paying attention to anything else. After you have checked the legality and security of the mobile casino, you can start paying attention to things that are (let's face it) more fun and important for you as an individual player.

                                  The game selection is one of the most important things you should check before joining a mobile casino. After all, the games are the main reason why you head to the mobile casino. For some players, slots and jackpots are the most important games, while others enjoy live casino games or betting instead. Also, some players do not care whether a casino site has hundreds or thousands of games. The main thing for you is to check the available games and ensure that the mobile casino offers what you want and need.

                                  Bonuses & Wagering requirements

                                  While bonuses and offers should never be the most important thing at an online casino, some players simply cannot resist fun bonuses and generous campaigns. If you are one of these players, you should check what kind of bonuses the best mobile casinos for Indian players are offering. Free spins and bonus money are the most common bonus types, but you may also run into cashback, for instance. Think about what kind of bonuses you prefer, and if you wish to claim bonuses daily, or every now and then. In addition, remember to always check what kind of bonus terms and wagering requirements a casino site has.

                                  It is also important to make sure that the mobile casino site offers payment methods that suit you the best. Speaking of, the deposit method you choose also affects how fast you will receive your withdrawals. So, that being said, check the withdrawal processing times at any given casino. For instance, pay & play casinos tend to be speedy with their withdrawals and may be a great choice for an impatient player.

                                  You should also pay attention to any other features a casino site may have, such as gamification elements. Choosing the best mobile casino can seem hard, especially since you have so many from which to choose. The good news is, though, that you will not need to only choose one: you can join multiple casino sites and try them out before you settle and find your favourite casino.

                                  New Mobile Phone Casinos India

                                  The iGaming industry grows more and more every day. This means that you will see more new online casino sites and more casino games at a steady pace. Indian players will even get to enjoy new casino sites regularly, and many players are curious to see what these sites have to offer. In fact, new online casino sites are appealing for many reasons, one of them being generous casino bonuses and other campaigns and offers.

                                  As new casino sites have to compete against well-known and established sites that have been around forever, they have something to prove. They need to have a few aces up their sleeve in order to get players to join. One of these aces is a generous new sign up casino bonus or a welcome bonus. Everyone loves free stuff, which is why players will gladly join a new online casino site and claim their bonuses.

                                  New mobile casinos have a lot to offer

                                  In fact, new online casino sites tend to have generous bonus offers that might include bonus money, free spins, cashback, or a combination of any of these. They may offer welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and other fantastic offers that lure players in. Remember that you can always join multiple online casinos and claim bonuses from each site.

                                  In addition to excellent new casino bonus offers, you will find that these new online casinos also have other things to offer. They may have, for instance, a great game selection and fast withdrawals. In fact, new online casinos have a lot to offer, and players gravitate towards these sites in order to experience something fun and new.

                                  While mobile casinos tend to generally have fewer games than the full versions of the casino, new mobile phone casinos are more modern and might have at least several hundred games, if not some thousands. Also, modern mobile phone casinos usually also offer a live casino, which might not be available on an older mobile casino.

                                  You can make withdrawals on any mobile casino, but new mobile phone casino sites often process them faster. Especially if you happen to play at a new pay & play casino.

                                  All in all, new mobile phone casinos tend to have a lot to offer, and they are always worth a try.

                                  Best Gambling Apps for Indian players

                                  While most online casino sites operate well on mobile by merely using the browser, some have downloadable apps. The benefits of the app can often override a regular, browser-based experience. When you download an app, you will get a more seamless gaming experience, as the apps are generally more simplified than a regular browser casino site. The apps contain all the basic functions, which makes navigation easy and fast. Also, the casino site often adapts better on an app compared to mobile browsers.

                                  However, when you download an app, you have to remember that some functions or games may not be available. So, if you cannot find something in the app, you can always type the casino address in your web browser to find what you need.

                                  Downloading an app is free, and you can either find the download link in an app store or on the casino site. For instance, Android does not support downloadable casino apps, so you will have to find a separate download link.

                                  You should take into account that all apps are different, and their download time and functions are different. So, before joining an online casino, you can download their app and test it out. If the app is not for you, it is easy to delete. Nowadays, casino apps do not usually take up too much room on your device, either, so you can easily download the ones you want.

                                  Real Money Casino Android App

                                  As technology advances, many online casinos make apps available for download. After all, we all use apps in our everyday lives, whether it is to buy train tickets, surf on social media, or send emails on the go. Online casinos want to be accessible, too, which is why downloading apps for mobile to play real money casino games is easy and straightforward.

                                  While not all online casinos offer downloadable apps for Android, many do. You should note, though, that the Google Play store does not support real money casino gambling apps, at least not at the moment. So, if an online casino site does offer a downloadable app for Android, you will need to use a third-party link.

                                  In order to download casino gambling apps for Android, you will first have to allow third-party downloads in your settings. Next, you have to find the link to download said app. This is usually available at the casino site if they support apps and mobile gaming.

                                  After downloading the app on your device, you can log in and enjoy gaming. Apps often have hundreds of games available. You can claim bonuses, make deposits and withdrawals, contact customer service, and so on.

                                  Many question if these third-party apps are safe. If the online casino is the creator of the app, you will not need to worry: the app is safe. However, be careful when downloading any gambling apps that are not directly linked to a reputable online casino site.

                                  Best Online Casino Apps for iPhone

                                  Indian players can easily download online casino apps for iPhone. If an online casino has an app available for download, it can often be found in the App Store easily. So, check the information for download on the website of the online casino of your choosing. They might even have direct links on their full website, so you can click on it, and it will take you to the download immediately.

                                  Ultimately, the apps for iPhone and Android function the same way. Simply the download process is different. Downloading a casino gaming app from the App Store is also safe, provided that there is a trustworthy and reputable online casino site behind them.

                                  You will find hundreds if not thousands of real money games and excellent casino bonuses. The best online casino apps are easy to use, seamless, and well-functioning overall.

                                  Indian Online Casinos with Best Mobile slots

                                  The good thing about mobile casinos is that all the games they offer are relatively new, modern, and up to date. Older slots with not-so-great functionality often use Flash and are not available on mobile - but no one misses those, anyway. When you play at new online casino sites on mobile, you will often have several hundred if not thousands of games from which to choose.

                                  You will have many different game providers available for you, too. This ensures a large variety of themes and types of slots. Some players prefer branded slots, for instance, while others play jackpots or classic slot games. In short, the best mobile slots are seamless and modern and suit your preferences.

                                  One game provider worth mentioning is the famous Net Entertainment. All of its slots, both old and new, are nowadays available as a NetEnt Touch version on mobile. This means that the mobile versions are specifically designed for touch screens, which is what we all use nowadays.

                                  So, in short, you will be able to play Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Butterfly Staxx, and even the famous Mega Fortune on the go. To find the best mobile slots for you, you simply have to try different options. And, as game providers put out new content every month, you will have new games available for you constantly, too.

                                  Discover The Best Mobile Casinos of India

                                  Mobile Live Casino at Indian Casino Sites

                                  Back in the day, live casino games were often not available on a mobile device. Live casino games are streamed from a real land-based casino or a studio, which means that the streaming takes a lot of bandwidth. This makes streaming live casino games hard if you are not connected to WiFi. Though this may still be the case in some areas with bad reception, and using WiFi for live casino games is always the best option, you can still play live games anywhere.

                                  For instance, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi have specialized in live casino games, and most of their games are nowadays available at the best online casino sites. You can play roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and other fun live games wherever you are.

                                  Mobile live casino games are just as fun as the versions at the full casino site. Remember, though, that while most online casinos do provide a live casino on their mobile site, not all of them do. So, you should check this in advance if you are planning to play live casino games on the go.

                                  Casino Bonuses offered by Indian Mobile Casinos

                                  Almost every online casino on the market offers casino bonuses for their players. Over the years, it simply has become the standard. In fact, a casino without any bonuses does not normally attract as many players as a casino with bonuses. The simple reason is that players love casino bonuses and free spins. So, of course, they tend to gravitate towards online casinos that have nice bonus offers.

                                  The purpose of the casino bonus is to attract players and to reward loyal ones. Indian online casinos offer many different kinds of bonuses, and by taking a deeper look into them, you will find the ones that appeal to you the most.

                                  That being said, you should also note that there are certain types of online casinos that do not necessarily offer bonuses for players. These include mainly pay & play casinos that operate without registration. Pay & play casinos tend to reward their players with wager free cashback bonuses, or they might not offer casino bonus offers at all. The purpose behind this is to cater to players who prefer to focus on playing without any extra hassle.

                                  Indian mobile online casinos that offer casino bonuses are typically reliable, modern, up to date, have a good game selection, effective customer service, and they offer speedy withdrawals. Take a look at our online casino reviews to find the casino sites that appeal to you and that you wish to start playing at. We only recommend secure and safe online casino sites that have a casino licence. Also, we ensure that all casinos that we recommend and review have a great selection of games, good bonuses, excellent customer service, and fast withdrawals. This provides the best possible gaming experience.

                                  Types of Casino Bonuses for Indian players

                                  Indian players have many different types of casino bonuses available for them, on mobile or otherwise. The most common casino bonus types include, for instance, welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and reload bonuses. You can also find live casino bonuses, free spins, and cashback bonuses.

                                  The types of casino bonuses you will find at online casinos vary and depend entirely on the casino. While some online casinos might only offer one or two bonuses, some have bonuses available every day or every week. Sometimes, you might find bonus money, free spins, and cashback bonuses all in one casino.

                                  Regardless of the bonus type, the purpose of a casino bonus is to reward players for one thing or another. A casino bonus might be a reward for joining the casino site, for being loyal, or it could even be offered for some other reasons.

                                  The best way to keep track of the available casino bonuses at an online casino is to keep an eye out for their campaign page. Also, many online casinos have an email list you can subscribe to, to make sure you will receive info on the newest casino bonuses in the fastest possible way.

                                  You should also note that all casino bonuses (with a few rare exceptions) include wagering requirements and other bonus terms and conditions. These can always be found at the online casino, usually along with the bonus offer. Remember to always read through all of them before claiming your bonus. This is how you will avoid any possible future headaches and other problems

                                  Welcome Offers

                                  The most common casino bonus at an online casino is by far a welcome bonus or a welcome offer. These are available for new players only. They can be claimed when making your first deposit at a casino. Welcome offers might even reward you with your first two or three deposits. In short, welcome bonus offers for new players can be very creative, and the amount and type of the bonus depends entirely on the casino.

                                  Typically, welcome offers include bonus money, free spins, or cashback. Sometimes, you might find casino bonuses and welcome offers that are a combination of all of these. The welcome offer is designed to lure players into the online casino site and to create an account. In fact, they are the most loved and desired bonuses by players, so it is no wonder that almost every online casino on the market offers these to their players. Claiming a welcome bonus offer is very simple. Here is how you do it:

                                  1. Choose your casino and register
                                  2. Make the required minimum deposit
                                  3. (Use a possible bonus code along with the deposit)
                                  4. The bonus is awarded to your account

                                  Note that welcome bonuses, just like all other bonus offers, include wagering requirements and other bonus terms and conditions. These should always be read thoroughly before claiming any bonuses.

                                  To claim the best casino bonus for Indian players, you should compare available bonus offers and claim the ones that appeal to you. You can, of course, claim all available bonus offers if you wish. While some players might love bonus money, others prefer free spins or cashback. So, take your time and compare available bonuses and offers.

                                  Claim a mobile casino bonus

                                  Today, almost every online casino has its own mobile-friendly version as well. Nowadays, we use our mobile devices for everything and practically never leave the house without one. So, it is no wonder that online casinos have made their sites available for mobile as well. This way, you can leave your house and have your favourite online casino in your pocket. The mobile casinos function just as well as the full versions on your computer.

                                  Before online casinos used Flash to operate, and it did not translate very well onto a mobile device. However, thanks to ever-evolving technology, the sites now use HTML5 -technology, making it easy to play your favourite games on your Apple or Android device wherever, whenever. No separate download is needed, though some online casinos do have their own apps.

                                  You can claim your casino bonus offers on mobile as well. Sometimes, online casinos even offer casino bonuses that are only available on mobile, which is why you should always check the campaigns on your mobile device. You might be surprised and find some casino bonus offers that are not available in the full version.

                                  It does not matter whether you claim your casino bonus on mobile or computer, as the bonus money (or free spins) will be available in your casino account regardless of the device you use. You can even claim your bonus on the computer and continue playing on the mobile device.

                                  In fact, playing on mobile can be more interesting and accessible in general, which is why most players rely on the mobile version. On mobile, you will have the same exact features available to you. You can make deposits and withdrawals, play games, claim casino bonus offers, contact customer service, and so on.

                                  No Deposit Bonus Casino Mobile for Indian players

                                  One of the most sought after bonuses is a no deposit bonus on mobile. This is literally the kind of bonus that gives you free money or free spins without putting any skin in the game. All you need to do is to join a casino on your phone or tablet. The site will then award you with a no deposit bonus, such as free money or free spins.

                                  These days, no deposit bonuses are not as common as they used to be. So, if you run into one, it is usually worth grabbing.

                                  Mobile no deposit bonuses do not usually include a ton of money (or free spins). Instead, they are a nice little thank you from the online casino for joining. You will get to enjoy getting to know the casino without putting any of your own money down while having a chance to win real money. While you can always test a casino for free without joining or without making a deposit, having some free bonus money to spend is always more exciting. And of course, you have a chance to win.

                                  Here is how you claim a no deposit bonus at a mobile online casino:

                                  1. Join the online casino by filling a registration form
                                  2. Confirm your casino account by clicking a link sent to your email
                                  3. The no deposit bonus is awarded to your account

                                  Bonus terms

                                  Note that you should always read through all the bonus terms and conditions before claiming any bonuses, whether a no deposit bonus or something else. Especially no deposit bonuses tend to have stricter bonus terms and higher wagering requirements. That's why you should always investigate bonus terms before claiming any offers.

                                  While not all online casinos offer these types of bonuses anymore, some still do. Also, no deposit bonuses can, in some rare cases, be awarded to your account on other occasions too.


                                  ❓Why play at a mobile casino?

                                  Playing at a mobile casino allows you to enjoy playing casino games on the go as well. You can also often claim some mobile casino bonuses that may not be available at the full casino site.

                                  🤔Are mobile casinos safe?

                                  Mobile casinos are safe if they are operated by a reputable online casino. However, you should be careful when downloading third-party apps and always check who the operator is.

                                  🥇What are the best mobile slots?

                                  The best mobile casino slots are modern and up to date. For instance, all NetEnt slots are available as a NetEnt Touch -version and can be a lot of fun.

                                  🚀Which mobile casino pays the quickest?

                                  Usually, pay & play casinos tend to pay the quickest. However, this always depends on the chosen payment method and the online casino in question. E-wallets are often the fastest way to receive your winnings.

                                  🎰Is a mobile casino real?

                                  Mobile casinos are real, and many online casinos offer them. Nowadays, basically, all online casinos are available on mobile as well, even if they do not have separate casino apps.