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Slot RTP - what is it?

Slots are some of the most popular casino games available. They come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why they have different themes, and more importantly, different features. You might run into classic slots with a fruity theme.

Also, you’ll come across sci-fi, adventure, mythology and other themes in slot games. Jackpots, along with Wild and Scatter symbols may or may not be present. However, the one feature all games share is the RTP rate. So, what’s an RTP rate? How does it affect the gameplay?

RTP Explained

RTP is short for Return To Player. You’ll find this information on all the slots you search for right here. In other words, it’s information that’s easy to come by. Since you place bets in a slot game, the RTP determines how much of that money you could get back.

For example, let’s say that a slot has a 96% RTP rate. This means that for every €100 you get back €96 of it (according to theory).

How Is RTP Calculated?

What’s important to remember about RTP is that it’s an average estimation of the slot games theoretical payout. This percentage is theoretical only. There are two main factors to consider when calculating the RTP of a game.

The first is the total amount of bet by players. This is the sum of every bet per round that every player makes over a period. The second is the amount that’s returned to the player. In other words, it’s the player’s winnings. The second and the first are divided.

Naturally, players can calculate the RTP for themselves thanks to the countless RTP calculators online.

RTP and Winning Frequency

In some cases, the RTP rate of a title won’t matter. That’s because a game has a high winning frequency. For example, two games can have the same RTP rate yet the amount they pay overtime will differ. The time they payout will differ as well.

When it comes to the RTP rate, you’ll come across all kinds of slot titles. Some of them will have a higher RTP while others will have a lower one. In both cases, you can’t be sure when you’ll win back your bet.

The Progressive Jackpot Boost

Since you know there are millions of slots out there, you’ve heard about the ones with a progressive jackpot. Yes, these slot titles give you the chance to win an amazing prize. However, they work to your advantage when it comes to the payout percentage. In other words, they come with a modifier that becomes a part of the RTP rate.

All in all, the RTP rate is a statistic speculation. You won’t know for sure when you’re going to win or how much. That’s why it’s good to take the RTP of a slot with a pinch of salt.