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Slots with Wilds

By now you already know just how popular slot games are. They’re a must-have when it comes to the game selection of any online casino. That’s why these sites have hundreds of slot titles you can choose from. Additionally, different players have different tastes and casino sites have to cater to their needs.

That is the reason you have access to various types of slot games. The first thing they differ in is the visuals. Some are pretty good while others aren’t. However, all slot titles have to have good features. The universal ones they share are the volatility as well as the RTP rate.

Both elements affect the appeal of the game and the gameplay itself. One of the most common features you’ll come across is the jackpot or lack thereof. Progressive jackpot slots are super popular. Some titles have a classic theme while others have mythology, fantasy, adventure or other themes.

The symbols in these slots also play an important role. Some slots will have regular symbols while others will feature Bonus and Scatter symbols. Moreover, you’ll come across lots of online slots that feature Wild symbols. So, what are they?

What Is a Wild Symbol?

The majority of online slots today have a Wild symbol available. The role of this symbol is to substitute for the regular symbols in a slot title. By doing so this symbol helps out players get winning combinations. You’ll also notice that the Wild symbol can’t substitute the Scatter and Bonus symbols.

In some instances, this symbol can take the role of a Scatter and trigger a Free Spins feature or a Bonus feature. However, the role of the symbol depends on the slot game. Depending on the game, Wild symbols will look differently. Naturally, you’ll run into more than one type of Wild symbol.

Types of Wilds

Similar to the number of slot titles, there’s also a big number of Wild symbols. Some of these include the Expanding Wild, Stacked Wild, Multiplying Wild symbols, and more. The first one is a Wild that appears on a reel and can take over the whole reel.

Stacked Wild symbols are piled on one another and can take over a reel as well. Sticky Wilds are popular as well. They stick to a certain place usually during several free spins. Just like the regular Wild, these symbols will either appear randomly or on specific positions. Nevertheless, they bring amazing prizes.

Why Are There Slots With Wilds?

Yes, there are many types of Wilds in slots, but why do Wilds exist? Well, slots are known for repetitive gameplay. That’s why developers introduced Wild symbols. They take the mundane out of the slot titles and offer players a chance to win some prizes.

Moreover, they can help out a losing streak by appearing randomly. The sheer surprise of a Wild on the reels makes the slots much more exciting. What’s important is to have fun and with slots that have Wild symbols, you can do just that.