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Bingo is one of the oldest lottery games, which is once again becoming trendy. The history of bingo goes back all the way to the 1530's Italy. In the year 1778 bingo reached France, where it became very popular even though the church strongly tried to deny people from playing it. In a few decades playing bingo did spread all around Europe.

Its official and most-known name and form was formed in 1920's America when a businessman called Edwin Lowe bumped into the game and started marketing it around the United States. Previously the game was called ”Beano” because it was being played with actual beans. Bingo has taken its stable position in the gambling community in many countries up to this day.

Bingo can also be thought of as a social event that brings together people of all ages and places. Some bars and night clubs have Bingo-nights during the week, so it can't be called just a game of older people. Bingo was brought to the internet at the end of the 90's. To keep the social side up while it could be played solo from home, chat rooms were brought next to playing bingo. This way players and hosts could communicate with each other while enjoying the game.

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