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Best Casino Games Online - Play the most popular games at online casinos

On this page, we will look at various casino games and how to play them. There are so many choices when it comes to casino games, that newcomers, in particular, may be confused. There are many different types of casino games. Within each type of game, there are several different versions and variations. To make it even more varied, there are better and worse versions of a game depending on the gaming provider. On this page, you’ll get a fundamental understanding of the available casino games and their differences. We highlight the differences between the different types of games on this page, so you'll know how the different games work and how to choose the right games for you.

Keep reading to learn the difference between casino games, online casino games, free casino games, live casino games, video slots, and gaming providers. Also, remember that you can grab a casino bonus or freespins at a casino suitable to you. Simply apply the filters and pick the most attractive offer. Also, many online casinos offer betting opportunities. This is interesting for players who enjoy both casino games and sports betting .

Casino Games

Casino games is the general name for all games available at a casino. This general category can be divided into several under-categories. Land-based casinos offer some games that online casinos simply can’t. The virtual environment, i.e. online casinos, has the ability to offer some games that land-based casinos can’t. At Mr. Gamble, we do enjoy both environments. A physical casino will always inspire and sometimes dazzle our senses. But online casinos have the huge advantage of being so convenient.

While we can’t play physical pokies or one-armed-bandits, we can play the video slot version. And, online, there are several other versions of the games too.

Online Casino Games

The number of available games at some online casinos is mindboggling. Thanks to modern technology the quality of casino games is as good as can be. 

Free Casino Games

You can play most casino games for free. We’ve included free demo versions of each casino game, all for your convenience. Demo versions tend to be available at most casinos too, but we have an advantage. While letting you play casino for free and trying it out, finding your new favorite games, we’re also helping you to find the best bonus for it.

Browse our lists of various games, gaming providers, and live casinos to find new games and the best casino bonuses. Grab a no deposit bonus to play casino for free and win real money.

Live Casino

Playing live casino games is more popular than ever. Many players prefer the experience of live games over video slots. Live casino provides the opportunity to chat with other players and the dealers, making the gaming session much more sociable.

Another benefit that live casino games has over video slots is the augmented reality features. Thanks to modern technology the live casino gaming providers can create stunning new games. The Evolution Gaming games like Monopoly and Deal or No Deal are groundbreaking, and we expect the rest of the industry to follow suit. 

Video Slots

Video slots are the casino classic. Dating back to the early 1800s, casino slots are still a popular choice. Modern slots are a lot more entertaining than the old fashioned One-Armed-Bandits. While 3 reel slots with 1 bet line still exist, modern slots with hundreds, or thousands, of bet lines are the standard.

Bonus rounds and freespins mode are very common extra features in modern video slots. This really perks up the gaming experience and leads to huge wins. The biggest wins are found on progressive jackpot slots, but they’re usually not the most entertaining games.

Gaming providers have also begun to develop gamified video slots. That means that the games are gaining more player involvement, something that has proven popular.

VR Casino Games

The world of Virtual Reality has, of course, not escaped the online casino industry. Although it’s still a developing market there are already several online casinos that offer a VR experience. To play VR casino you have to invest in a VR Head Set. This costs from a few euros up towards several hundred euros depending on what you want. For the purpose of playing VR Casino, you only need the most basic headset which doesn’t cost much.

The VR experience is really cool. You can walk around in a virtual casino and do all the things one usually does at a casino. Getting a drink in the bar might be more difficult, but you can always peek out from under the headset and grab a sip of your real-life drink.

VR Casino works best with live casino games as there’s an augmented or virtual dealer with whom you can interact.

Game Providers

There are a ton of gaming providers for online casinos . All the best game providers have their own little unique touch to their games. Some focus completely on creating the best games for live casino. Others focus on special features, and yet others focus on graphics. Even though most providers are fringing upon each other, there’s a difference between Egyptian-themed slots from NetEnt and from Microgaming.

Read more about what’s the difference between gaming providers on our dedicated page.

Online casino mobile games and their evolution

Mobile gaming has grown bigger and bigger during the last few years, and many providers offer their games in the mobile version nowadays. The providers have put in a real effort to make mobile casino games available for players to play where ever and whenever. Mobile casinos have become a big thing with an estimated 50% of online casino gaming happens with mobile devices.

The history of online casino games

Microgaming is thought of as a true pioneer when it comes to the online casino business. They sensed the boom of online casinos already in 1994, which is before the internet made its major breakthrough. Back in those days, there was only one online casino available - The Gaming Club - and all licenses were held in the Caribbean.

In 1995, a company called CryptoLogic developed a safe way to transfer money on the internet. This made it possible for people to make safe payments to online casinos. This is pretty much how the story of online casinos started.

It took a long time for online casinos to boom. It wasn’t until 2001 when online casinos truly started making global appearances. Alderney, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man started offering online casino licenses. Malta did the same thing in 2004 and was the first EU-country to do so. At this point, there already existed a number of casino game providers making new games for the market.

Later on, during 2014, the first mobile casino games made their major breakthrough. NetEnt was one of the first companies to produce all its games in mobile versions as well as desktop. 

The future of online casino games

Online casinos and online casino games are still growing in popularity, and the growth doesn’t seem to stop. This is determined by how many online casinos are being launched with several languages. This enables people from all around the world to enjoy online casino gaming in their own native tongue.

Virtual games are becoming more common nowadays. Virtual games offer a very realistic online casino experience. Many have predicted that virtual casino games will be the next big thing when the needed technology is becoming more available.

Gamification plays a big role in many online casinos. A large part of the online casino community is seeking an online casino gaming experience similar to that of video games. The actual online casino gaming, as well as the games, have gone through some big changes in recent years. Live games, virtual games, and gamification are the key elements for bringing various gaming style options to the customers.

Playing at a certain online casino becomes much more exciting and multidimensional when casinos and providers have been able to use familiar features from video games.