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Blackjack Chart - Use Blackjack Cheat Sheets Today

How do you take your online blackjack game results to another level? The key lies in a smart use of the blackjack chart. In order to make the efficient blackjack strategy chart work, you need to employ blackjack cheat sheets that have been developed by the top blackjack gurus throughout the time.

Just scroll down to see what we have in store for you. In addition to sharing a basic blackjack chart with you, Mr Gamble has quickly explained other notable charts for your convenience. After reading up on how to play blackjack, this overview of practical blackjack cheat sheet options is your golden ticket to popping that champagne after beating everyone around the table!

What are blackjack charts exactly used for?

The blackjack chart exists to make your life easier when playing this game. Even the Live Blackjack versions! An average blackjack session is made up of numerous situations that can potentially arise. You can be a blackjack genius and memorize the appropriate actions for each situation or you can just use a simple but elegant blackjack cheat sheet. We've helped you here a bit by posting all the charts you need.

Blackjack hit chart is created by people, which is exactly why you can encounter a variety of styles. While a blackjack hit or stand chart looks similar and covers the same situations, there are going to be symbol and abbreviation choices made by the creator. H and S stand for Hit and Stand. However, you could easily find charts that employ + and - instead of H and S.

4-Deck to 8-Deck blackjack types apply to the basic blackjack charts. This is the most common type of blackjack played both online and offline. For example, a 6 deck blackjack chart is a common need among gamblers.

Meanwhile, you also have the single deck blackjack chart. The underlying moves are still the same. Just keep in mind that you still get abbreviation variation when you look at charts from different creators.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

Look, if there’s a single chart that you’ll take from this article, it should be the blackjack basic strategy chart. This is the kind of blackjack cheat sheet that’ll really make a significant difference in your gameplay. No more need to search for a blackjack cheat sheet pdf, by the way. We’ve got your back right here on this!

This chart follows the inner workings of the essential blackjack strategy. Without this, you would have to guess whether to split, surrender, double, stand… Time to take that guesswork out of the equation and start playing like the big boys out there!

Memorizing Blackjack Basic Chart

You won't have to memorize the blackjack perfect strategy chart (nor any charts for that matter) if you are playing online. However, you won't pull out that blackjack hit stand chart while enjoying that fine game outside the virtual realm. That's exactly where memorization enters the picture. The best approach is to divide the memorization into smaller parts. You'll find rote learning easier this way.

  1. Memorize the basic splitting rules.
  2. Make sense of the soft totals and memorize the rules.
  3. Learn the rules behind hard totals and surrenders.
  4. Consider memorizing at least some of the advanced scenarios.

Keep in mind that there isn't a comprehensive blackjack rules chart available. Instead, you should aim to make sense of blackjack rules before committing yourself to use the best blackjack cheat sheet.

Blackjack Hand Chart Moves

Every blackjack betting chart features symbols that are tied to real in-game actions that you should execute at the right time. As mentioned, the symbols differ between the various charts you encounter, but the underlying moves of a blackjack hand chart are universal.

Here is a quick overview of the actions dictated by the blackjack cheat sheets:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Split
  • Double down if allowed and not hit
  • Double down if allowed, stand if not allowed
  • Split if double after hit allowed (if not hit)
  • Split if double after hit allowed (if not double)
  • Split if double after hit allowed (if not stand)
  • Surrender if allowed and not hit
  • Surrender if allowed and not stand
  • Surrender if allowed and not split

Blackjack Probability Chart

The blackjack probability chart is where you really see how maths-oriented the entire thing is. Every move and situation that you encounter in paid or free blackjack can be numerically expressed in probabilities. Throughout the years, card game aficionados/math whizzes have mapped out the game, resulting in a useful blackjack deviations chart, for instance. We'll list some of the probabilities you can expect to know for ultimate gameplay optimization.

  • Total Hand Value & Likelihood of Going Bust: For instance, THV of 18 has a 77% likelihood of going bust.
  • Edge of Each Removed Card: Removing card 6 results in a 0.45% effect on probabilities, and so on.
  • Dealer's Up Card & its Effect on Odds: For example, dealer's up card 4 has a player's advantage of 18% and odds of dealer bust at 40.28%.
  • Number of Decks & House Advantage: A single deck results in an advantage of 0.07%, whereas an eight-deck game leads to an advantage of 0.7%.