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Slots with Stacked Wilds

As you know, the majority of slot titles feature Wild symbols nowadays. Yes, all of them have different features. This means that the Wild symbol in them will also come in a few varieties. The Standard Wild symbol is a part of some of the best slots online.

Additionally, you’ll run into Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, and even Shifting Wilds. All of them have unique features that separate them from the rest. Another common type of Wild symbol you’ll come across is the Stacked Wild symbol.

What Are Stacked Wilds?

Although there are several Wild symbols available, they all have one thing in common. They can make winning combinations by substituting regular symbols. Depending on the type of the Wild symbol, they will have additional features.

According to the name, Stacked Wilds slot games feature a Wild that takes up more places on a reel. For example, this symbol will appear on 2 spots of 1 reel. Sometimes more of them will cover the reels. The ideal outcome is for one such symbol to cover an entire reel.

On the other hand, Stacked Wild symbols can cover the top or bottom reels in the game. Naturally, they work as substitutes as well. However, the expanding feature requires a combination of several Wilds symbols. In other words, you need to wait for a few such symbols to appear on the reels. All in all, it’s a simple enough concept to understand.

How Do Stacked Wilds Work?

In Stacked Wilds slots you’ll get a regular Wild symbol. As the game progresses, you’ll get more such symbols on the reels. Usually, a combination of 3 Stacked Wild symbols triggers the expanding feature. Then the symbols cover one reel, the top or the bottom rows.

The more Wild symbols you have in the combination the bigger your win will be. The Stacked Wilds comes with multipliers and will give you bigger prizes than in the base game. Since there are lots of Stacked Wilds slot games available, the Stacked Wild symbol comes in more than one form.

Different Types of Stacked Wilds

The most common Stacked Wild symbol in Stacked Wilds slots is the one that triggers at random. These types of games will feature a regular Wild symbol. It can substitute for the regular symbols in the game and cover different rows or reels.

Sometimes, slot games will have stacked symbols appear on the reels. When you have enough of them on the reels, then the expanding feature will trigger. In other words, all of the stacked symbols will become Stacked Wilds.

In some slots with Stacked Wilds, you’ll see that the Stacked Wilds are part of the bonus feature. Sometimes this will be a separate mini game. Other times it will be a free spins feature. Nevertheless, these Wilds will significantly increase your winnings.

Ultimately, Stacked Wilds are pretty interesting. However, they aren’t the only ones you’ll come across. If you’re looking to learn more about the other Wild variants, then you’re at the right site.