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Slots with Sticky Wilds

Wild symbols are a common sight in slot games. Providers make sure to feature them as these symbols make the gameplay interesting. You’ve come across lots of slots with Wild symbols. They’re handy symbols because they help you make winning combinations.

Also, they take out the monotony of regular slot games. To make things even more interesting, developers made a few variants of the Wild symbol. You’ve come across the Standard Wild symbol because it’s a popular one. It has a substitutional function.

Some of the others you’ve come across are Expanding Wilds and Stacked Wilds. The former can take over a row or a reel. The latter appear as regular Wilds but can also take over reels. Moreover, both come with some extra features like a multiplier. Another popular type of Wild is the Sticky Wild symbol.

Sticky Wilds Explained

Similar to the traditional Wild symbols, the best Sticky Wilds slots feature a regular Wild symbol. It can substitute for the regular symbols in the game. However, it can’t substitute other special symbols. These include the likes of the Scatter symbol and the Bonus symbol.

By helping to create more winning combinations, the Sticky Wild functions as a regular Wild, but, with 1 addition to this feature - it’s sticky. After a winning combination or a winless spin, these symbols remain on the reels. In other words, the Sticky Wilds symbols take up the same spot for several spins

This can result in several winning combinations. You can earn multiple prizes or turn around a losing spin with the next one. Plus, the best slots with Sticky Wilds have additional features for the Wild symbol. All in all, these are the reasons why slots with Sticky Wilds are pretty popular.

How Sticky Wilds Work

To put it simply, these Wild symbols stick around. You can think of them as regular Wild symbols that appear randomly on the reels. Also, you can see the game’s rules for information on the reels on which they’ll appear. However, these Wilds don’t always appear in the base game.

Some of the best Sticky Wilds slots have these symbols appear in a bonus feature. Usually, you’ll find them on the reels during the free spins. They can stick during 5 free spins or more. Whatever the case, you’ll have a boost in wins. Since it’s a bonus feature, they might also bring some multipliers around.

Other Types of Wilds

You’ll find that the best slots with Sticky Wilds will feature the Wilds in various places. They might have them as part of the base game, or they’ll have them on the bonus feature. Either way, these slot titles are bound to be worth a spin. They’ll make it worth your while.

Some of the best slots online feature all kinds of Wild symbols. Walking, Expanding, Standard and Stacked Wilds are only some of the ones you’ll come across. If you need more information about them, then you’re on the right website. We’ve covered the basic info on the various types of Wilds.