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High roller Bonuses

There are players, and then there are Players. While most plebs are satisfied with placing the minimum bets, the gutsy and brave get a rush from risking more. Why place 20 cent bets when there’s a $20k bet limit? While most of us simply can’t afford bets like that, there are ways we can expand our bankroll and get a flavour of the Highroller life.

The HighRoller bonus is a very appreciated casino bonus for big time gamblers. The easiest way to feel like a Highroller is to find a HighRoller Bonus. It’s a great way for us to be able to place some serious bets without draining our personal funds. The very best and biggest Canadian HighRoller bonuses are listed below, feel free to apply your own filters to find the most attractive choice.

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What is a Highroller bonus?

Most Canadian players enjoy casino bonuses. We do too. It gives us much more action for our monies. Some bonuses are bigger and better than others, this is particularly true for the HighRoller bonus. They are among the biggest bonuses in the industry.

For some, it’s the thrill of the chase that gets them going. Others are in it for the big wins. If you’re anything like that, then a big Highroller bonus is right for you. Bigger bonus, more money, more chances to spin home that huge win.

Good Highroller bonuses give a very large bonus percentage up to a very large amount. We’re talking a few hundred percents up to $1000 or more. 

Find the Biggest Highroller Bonuses in Canada

The point of Highroller bonuses is to provide a sufficient amount of bonus means, i.e. free spins or a bigger bankroll, to give gamblers a real shot at landing that big win. But, honestly, not all “Highroller” bonuses are worthy of its name

As always, Mr. Gamble has made it easy. Just apply your own filters to the above list and find the biggest and best Canadian Highroller bonus available

HighRoller Bonus or Match Bonus?

For the purpose of giving yourself a lot more chances of winning big, the bigger the better applies. While a match bonus will match your own deposit and double your bankroll, a proper Highroller bonus will give you vastly more.

Before you decide on any bonus, we’d like to remind you to compare the T’s & C’s.

VIP Bonuses and Highrollers

Many Canadian casinos offer their very active players loyalty programs. The more loyalty points you gather the better bonuses you’re offered. Most of these loyalty programs also include Highroller levels. It takes a fair bit to reach the Highroller level, and far from every player has it in them to gamble that much. But there are some…

For the rest of us mortals, we’ve got lists and research. The Mr. Gamble team has found, rated, and listed the best VIP bonuses and Highroller bonuses. As always, we lay it out for you to play it out.

Big Casino Bonus

Want to double your bankroll? Triple it? Or is 25% bonus enough as long as the bonus amount is $1000? Whatever your preference is, you’ll find great bonuses in our lists. As long as you know what you want, we can help you find your perfect casino bonus.

If you want free spins, we can help you find hundreds of them. Want free spins without wagering requirements? No worries, we’ve got that covered. Navigate to the relevant page for your favorite casino bonus. Apply your own filters and find the best and biggest casino bonuses available

Biggest Bonuses 2020

The biggest casino bonuses make it possible to get a ton of extra play for our deposited money. Who doesn’t enjoy a doubled or tripled bankroll if the T’s & C’s are beneficial? Despite loving big bonuses, the best casino bonuses aren’t always the biggest offers. We always have to include consideration and our own undertakings to get the bonus. Just like any other binding contract, there has to be an offer (the bonus), consideration (what do I have to do to uphold my end of the bargain), and acceptance (depositing and receiving the bonus).

It’s easy to list the biggest bonuses, just have a look in our lists to find 300% bonus money or even higher.